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Oct 20, 2016
I liked the first two seasons of Genshiken, they were pretty good but I didn't find it particularly amazing. This season though. IT. WAS. BRILLIANT.
Firstly, this season tends to revolve largely around one character, introduced in this season, by the name of Hato who is just pretty much my favourite character ever. The following may count as a very small spoiler, but nothing you don't learn pretty much up front and it's a big part of why I love the season, so I'm going to say it anyway.

Hato is effectively a trap fudanshi. That enough would have me sold, but even better than that, he's read more
Oct 20, 2016
This anime... just wow. My friends seemed to like it, but I honestly struggled to get through the whole series. It starts off well enough, we meet Sakamoto, the impossibly perfect high school boy, able to do any task with efficiency and grace, no matter how outrageous said task is. But then that's it. That's the anime. Here is some cool, infallible guy WHO DOESN'T CHANGE EVER.
If Sakamoto had maybe developed in some way - i.e. become more human, hell had turned out not to be a human - I might have liked this anime. But I can't. I can't sit through so many episodes read more
Oct 20, 2016
I can see why people might be wary of Kodomo no Jikan, but I would ask that you give it a chance. While at first it may just seem like a barely legal lolicon fanservice extravaganza, it isn't. The characters are actually incredibly interesting, and I genuinely feel like this is a good anime that is worth watching.

It's not even just the main girl (Kokonoe Rin), the other two girls, the teachers, her brother, all of them are interesting in themselves. In who they are, WHY they are how they are, how they interact with each other. There is also a fair share of humour read more
Oct 20, 2016
First off, I get that maybe this anime just wasn't for me, I'm not really the target demographic. But I'll give my two cents anyways, because it's the internet and this is likely one of the worst anime I've ever sat through.

This anime is a typical harem in many regards, mildly attractive and oblivious protag-kun and multiple supernatural girls who are all romantic interests. One of the weirdest parts (and biggest plot holes) is that he actually dates all these girls... simultaneously... without any of them seeming to realise... despite living together?
I mean, I get that these particular girls are thick in more than just read more
Sep 21, 2016
I personally loved this anime. I immediately went and read all the comic strips after watching the first episode too. I see a number of people criticising the work for being homophobic or offensive or other such garbage which I really don't understand. I think these people have misunderstood the premise or context of the anime and expected something different from it.

This anime is (as the name suggests) about the daily life of a fudanshi high schooler - and as a fudanshi, my friends and I all found it hilariously relatable. They managed to capture it so well given that the episodes were only 3-4 read more