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Kimi no Na wa.
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S03 Jan 7, 10:37 AM
Manga Score... 6.66 mierda....D:
Dullboy Dec 23, 2017 11:59 AM
I knew you would like "Sunny" ^^

Just recently I bought the first volume of "Louvre no Neko" , and as always , reading Matsumoto give those warm but also sad and melancolic feelings. Truly a great Manga artist.
S03 Dec 21, 2017 1:51 PM
Aunque tengo una duda, cuantos años tienes xd?.
S03 Dec 21, 2017 1:50 PM
Jajajaja, no he visto el primero, solo una película basada en su historia que pasaron hace unas semanas en HBO (Tengo directv xD), Y me llamó la atención mucho más. en sí tengo tiempo pensando verlo.

LOGH, Es jodidamente pesada, me parece muy buena, pero hasta ahí.

Yo ayudo en el local de mis padres que se vende empanadas en la mañana y en las tardes ayudo a un señor que es contador publico con el trabajo de oficina, así que la mayor parte del "dia" lo paso ocupadillo por así decirlo, quedandome solo la noche para bajar lo que voy a ver.
S03 Dec 21, 2017 8:55 AM
Hace tiempo le tengo ganas a Cowboy bebop pero cuando decido verlo le termino como huyendo jaja xD
omakase Dec 20, 2017 4:56 AM
graciosito eso verdad lol
lady_freyja Oct 15, 2017 2:45 PM
Ah ah. I'm not sure I'll finish the challenge. I have only one item left, the manga based on a LN/VN. But for some reasons it's extremely unappealing to me.

So this is quite common in shojo! I hadn't really thought about it, but it makes sense. I understand how you may find it cathartic and being such good fuel for drama, I also understand why it's so popular in stories. I think as long as we read consciously and recognize these patterns it's not a problem! It's bad when these are stories read by young women and they end up seeing these portrayals as 'romantic' and 'ideal' because then more women end up in toxic cycles since they think that's how relationships are supposed to be.

I understand your point.
It's not the case of Paradise Kiss, where I found the MC as quite dumb. But I can totally link that to the anime I'm currently watching, Hikari no Densetsu, or more exactly its manga since the anime was cut short and the romance seems to take a different route so I guess it'll never reach this point: the manga was totally cheerful all long up until the last 4 volumes, where the couple enter in a competitive relationship, trying to outdo each other, kind of love/hate thing I guess… anyway, because of it the girl ends up anorexic while the guy hurts his eyes… it's quite brutal, horrible, absurd, in a way… but at the same time, it's "beautiful" and the ending was grandiose.

I don't know, it's like the tragedies. You know that what the characters are doing is awfully wrong, that they make bad choices, that everything will end badly, and all. But at the same time it becomes an "ideal", of passion, beauty, or whatever.
An "ideal", but one you (should) know that you mustn't reach it. Hot Road is like that, where you see the characters following an ideal, throwing their life away by doing so. Up until the accident where the characters finally realize that this ideal isn't worth it.

I wonder.
I'll also be interested in your opinion of Pietà the day you'll read it. Since in my eyes, it's the opposite of a toxic relationship. Another ideal, but one you should aim at, I guess.
lady_freyja Oct 15, 2017 12:05 PM
That's good that you liked it, I guess. :p

I get the impression that this author romanticizes toxic relationships

It depends.
Now that I think of it, I'm under the impression that the older the protagonists are, the more toxic it becomes.

Like in Gokinjo, it's not very toxic. Same way for the main couple of Tenshi nanka ja nai, but an older couple is more or less toxic. It's in Paradise Kiss that everything, from the beginning to the end, is toxic. And I've heard that it's the the same in Nana.

Toxic relationships are quite helpful at creating drama after-all, and thus a lot of romance-focused shōjo go for it. Like I'm currently reading New York New York with Dullboy, and the MC is really unhealthy (he's both jealous and infidel…), which isn't helped by the fact his lover has a very, very shady past.
Well, for me that's the "typical shōjo", with what Dullboy call the "weird psychology", or "masochist psychology", like the characters seek the suffering, the misery. They're self-destructive.

For some reasons, I tend to enjoy that. Maybe it's kind of cathartic? Dunno…
Dullboy Sep 26, 2017 1:57 PM
Do you and lady_freyja use the program Discord? I've been considering creating a group chat to talk about manga
Oh, I heard about that discord thing, but I've never used it, nor do I know how it work exactly.
To be honest, I don't know if I would be interest, I've never participated in those sort of internet direct discussions things like that, I've always be too socialy awkward and shy with things like that, I guess ^^ . That being said, I remember lady_freyja telling me she used to do group chatting like that in the past quite frequently..) I have no idea if it would interest her, but I'll ask her, sure thing.

You know, considering you liked Twin Spica a lot, you should definitly keep a look for Dosei Mansion. I had kind of forgot this manga (since it's been a long time ago I read it), but when I saw it in my list today I thought how similar in feelings those two works are , and I'm pretty sure someone liking Twin Spica would equaly like that one. It's pretty funny, because as I recall it, the plot is kind of the reverse : Humanity now live in space and the dream of the characters are to one day be able to return to earth ^^ .
The bad thing is that I don't think the scans are going to the end for that manga, since it stopped since the manga have been published in english. But if you can get your hand on it one day, I'm almost sure you would find it to your liking.

