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One Piece Movie 4: Dead End no Bouken
One Piece Movie 4: Dead End no Bouken
Jan 25, 2013 4:30 PM
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One Piece Movie 1
One Piece Movie 1
Jan 25, 2013 4:29 PM
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Jan 25, 2013 4:25 PM
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One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Jul 24, 2013 3:03 PM
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Jul 24, 2013 3:02 PM
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The Breaker: New Waves
The Breaker: New Waves
Jul 24, 2013 3:01 PM
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Leo13 Sep 17, 2014 4:03 PM
Sretan rođendan!
Kitix Jun 14, 2013 10:04 AM

Hi! Would you like to join One Piece CardShop (O.P.C.S) ☆ ★or just look around and see if the club interests you. Thank you! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)
sspatel_55 Mar 29, 2012 9:17 PM
SHINAAA-CHWAAAN!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

I'm also really sorry for being late with reply. I've been super busy too T^T

First thing I wanna say is I missed u!!!! >_<
When you have vacation I always get busy and then we talk after like a month.
I think email would be very good. I cant promise daily replies but if it's by email then I can be sure that at least weekly we can be in touch :D
I always get lazy to log in to MAL but email is different cause at work it's pretty easy to have it open so I can talk to you like that :D
My email is take a wild guess?

I shall await your first email to me >.<

And I agree with you. Shorter replies and faster ones would be easier. didn't reply to my essay! T^T hahaha...i don't blame you. It took me LONG to write that. But I'm PROUD OF IT ;D

I go on 9GAG like every day. Y U NO is my favorite troll I think hahaha

"you aren't the only one! I have as well. But I love my dreams <3 No matter what and how they are :D"
->I love my dreams too. the other day I had a football match on a stadium and it was so much fun. I was running around super fast but it was tiring hahah. When I wake up I always feel brain dead. I Like your positivity :P

Just Curious but do you have cell phone? and if yes what kind is do you have apps on it? I have lots of good apps worth sharing :P

"Well, I'm still watching One Piece, and it is going slow because I'm busy xD But I'm right now at Foxy arc xD This filler is so hilarious, Luffy as AFRO XD LMAO"
-> I'm watching latest and its really slowing down. Cool flashbacks though. Foxy arc is funny! I only watched it once but i remember how funny it was! AFRO LUFFY was awesome LMAOO!! Foxy is such an annoying villain and luffy getting confused with his noro noro beam hahahah..aww now i wanna watch it!

"I read the newest chapter, and got really really SHOCKED! Damn Oda -.-'"
->SHHH..i won't read manga until i die! NO SPOILERS FOR ME. my stupid friend told me trafalgar law is a shichubukai though :[

"Oh yeah, I wrote fanfiction One Piece :3 in english, ofc xD I just realised that to me is much more easier to write stories in english than in my mother language (Croatian) xD LMAO I don't know why but XD"
-> WOW that's amazing..where can I read it? It's not boys love right?? lmao
I think your english is getting much better. keep up the good work!

In the past month I:
-worked lots at my job and got to take some leadership ;)
-got in touch with a friend that moved far away years ago :D
-met up with my friends twice and we partied..that was so good XD
-my nieces birthdays (both 3 yrs old ) :)
-picked my 4th yr university courses and made my first phone app :P

So that's basically are you my dear?

"With lots of 9gag, tumblr, One Piece and my body xD"
-> O_- wait a second did i read that right? oh my..>///<
My shinaa is tempting me now lolll...did I tell you I saw a girl who looked like you! Since its been a while I can't remember if it was in my dreams or in real life but I definitely saw a girl that reminded me of you and your big eyes XP

Now I can go to sleep and have good dreams :D

With lot's of sparks, memes and my heart XD

Your Sunny <3 <3 <3
sspatel_55 Feb 29, 2012 8:46 AM
I found you a friend XD

sspatel_55 Feb 29, 2012 8:22 AM

welcome back dear! It's fine..i understand you must have been SO busy!
I missed you >//<

Wait...why do I feel like dejavu? Didn't you fail 2 exams last time aswell? I hope they weren't the same ones! It's good your not sad about it..thats the spirt!

awww..i will always support you just as you support me. No need for thanks!
I just want you to keep that luffy smile all the way :D
If I have brought some light into your darkness then I am happy!

