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Days: 36.8
Mean Score: 8.02
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  • Episodes2,112
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Days: 9.7
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Zaraquiel99 Apr 22, 2013 5:55 AM
Yeah... o-k...
I'm taking you take your character really seriously (Place Aikatsu reference here)
Zaraquiel99 Apr 21, 2013 7:44 PM
I hate to be the jerk in the conversation but considering i have more than 3 times your list, and the fact that i watch almost anything good enoight to catch my interest, is quite obvious we share somne of interrest.

Thought i just realized that most of our scores are very close to each other, unfortunetly i realized that after i writed down the forst part, and i don't what to waste my effort to sound like a jerk :P so... Sorry about that.

Yeah, we share some interest. And no problem, alway willing to help. :)
TakedaYoshizo Apr 21, 2013 1:19 PM
Bouuuuuu-keeeeeen-Baaaaaaarb You'rewelcome!! ;D
lemonaizeris Apr 21, 2013 12:32 PM
Miniature cows and pigs XD
Karote Apr 21, 2013 12:27 PM
ClariS? Perhaps it is vocaloid or japanese band? I'm not too familiar with asian music :D

She's really cute , I want take her to my home! (don't mind me , I like cute things)
Karote Apr 21, 2013 11:46 AM
From what anime is your display picture?
I get the feeling it is from ''My sister can't be this cute'' but never seen her.
lemonaizeris Apr 21, 2013 11:32 AM
I missed my you too :)
I was in my family little farm without cows and pigs XD
how was your days?
lemonaizeris Apr 21, 2013 11:25 AM
Sorry for late reply. I wasn't at home for few days :)
We share the same oppinion :) I'm happy about that :)
People does more work when they like their job :)
Auxoran Apr 21, 2013 6:53 AM
Good luck with that.I wanted to write a reivew 1 month ago but than I got lazy.
No problem if I add you to skype right?I don't have a mic btw.
Auxoran Apr 21, 2013 6:13 AM
You might get some don't worry.Just a few?There are some people who are so lazy that they can't even read TL;DR versions.

Auxoran Apr 21, 2013 5:58 AM
Yeah it was short and informative ^^
Zaraquiel99 Apr 21, 2013 5:56 AM
Uhh... i thought Elice obsession was with fire trucks,
Other than that: Nice review
Auxoran Apr 21, 2013 5:34 AM
Good review.It convinced me to watch Kaminomi after I finish Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.
zaackisnow Apr 20, 2013 9:21 AM
Well i love everyone in FT.

But Natsu is number 1 xD