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AndyKyrielight Mar 21, 2021 5:44 PM
ℋ𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 ℬ𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒹𝒶𝓎!
Fa1zan Mar 20, 2021 5:59 PM
Happy Birthday 🎉✨🎊🎈🎁
AndyKyrielight Sep 20, 2020 7:47 PM
No worries bro. You can really reply to me whenever you want! Cirugia? wow that sounds serious, I hope you're okay man. I bought a HyperX I really don't know if it's a good headset but at least it will fit me for a while I hope. A curiosity I met an friend who said Australian humour is not really humour at all. According to him, Australian humour is just making an insult and laughing lol. Yea man, is practically on the other side of the world haha. Ohh nice, I certainly want to visit the UK one day, especially as it is a country with a lot of history. Besides also have many cities to visit haha. How was your experience in Ireland? Did you get to know many places there? I imagine you have travelled to many countries? Yea true man. It is rare that I read doujins or hentai tbh so I have no recommendations for you unfortunately T.T. Nice horror and fantasy is really good choice xD No problem man ahaha. Yea bro I put them all in my favs because I really liked a lot them all haha. Have you ever seen any fate btw? Do you think it's worth waiting 3080 or is it worth buying 2080 SUPER? Because I saw that it's going to be cheaper than 2080. Having heard about this game, how was Ghost of Tsushima? did you like it? Have you seen the trailer of the new spider man game that will be an exclusive of PS5? Looks like it's gonna be an awesome game. When do you think you will coming GTA 6? I imagine that if the PS5 gets that as your exclusive, it would really increase sales. Btw do you play every day on your PC?
Okay I'll make sure to add you xD
The negatives that a lot of people seem to discuss is what makes him, and the show, great. Kazuya isn't this hot dude with a 6 pack, or filthy rich or a genius. He's a regular dude that just wants to find a girlfriend and get some action. He's relatable, he feels like a real person. Most people watching either know someone like him or were/still are him.
By extension, the rest of the cast also feels real/relatable. Saying how his friends are just pervy, it's like admitting you never had friends because unless you live in a religious community that practices chastity, everyone talks about sex. You go out to the bar with friends, you talk with close coworkers, at some point it'll come up in conversation.
When going through the cast, there isn't a single character that is actually perfect. They all have flaws, some with bigger flaws than others. (I'll try to keep it to the anime, as the manga features more characters as well as more growth than we see in the anime) Mami is probably the worst of the cast, and it isn't hard to tell from watching. Ruka could be a good person, but her obsession with Kazuya goes way overboard and causes too many issues for him, family, and friends. Sumi is great, there really isn't anything bad to say about her. Chizuru may seem like the perfect girl, but she shows that the girlfriend act isn't the only side to her. She's extremely focused on her future career, which lead her to become a rental girlfriend, and which leads to the main issue of the show: can a rental girlfriend and customer actually fall in love? There's signs here and there that her firm stance at the start might be starting to fall apart, which is what drives you to keep watching, or reading if you couldn't wait for the next episodes, and see what happens.
This takes me to the story. There's a lot of complaints that the story is bad because no one changes. And while yes you could say no one changes, you'd also be wrong. Is there any big character changes that occur in the first season? No not really. But that's kinda the point. People don't change that quick in real life. They stumble, fall back, make mistakes. Is Kazuya perfect? Absolutely not. He's got flaws and makes mistakes pretty often. But you can see that throughout the season the seeds being sown to make him a better person. While I think it's a shame we won't get to see those changes in this season, it's important to know that they do start to happen.