Tumblr huh? I am addicted to -> GO there when you're bored! I'll check out tumblr :P These internet memes are so interesting and funny. The internet is changing! Oh nice..i haven't met any one piece fans in awhile. Me gusta? LOL! You should watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. It's the number 2 anime on MAL at 9.20 rating. After finishing it last week I understand's a perfect 10. Beautiful story, art, music, developing characters and excellent fights. It's a must-watch shina-chan! It's a little dark too so you might like it more XD

party time? that case do me a favor..while your partying watch some amazing anime and read some amazing manga! Now's the time to catch up! And then we can talk *.*

I am on latest for one piece and the last episode was the greatest! So much luffy and Zoro action..i want moarrrrr!! >_< The fisherman arc is really slow but its one piece so its epic no matter what im watching XD
Skypia was good. I rewatched nami's arc, sanji's arc, alabasta arc and amazon arc last year but i haven't rewatched skypia. This summer i'm going to rewatch starting from there!! :DDD LOL..fangirl so hard huh? Do you watch hitman reborn? That show has more fangirls than one piece! It's also one of my favorites..must watch for girls since ALL the characters are bishounen and there's SO MANY guy pairings for fangirls to drool all over XD


Thanks. I need to be even stronger! I worked out for a month and now I'm taking a break. I'm strengthening my mind by studying. I still have 6 months before I go back to school but I have to be at my best when I do! 4th year engineering is a nightmare! Worse than getting your shadow stolen!! (get the joke? ;P)

Sure we can be twins! You are my twin born in a different country from a different mother but because of time zone difference we could have been born on the same day! It was fate! hahaha. I don't remember mugen being perverted lol..i love his fighting's like luffy..he fights like a monkey..Remember the time mugen used haki?? I just remembered so epiccc!! When they fought the blind lady that was the toughest fight :O
These days I hear zoro's voice in so many differnt takes me miliseconds to figure it out. he just doesn't fit any other character except a guy with a sword!! (which he usually is XD)

O__O You flatter me! If I was wonderful, it would be done already!! I should get back to it now that you reminded me! I have all the pictures ready but i was having problem picking a light angel or a dark one. Cause i know you like dark but i like light..thats the problem LOL. (Dark is sexier btw XD). I would make them all but thats kinda hard :/ (nice laugh btw XD)

Oh my god. I'm at work and I can see a snow storm outside. This winter it barely snowed in Canada so why NOW? I wouldn't mind if winter just ended..not a fan of cold weather. Isn't Europe doing really bad right now weather wise. Is your city ok? I'm happy to hear your heart is strong and your will too! Keep that burning feeling and it will take your far! The cold makes me realllly lazy. I had to go *sharingan* everytime I want to study. IT's SO BORING but i decided not to regret not studying so i will do it!!

Nice pic lmaooo..luffy memes? i wanna see!!


"When I read this, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe, and my tears was flowin from my eyes xD Poor Sanji, he really doesn't have luck, neither in your dreams. Be more gentler to him, don't be cruel :D"

->I know right? ITS HILARIOUS. i couldn't stop laughing that day. I keep seeing one of my friend and her siblings in my dreams. I want to tell her but I think she might freak out lmao. She even told me once "I just realized I seem to be your dreams alot." My reaction to that was:

I have a very active sleeping brain. Makes me zombie every morning LOL

"How come you hate him? Isn't he from your beloved country? XD But thank godness you hate him, he is so stupid. He even doesn't basic things, like what is German >.<' I really wanted to punch him so hard and send to school to learn basic BASIC things >.<'"

->Justin Bieber is the enemy of man. Stupid kid with armies of fan girls. The German thing made me laugh..theres another one where he walks into a door. it's hilarious. Have you seen the hitler video that makes funny of bieber? ITS LMAO funny!!

"Oh yeah, I will watch Code Geass, I put it on my must watch anime list in my notebook :D
Bloody Cross - yeah, it is interesing anime, and ongoing too :D You can read it, I think you will like it :D
Oh, I noticed now that manga ''Unbalancexunbalance'' wasn't relased out for long time :/ Too bad, because it is interesing manga ^^
Ups, don't kill me, I didn't read last 4 chapters of manga ''Oresama Teacher'' :/ *"
-> Yea I'm going to make you a must-watch list just like I did for myself. You have to follow it ok? You promise? 0w0 I have to finish was interesting but released too slow. I'm behind on Uresama teacher. Read this manga called "yankee kun to megane chan". One of my favorite highschool comedy manga about delinquents. Kinda like Beelzebub which is also lmao funny! Must read!!

