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Sep 22, 2019
Bro, do you even lift?! I have a dear friend who told me once that she didn’t like anime because the majority of it perpetrated a certain type of body stereotype. I never forced my love of anime on her, because she felt personally bullied by shows telling her to be waif thin. As much as I enjoyed this show, it’s still a typical body stereotype underneath the infotainment. I feel that it could have been so much better if the studio could afford better animation/art (ie. Pay the animators better, give them more time to work, etc.) if we see real physical changes and read more
Sep 22, 2019

I didn’t see the original anime in the early 2000s, but the preview for this one really pulled me in. I guess the original anime seemed too simple, from the expressions to the basic animation to the very solid color scheme and the bad voice acting dub. I just wasn’t interested. But this new anime PV was just beautiful. I checked it out on day one of simulcast and loved it. The art was soft, more refined, and less stylized. But then... I couldn’t get enough! So I flipped over to a different streaming service and tried to watch the first anime. Bleh! I gave read more
Jul 27, 2019
This movie had a LOT of problems...

SETTING: I don’t really understand the setting. Traditionally, Lupin has traveled all over the world instead of sticking to one location. Real places and real people have always been used and expanded on; for instance, da Vinci was made into a psychic super villain once. However, in this movie we have scenes in places like Area 61 and Las Vegas Arizona. In other words, very slightly off. We also had a Snowden knockoff for some reason (he’s in the movie for all of 30 seconds). And on top of that, the evil Big Bad is named Emilika. She’s supposed read more
Jul 24, 2019
I'd be interested in reading the source material that this hot garbage came from. This show was the poor man's Natsume Yuujinchou, completely lacking in all emotion and quality all around.
*Sound: terrible. Every time the "Anothers" speak, it's in this weird double voice that makes them exceedingly difficult to listen to. Plus they speak so closely to human nuances that the whole point of the anime is thrown off.
*Art: Although the art style is a bit different from typical stuff, the way flying characters just hover with no movement to hair and no realistic movement bothers me. It also bothers me that when read more
Apr 2, 2019
I love this show for a few reasons. Kaguya's thought process is exactly what mine was in high school when it came to boys. And I can imagine the president's thought process being realistic as well. And that would be enough to make a humorous enough show, but then they threw Chika in. Chika is best girl! I don't know how they managed such a perfect mix for her. Just the right cuteness, cleverness, silly personality all mixed with some quirks and the perfect voice actor.

STORY: The story is great. The theory overall is advertised as "in the most prestigious school, it's all about read more
Jul 7, 2018
When a movie is billed as “the next Your Name,” you expect it to be great. If you go to this movie expecting it to be as moving as advertised, you will be sorelydisappointed.

STORY: What a bunch of garbage. Based on the trailer, I went into the movie expecting a story about two teens who missed a chance to get together and, for some reason, end up making some sort of wish to redo the night of the fireworks. It reminded me of Koe no Kodachi mixed with Your Name. Instead, we get a disjointed story about a bland teen and his sexist, immature read more
May 22, 2018

Lupin has been going strong since 1967. To me, they can do no wrong. That said, as a fan I definitely want the creators to stick to the material that works, which is usually Lupin outsmarting someone or dealing with something supernatural and/or ancient. Watch any Lupin series or movie and you’ll find that they are timeless; clothing styles are pretty generic with a 70s feel, Lupin’s tricks are low tech, and the way the world is nonspecific to any set timeframe. The creators tried to change this formula with the Pink jacket series (heavy 80s feel) as well as the Green vs. Red OVA read more
Mar 19, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
Why is this random shoujo ai (I use that genre loosely) show called “Citrus?” Because the main character’s name is Yuzu, a fruit. Mystery solved! Moving on...

This show is absolutely gorgeous in a niche way. It celebrates Gyaru and high fashion. Everything has an over the top, warm sheen to it. I don’t know how else to describe it. Think Roppongi or Otemachi. It’s not even Harajuku, it’s classier than that. The art work reminds me of Peach Girl in that the characters all have style and everything is detailed in a way that must have been expensive to produce because there isn’t a “set” read more
Mar 14, 2018
Ah, yes. The controversial anime of the season. I had to check this out strictly based on the fact that it was banned in China and had so many “reaction” videos on YouTube. (I’m not really a mech anime fan.) Having seen it, I don’t get the hubbub.

STORY: I’m not sure why there’s such an ordeal over the sexual nature of this show. Yes, the positions of the characters in the mech are very suggestive. From time to time, the girls make comments and sounds that are definitely sexual. And there’s absolutely a very vaguely tongue in cheek meaning behind Hiro’s lack of ability read more
Feb 24, 2018
This show will blow your mind. Have you ever heard of the Ainsworth Strange Situation? It was a real life sequence of staged episodes that illustrate the strength of attachment between a child and his or her mother, created by a psychologist in 1978. Google it. Once you consider the eight steps in the Ainsworth Strange Situation, this anime becomes downright poetic and a mind blowing work of art.

Ainsworth purchases Chise in an auction where she put herself up for sale, finding nothing of value left in life. Turns out, she's a special sort of fairy queen that magical creatures flock to, and one read more