Dullboy Sep 25, 2017 8:44 AM
I finished reading Twin Spica !

hmm, I wonder what I can say about it.. it definitly was a good manga, and I can see how people would love it a lot, but as for me I would give it "only" a 7 rating.
I don't feel like I have much objective criticism I could do for this manga, it was more about my personal tastes :
The characters, and especially the main girl Asumi, were just too earnest and bright, even the ones that would act bad (like the two rich fathers) end up "redempting" themselve by crying or having a bad thing in the past that happened to themselve and explain why they were mean at some point. Everyone are with this sort of "sad smile attitude" at one point or another, and there is basically always someone that cry at the end of a chapter, etc etc..
The drama felt kind of orchestrated, sort of "convenient plot device" , sort of. And I'm not fond of the use of supernatural elements like ghost in stories that are not fantasy. Though, I think the amount of volume made me care at least a little for the characters and near the volumes 10/14 I would say, was when I was into the manga the most and enjoyed the interactions between the characters and their friendship.

All what I said might make it look like it was a struggle to read it, but not at all ^^ . It was nice, I just enjoyed some part more than others.
I guess it's the "follow your big dream/power of friendship" aspect of the manga that kept me out from liking it more, because usually, melancholic stuff are right up my alley. ^^

Anyway, you seems quite busy those days, I hope you're doing fine. As for me, I finaly got myself to return to my japanese study, even if it's by myself in my corner, and with the help of a very good book, I'm now on a journey to learn the 2147 (or so) Kanji that are necessary to properly be able to read japanese. If I study it everyday (like I started to do), I think it's in my reach, slowly but surely. Wish me luck ^^
Dullboy Sep 18, 2017 2:45 PM
Wait ! I didn't even knew you just finished reading it (or so it seems) , It's a funny coincidence ^^
It's been a while I had Twin Spica in my visor and wanted to read it, but I only found the scan recently to do it.
After only 1 volume read, I can't really advance myself about it, but it seems good.
The thing is, I kind of want to finish Kiichi VS. first before getting myself in another long manga like that. I'm just too hooked right now (I read it in french, but the last two volumes are kind of hard to find). It a real problem, because as I'm waiting to find a solution for reading those last volumes, I don't feel like starting anything else, or even watching anything else, I'm just too obsessed with it. ^^

But after that, I'll continue reading Spica, and I'll definitly be happy to give my impression of it to you.
Dullboy Sep 7, 2017 6:33 AM
I'm glad you liked Hot Road, I feel pretty much the same way about it, like you said. I've never been a trouble teenager, yet it deeply touched me.

And that's also very nice for Sunny ! It's a read that I think is very nice to slowly appreciate, not rushing it. A sad but also "warm" read, in my opinion.
Dullboy Aug 31, 2017 9:09 AM
I've been considering revising the whole list but it's long and it keeps growing and I'm lazy....
Hahaha, that's pretty much the same with me ^^ .
It's been 3/4 years now that I actively started reading manga and watching anime, and the more time pass, the harder it seems to correctly rate things or even change some old ratings, since that would pretty much mean re-reading the thing, if I want to do it consciensiously.. and I just don't feel like it ^^ . (That's even the case for some of the manga on my favorit list.. life is difficult ^^)

As for "Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki" , My girlfriend is older (4 years) and also taller than me. So all those romance manga with age/ height difference kind of have some new aspects for me now. ^^
Dullboy Aug 31, 2017 1:39 AM
Seeing how the world works from a Japanese perspective and how similar or how different it is from how my world views are constructed interests me greatly! This is the 'invaluable' feeling for me
I definitly get what you mean. For me, it's stay a more subsidiar thing, but I also find it very interesting and even facinating on some subject.

I can enjoy works even when they have clear flaws or some very generic/"déjà vu" things in them, but to be honest, there's always be a sort of invisible wall in my list that separate work that I find enjoyable, and works that have really "something" in them, that moved me or clearly got me into it and immerged in the emotions in them (I think this wall take more or less place betwen my 7 and 8 ratings.. things I have in my 8 ratings are things most people on MAL would rate 9 or 10 I would guess ^^).
Let's say that I can't help myself but do a distinction between "entertainement" and "art" , one way or another.
It just.. doesn't feel good to let them be side by side, so I keep those "very entertaining things" out of my bigest ratings. ^^
To take a clear exemple, I know that when I will have finish it, I'll rate "Again!!" with a 7, because it's a very entertaining and enjoyable read, and I'm always very happy when new chapters are scanned.. but it doesn't have this emotional bond or big artistic value to make it pass as a 8.
(That's not to say I don't have my soft spots for some things.. those feelings of complete romantic cuteness overload from "Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki" completely won me over for exemple. haha)

I started Hot Road. The story in itself seems simple enough, but the characters carry it
Personaly, I always thought that characters were way more important than the complexity or cleverness of the plot. "Hot Road" really touch me because it talk about adolescence and all the silly mistake you can do at that age in peculiar. The characters feel very human to me. It have a lot of softness, but also very strong emotion that build inside the characters, and when they want to hide it by acting cool or say things they don't really think, you can feel the deep feelings behind.

Queen2408 Aug 25, 2017 5:22 PM
Hola! Gracias!
Cómo estás? ya casi no entro por aquí pero recibí el e-mail :D