"Good news are that I sold one of our 2 cars, so we have now one car :D I was on omegle, don't ask me why - I was really really bored and I wanted to see what the heck is it.
Omg, it is rare to find some normal people on this site -.- Most of them are so pervert, wanting cyber sex. Cmon, real sex is much much better than cyber -.-' People are really stupid -.-'"

-> Good job. I love cars..i want to buy one but i have to pay my university fees first :D I don't know what omegle is. That sounds pretty creepy ~_~

" saw your pics, what did you send me. Your eyes are beatiful *__* almost it looks like as mine :D And you have very very nice and warm smile, I couldn't not smile after seeing yours :D
Hhahah, yeah, you really have Luffy's body, but I think your hands are more like Zoro's ;) Strong and protective ^^."

-> Thank you very much TwT We do have very big and dark brown eyes :D My coworker is always "eyeing" my eyes hahaha..she's so jealous of my long eyelashes. She's chinese so she barely has eyes or eyelashes. (no seriously)
OMG I smiled when I saw your picture too XDDD
I definitely have a luffy body but zoro arms! O_O that's impossible! Zoro is superhuman hahaha. I don't have zoro arms but I do have sanji legs :) I play soccer the way sanji fights. Not even friends get so annoyed because it makes such a good defence and i can stretch in and get the ball from them easy ;)
ahh i love one piece :D
You cheered me up though. i think i can give working out another try. Just gotta do it at my own pace..

"Hahahah, your drawing XD It is really interesing, sharingans. Nice done, but I have to tell you that I draw better than you :P XD

Aww, thank you for song. I liked it ^^.

Oh, look at me. I really wrote looong reply to you, so you have what to read now. :P
Take your time for reply ^^. :*"

->Did you see my shin-sekai sharingan? Thats my final one..i have it on my desk at work muhahahah..yes you definitely draw better. I can't draw humans even if my life depended on it! I need to check out your devianArt page..i forgot about it! :O
Do you like that kind of music..cause i have lots of Europe music on my computer..House and Drum&Bass is my favorite :D I think you might like lounge. While reading manga these songs are the best! Look at myyyyyyy reply(s).
Take your time and split your counter reply into 3 parts please. Will make it easier for me to reply since I know you will match me in length and power XD

With lots of gold, peanuts and love <333

Your Sunny ;)

P.S I like your reply style but its a lot of work so i don't mind if you skip it when you reply. This reply was 1550 words!! That's a short essay. I didn't even talk about work but thats boring so i skipped it kukuku
sspatel_55 Feb 23, 2012 5:56 PM
Shina-Chan? >_<

Are you ok? Haven't heard from you in awhile!! How were your exams and I was worried since it's super cold in the EU....

with lots of snow, blackberries and love,

Sunny :)
sspatel_55 Feb 9, 2012 8:18 PM


I might be too late already but I hope your exams went well and if you still have some left then good luck for them! I want you to come out of them looking like this:

Believe in yourself and if you don't then trust me cause I trust you ;)

With lots of love,cheerios and fire power..

Sunny <3
sspatel_55 Jan 29, 2012 8:51 PM

Asobi no Iku yo! (I've come to play!)

Awww....If you blush then I will feel embarassed too .... NOT!
I'm luffy so i'll just give you a BIG :D
Did you see the latest episode? ZORO was so badass and you gotta love the HUGE mermaid princess..such a crybaby and luffy is so mean lmao!!

Well that is because I do those mass replies a couple of times in a year. Like on major events like the end of the year haha...And I mostly copy paste what's common in my replies. still its too much work X_X That's probably why most of them don't even reply! I got like 8-10 replies out of 25!! MAL was so much better back then in the olden days lol..don't worry your not missing out much. And it's not HOW many friends you have but HOW good they are at keeping in touch ;) Like I said I don't even talk to 10 people out of 100. That's fail..don't you go leaving MAL like the rest of them!! T.T

That is a good question. I didn't have any breaks because I have no days off at my work. So i work like every day except two days for christmas which i got off. So I haven't had a vacation in 1.5 years and won't have one for another 1.5 years! :O
OMG now that i actually counted i feel so bad. THE DESPAIR :O

