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Feb 14, 2020
You know, I feel like the word underrated is overused. The term gets slugged around too much and has lost its meaning in the process. Scissor Seven, however, is not just underrated, it's a hidden gem.

It's the biggest strength by far is its creativity. It goes for everything. Ranging from the vast array of characters, and the absurd story, the unique animation, abrasive dialogue, or the beautiful action sequences. I promise you this is not a gimmick to garner views solely off of shock value, or this "random = funny" approach. It's as if the creative minds behind this received these blank cells, canvases, and read more
Jan 3, 2019
All of the suspiciously convenient plot devices and countless Ex Machina's really rustled my jimmies. I mean I don't come in to any anime expecting to be an accurate representation of life, but this one went a bit overboard. I believe this anime is best enjoyed if you just don't put too much thought in to it. You won't realize the absurdity of it and just enjoy the mediocre ride.

You accidentally fell in the beach? Better go to the hospital.

You ran around in the rain for like 4 minutes? Better go to the damn hospital.

Oh thank you 16 year old classmate with an IQ read more