Maybe it's because the world is in a not so great place, maybe it's because people have been spoiled by shows where characters go through character arcs in 3 episodes, maybe it's because people don't like to admit that they do relate to the characters. But it seems that people give this show too much hate. If you dislike the show because it's not something you're interested in watching, then I totally get that. It's like the show kicked your dog and stole your lunch money. So many people say Kazuya is an idiot, the rest of the cast is dumb, etc. But what would you actually do if you were in that situation? Wouldn't you feel the same shame Kazuya feels when he thinks about his friends and family finding out about the truth of him and Chizuru? Have you never truly fallen for someone and wondered what in the world can you do to be with that person, constantly thinking how you are worthless compared to how great they are? This show has been one of my favorite shows to watch this summer because it feels real. At the end of the day, we just want to find someone else like how Kazuya wants to find someone. We've all been in our early 20's, going out drinking with friends, falling for and getting crushed by dates. This show is a reminder that even when life really gets you down, things will get better. Yea man I'd like Sumi to be introduced at first, I really liked her, because she's really cute ahhh. I'm sure it will get an 2nd season so maybe she'll have more room there? haha. Hmm interesting, I think I'll soon read the manga. What do you think of this memes here bro? Let me know. Thanks man you are very nice :^)

AndyKyrielight Sep 12, 2020 11:04 PM
Hiya dude, it's good to see you again haha. Really? That's nice, how was it? a curiosity I come from Vancouver Island. Specifically Victoria. Yea that coronavirus shit got in the way of everything. Exactly, what I particularly like about MAL is that you meet people from all over the world, beyond your country of course. Btw my headset broke then today I bought another one but it will take a few days to ship to me ahhh. Personally, I have no problem with climates like the Australia because sometimes it is good to try something different lol. What is your list of countries to know? Those days I was on Youtube until I got on my homepage a video of a Japanese teaching kanji, hiragana and katakana. Watching his explanation seems to be harder than I thought. Hmm fair enough haha. Do you read hentai/doujins online? Really man? That's awesome what kind of books do you want to write? I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey. I love books so I'd love to buy some books your haha. Recently I downloaded a game on my mobile phone called Fate GO basically is an rpg turn based. It's a lot of fun but it has micro transactions as usual, I'm very addicted to it, So I'm bursting the limit of my card in it lmao. It has all my fate waifus in it ahhh.
I understand your side, I watched an RTX 3080 ti unboxing on Youtube. This generation of NVDIA graphics cards promises to be very powerful. Indeed PS5 is nothing near that graphics card. Well, that would be the reason if I decide to buy a PS5 just for the exclusives but I will probably go again with XBOX Series X
Do you want to play a fight game with me someday? I think it would be fun at least haha. Kazuya is a dumbass, yeah, but can you blame him for making impulsive and reckless decisions after clearly not taking a breakup well at all? He's under a lot of pressure throughout the show, and I think his often thoughtless actions reflect that.
I can appreciate how subtle Chizuru's feelings are, as a lot of similar characters I've seen are more obviously "tsundere", while Chizuru slowly understands and becomes more comfortable displaying her feelings toward Kazuya over time. Talking about Ruka her motivations really make me feel for her despite how her behavior has affected Kazuya and Chizuru, and it's obvious that she's just trying her best to figure out what she wants. Mami is well, she sure is Mami. She knows how to keep Kazuya exactly where she wants him, and it's clear what kind of effect this has had on his self-esteem and behavior. Ohh nice! Gabriel Dropout I just watched the anime, how is manga? Is it different from anime? Btw do you like meme bro?
AndyKyrielight Aug 31, 2020 3:54 AM
Hiya mann, sorry for the super late reply, I was a little far from the comment session but now I'm back lol. Fully understandable no worries bro. That's cool, the good thing about having friends who like anime is that you can talk about new, seasonals etc. Tbh I didn't come across many otakus around here lol. At the end of this year I was planning to travel to Australia but I think that will not happen unfortunately. Well, each has their preferences so I really don't judge you. I imagine it was fun? In other words, you have to study twice as much to learn all kanji's. Tell me something did you buy any? Hentai or doujins? XD Japan is paradise for Otaku ahhhh. Do you want to learn more languages ​​or are you happy with your English? I tried to polish but I really couldn't learn anything T.T French after you learn the structure everything flows better. I confess that my pronunciation is not very good lol. I hyped for it mann. If the game is free "okay" to have microtransactions but now paid game really has no way to agree, since you already paid. Yea man sadly. I confess that sometimes I end up spending a lot on microtransactions when the game is at least fun. I usually see it being used to play FPS games for example PUBG. Depending on the price I will get mainly for this generation promises very exclusive. For you who have your monster PC it makes no difference the PS5 XD A solid choice I have to say lol Nico best idol waifu all time? XD For me it is the opposite, I have always had contact with fighting games since I was a child so I really like them all. Your PC is your son xD I recently watched it too & it's really fun IMO but the MC I hate lol. You have a best girl on it? Or not really? I hope you a great week ahead! I see also you reading some mangas as well?
AndyKyrielight Aug 17, 2020 4:51 PM
Ohh fair enough lol. MAL despite having issues, I still think it's the best site to keep your anime list. I don't know if you've used others, but would you like to hear what you think? Also all your friends like animes? I'm curious. Things aren't very different here, things are really expensive, that's sucks mannn. Did you have any food you didn't like in Japan? Yea indeed, there are some Japanese who even being a native can't read all the kanjis, so it just shows that the thing is really hardd. I think it's funny how they speak English lol. But each countries has their own way of talking then....