I'm glad you liked Samurai Champloo..My favorite character is MUGEN and he has always been on my favorite characters list! I have never found another anime character (except luffy/sanji/zorro) whose fighting style is cooler. I love it! I also LOVE the soundtrack..i downloaded ALL the champloo songs in like 2007 and even till today my most listened and favorite japanese song is Shiki no Uta ("Song of 4 Seasons" - 2nd Ending)
Lately I felt like rewatching Blood+ and champloo alot after listening to songs from both of them on my old ipod from 2007. But I have such a big list that I actually spent hours trying to figure out what to watch and when I can make time for it. I don't wanna miss out on any of the shows but with my 12-o-clock bedtime it's really tough!

And Guess what? it's 12-o-clock...and im sleeeeepy -_-

I really wanted to reply sooner shina but my work situation is kind of complicated right now..i'll explain next reply and finish the rest of my reply. Since i love being detailed it'll probably take me just as long to write the rest so stay tuned and wait for it! :D
My Last replies were 1000 words! I don't know how long your reply is buts its pretty long!!

P.S I picked a bunch of angel pictures to make a profile pic for you. Would you prefer something else? I think the zoro i made for you is my greatest work. I honestly can't beat that manliness XD So anything girly you like my dear?

With lots of bubbles, jam and snow! (It's snowed lots today!'s so hard for me to stop talking or writing haha)
Sunny <3
sspatel_55 Jan 22, 2012 11:33 AM
Hi Shina! :3


I'll reply soon..have to go out today since it's my mom's birthday!


Sunny ;)
sspatel_55 Jan 10, 2012 8:16 PM
***There are two LONG posts before this :P Please read the first one first XD***

Ok Lastly:

This should be enough reply for the month! Just joking! At least this should keep you busy the week :D
Take you time to reply and good luck with you New Term. I wish you luck in your "New World - Shin Sekai"

With lots of Love, clouds and spaghetti......Sunny ;)

P.S This is one of my favorite songs specially "for you" XD
The video makes me want to visit Europe so badly :P
sspatel_55 Jan 10, 2012 6:18 PM
Now your old old post's reply:

SHINAAAAA!!! <3 <3 <3

"HAHAHAH, now I know how made you reply me fast :P hohoohoh *evil laugh* <3"

-> you evil girl XP It won't work every time muhahahah ku ku ku

"I found my picture where my eyes are clear to see :D here you go -"

-> Nice! You're eyes are big and clear. I wonder who's eyes are bigger out of the two of us. After I saw this like two weeks ago I took pictures of my eyes specially for you. Just never got around to replying lol. One thing I know for sure. We both have sharingan @_@ ONE more similarity XD. This list is endless but it's still fun finding more hahaha

"Yeah, I think too you should begin read Dengeki Daisy :P
Hey! It really was shoujo phase >.<' You don't need believe to me, but it really was :3 "

-> I believe you. Even tho i'm a guy i fall weak for romance in anime/manga. I have times where I LOVE reading/watching them hahaha. I try to keep my heart locked up in real life. I'm not looking for anything more than friendship. Sometimes my heart gets hungry and i feed it with this stuff XDXDXD

"I can't wait until tommrow to watch new episode <3 <3 <3 :D"

-> Last episode was good. Luffy and the crew just make me laugh!!! Camie and the starfish were awesome too. Sanji just can't stop having nosebleeds. The other night I had the WEIRDEST DREAM. In my dream Sanji was in like a ball and he was looking for someone to dance with. And guess who appeared as his princess "falling from the sky". Common Guess?
My friend made me start a manga called Noblesse. It's about vampires and according to him it's similar to one piece. It's good so far.

"Oh, I know you love me :P haha, yeah, it is true! It is rare to find someone who hates toliet :P your name for Twilight is hilarious!! TOLIET LMAO!! but,yeah they aren't vampires! my brother said they are bunch of faires and gays XD XD XD"

-> hahaha...true true. I hate Justin Bieber too. He's a baby himself.

"Hahaahahh, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw you teaching me ''THEY ARE SO GAYS!'' my sweetheart <3 <3 <3 "

-> LMAO...i woundn't have such a conversation with anyone XD

awwwww >//////< (for pics)

-> The two in that picture are my favorite characters BEFORE luffy. You HAVE TO watch that anime. It's been in the top 10 of MALs database for years. It's a pure 10 for anyone. Code Geass. The best drama/psychological/supernatural anime out there. IT's a must watch.

