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May 6, 2012
being a huge fan of the dark genius of mangaka suehiro maruo, i decided to check out the anime version of his masterpiece of guro/psychosis shoujo tsubaki. the story takes place in the ramshackle underbelly of early showa period japan. it's the story of a young girl named midori who loses her family and is tricked into traveling with a truly gruesome freakshow circus a la tod browning's 1932 movie freaks (armless man, mummy, sword swallower, strongman, human worm, etc.) and her journey through misery to love and back to misery again. it's definitely not a story for people who don't revel in the dark read more
Apr 9, 2012
basically an extended journey through one man's mind and his contemplation of life, death, war, etc...also it's a meditation upon love and love lost for the girl jenny set to some really beautiful music throughout - the songs echo the thought of our protagonist in a really amazing way with atmospheric, moody, psychedelic music...the art/animation is really amazing and very minimalist, just white lines on black background with words of poetry coming in and out...if you like really artsy, impressionistic, and poetic stuff, you will like this, if not, stay away, as this film definitely is not a straightforward story in the conventional sense, more read more
Mar 10, 2012
even though i've only watched two episodes of this amazing anime, i felt i had to write a review, as no one else has, also because anyone who really loves great anime should check this out...based on one of my favorite manga by osamu tezuka, this anime takes place in the sengoku period in japan - a boy name hyakkimaru's father offers up forty-eight of his body parts to demons in exchange for unlimited power and the boy is left for dead - this is the story of his quest and travels with an orphan named dororo to reclaim his body from the demons by read more
Mar 2, 2012
truly a classic of horror - umezu really hit a home run with this piece of twisted dreamery - reading this is like being stuck in one of those really bad fever (or dope-sick) half-dreams which are nightmares, but you never wake up - the story of a young boy and his sister and the discovery of rusty scissors which leads to a serial killer with one of those really freaky no-face masks who is actually an old lady who gave birth to an alien and she has to provide fodder for her kid who is actually a really twisted looking alien beast and they read more
Feb 4, 2012
this is truly one of the most moving manga i've ever had the pleasure to experience and also one of the saddest - amazing the way it captures the absolute preciousness of keeping one's dream alive and what happens if we let it go.........also the difficulty of living in this world of "adults" as an eternal wide-eyed believer of magic and dreams, something i've dealt with all of my adult years as a dreamer and a freak - people say people like me, people like the magician are: "crazy", "losers", "lost", etc, but all the few of us eternal children left in the world want read more
Jan 24, 2012
though i have to say i'm not a fan of reviewing art or reviews in general, as art is an entirely subjective form, i have to say a few words about this - this is the story of how two very lost people are saved by each other and fall in love for a very short time - sad to say, but our greatest loves are sometimes far too short - a suicidal girl agrees against her will to start visiting a murderer on death row and over a very short time each teaches the other what it means to really live each day to read more
Jan 22, 2012
this was one of very few manga i've ever read i just could not stop reading - it was like watching a traffic accident: you have to look - an amazing exposure of the cancer and pain that is the rotten center of modern celebrity culture - it is the saga of ririko, a rather plain girl who achieves super-model status through the complete subjection of her former self beneath layers of make-up, plastic surgery, pain, and drugs and her ever advancing dissolution from stone-cold beauty to stone-cold crazy and falling apart - the art is beautifully water-color sketchy and perfectly captures the mind state read more