Wow that's awesome bro, maybe one day you'll get to fluency in Japanese xD Have you ever visited a store there that sells bizarre things? for example products +18/hentai? lol. Because I've seen some things about it. German is another language that seems hard to me tho I never really tried to learn. French I wouldn't say I'm fluent tho I may have a decent conversation I guess. That's cool bro :O Dragon Maid will have a 2nd season so that's a good reason to celebrate haha.
A big problem with mobile gaming lately that usually have is that some are so abusive in micro transactions that you actually feel in a casino lmao. Or all you look at has to pay, really sucks bro. Well, you can use an emulator to play it on the PC. Btw are gonna be interested in the PS5 coming soon? I think the next generation is going to be the best. No problem bro, I'm glad you like them. Who's more Kawaii Nico or his sister? Choose below >

I see, do you like a fight game once in a while btw? I sold it because I was in need of money & at that moment it was the only way to get it.
I imagine you spent a lot of your savings on it so you really have to take care of lol. How's Kanojo, Okarishimasu going so far?
AndyKyrielight Aug 15, 2020 6:59 PM
Really bro? I also do this, I use an alternative email for my MAL account lmao. Looks delicious mannnn :O Yea, I think when the Japanese go to learn English they also suffer since it is the same process to learn. Especially that the writing is totally different. Kana is the simplest, I believe. Indeed, knowing a few sentences & especially reading can make your journey easier. The good thing is that when you know English you can turn around well compared to those who don't. Yea you learn more and more & that's good. Btw do you speak only English or do you know another language? Have you become friends with any of them? Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is so good especially Kanna who's a very cute loli xD. Mirai Nikki is an case of you like it or you hate it lol. Do you play the game of Love Live mobile? Tbh is very fun imo. Wow nice to know bro. Nico being in your favorites is fair enough lol. I'm gonna bless you with Nico GIFS xD

I checked your Steam & you have good taste in games. I don't currently have more Nintendo Switch, I sold mine, so I'm on PC & Xbox one x nowadays. Same here, Osu always made me furious lol. Btw your PC is a monster :O
AndyKyrielight Aug 14, 2020 1:44 PM
The only good thing about the app is in the notification aspect. Wow you have literally entered the world of animes xD Which food did you like the most? I think sushi probably? About the Japanese language, I've tried to learn it a few times but it seems so hard for me. But I think if you really want to learn it doesn't matter what language it is you'll get it if you don't give up of course. In the region you were in, there only have Japanese or there was people from other places, for example Canada? Ahh okay fair enough lol. Do you already have some shows in mind that will come on your favourites? Maybe nico in characters? XD Yea is a great show, Hachiman best MC xD Your pfp is very funny to me for the simple fact that I never imagined seeing Nico smoking lmao. So do you play any games bro btw? From your profile I see that you play Osu?
AndyKyrielight Aug 11, 2020 12:03 AM
Actually there is already an mobile app but it's trash imo lol. I imagine everything you saw was awesome. Everything we see in anime can see when it goes to Japan. Did you learn anything about Japanese in that time there? ahaha. Yea lmao. Why don't you have any favs? There could be some girls from Love Live XD I finished oregairu 2nd season, so now I can catching up the season airing. I'm not actually watching any seasonal anime btw. Your pfp is Nico smoking but I don't remember watching it on the show lol.
AndyKyrielight Aug 8, 2020 7:26 PM
MAL sometimes going down again really boring bro ahhh. That's awesome mannn, I can imagine. I haven't had the chance yet but I intend in the future to go yea. What did you like most about it there? Good observation lol. Don't worry bro you can talk about Love Live & Nico all you want, after all I like it too XD
I loved Sunshine so I hope you enjoy it too 😁 Yea has one too "The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow". Anyway what have you been watching recently?
AndyKyrielight Aug 4, 2020 4:06 PM
Hello bro, sorry for the late reply! I have been experiencing some issues with MAL but I think they're fixed now! Wow really? which city? Thank you bro! Yea funny coincidence haha. You were in Japan? awesome bro! I met another one here at MAL who is also from BC & is in Japan lol. & like nico as well lol.
Sylvanngi Jun 19, 2020 2:25 AM