"I read all chapters of Manhwa - Blast! I really like this manga, and thnx for recommendin it to me <3 :* "

-> you are fast. I'm glad you liked it. I love angels and so do you so you might like saints too. I love Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas. That's a good manly manga. Lots of fighting lol..i have lot's of other good funny/thinking manga if you like? I wish you had more time than me :(

"I'm reading now a manga called Bloody cross. It is about angels, and vampires. :D"
-> is it good?

With lot of rainbows, stars and pudding <3 :*

"p.s. and it is better for you keep me from being bored, or else I will beat you :P
haha, and was I in your dreams? :P heheheh :3"

-> if you are female ivancov than yes. Otherwise I'm not sure XD
sspatel_55 Jan 10, 2012 5:55 PM


LOLLLLLLLLLLL. There's NO WAY I forget you!

All christmas I wanted to make a card and share it with my friends but it wasn't until New Years that I could actually make one. I actually don't celebrate Christmas but who cares!! IT's HOLIDAY TIME :D I wish everyone every year :P I was pretty excited about NEW GEARYEAR lol but it's moving too quickly!! I still haven't planned it out yet!!
Can you imagine how long it took me to wish 25 people. HOLY **** I have 80 MAL friends and out of that I wished 15 "Top Friends" (including you of course) and an extra 10 people I get along with. And I got replies from not even 10 yet! MAL is dying seriously..There was a time where I talked so much with these people XD Well I know how busy I get so I don't blame any of them either.

I wish your holidays were longer...I had lots to share with you. Take your time to share with me what happened over the break. "Bad and good things."
I was actually working in between so I never had a "break". I had two long weekends (3 days) but no straight week off. And i spent it all with family and friends so I couldn't really relax and bum around lol

Let me give you a piece of knowledge. I am an Anime Expert ok! :D
Samuari Champloo and Blood+ were two of the first 10 anime I ever saw online. And I gave them both a 9 which is really good out of my 100s watched! If you asked me before I would have definitely recommended them! If you look through my list (you should) I over-rate anime a lot (lot of 8s) but only something that was REALLY good got a 9 and something that was IMO perfect got a 10. So you can watch those for sure and you will love them! Please watch next. I promise you will love it.
If you say Blood C is good then I might try it. Blood+ had some beautiful songs and characters in it :D

I actually have some pictures to share with you but it will take some time to upload them so I will save them for next post :)
sspatel_55 Jan 2, 2012 2:37 PM
This time i'm not letting myself off that easily. I will make you a new profile picture and if i get time then a profile for the new year. I can't promise when I'll finish but please look forward to it XD
sspatel_55 Jan 2, 2012 2:34 PM

Sorry for long wait but I wanted to give you these even if it was too late XD

FINALLY IM BACKKKK! Holiday time had me really busy with family and friends so I was mostly out of the house for the past two weeks. But that doesn't explain me missing in 2011! I probably told you but if I didn't then I got a JOB in MAY 2011 right after exams and I've been working ever since. Thankfully I will continue working in 2012 and will return to University to finish my studies in September. This leaves me little time for my beloved anime/manga and of course MAL but I do hope to return in the new year. If I never replied to your comment then sorry about that. I must have lost it since I don't visit very often. It's a new year so let's get to know each other all over again XD
I'm Sunny and we haven't talked in a while! What did I miss since we last did? :D

^ That reply was a general reply i sent to MAL friends. I hope to send you a personal reply esssay soon. Please wait for it :D

Thank you for wishing me when no one else has. This new year/ christmas I only got wished by you and a couple other MAL friends. I guess MAL is becoming extinct or I just suck at replying to friends. It means a lot. You rock!

I wish you a very happy new year my dear. And I hope 2012 becomes a year of much happiness and success for you. I hope all your sadness disappears and the darkness turns to light. I want to see my shinaa-angel shine bright :D

I'm really sorry I didn't reply your entire vacation. I hope you were not too bored. I have to stop hating myself and become my POSITIVE LUFFY SELF. It'll take some time but this year I will MAKE SOME CHANGE and become a better man. I promise shinaa!

with lots of flowers, honey and ninjas <333

yours Sunny :)
sspatel_55 Dec 13, 2011 8:42 PM
oh and since you love angels this:

-> type full link to work