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Mar 28, 2020
Story (7): The story was pretty cute. I would rate is a bit higher but there was a whole volume dedicated to a troupe that I highly dislike so that it a personal issue. Otherwise I'd say the plot was somewhat unique for a bl and the love was very genuine and adorable!
Art (10): I may be biased on this one. I outright love Zaou's art. It is so crisp and beautiful. When I see a manga by Zaou I can easily identify it, which definitely show talent!
Character (7): I thought the characters were all very cute but at the same time the personalities caused read more
Mar 26, 2020
Story (7): It was a rather unique plot but also not something that has never been seen before (which is to be expected). Anyway it is about a human girl, Taira, that gets involved with 'devils' (which are low key modified vamps). It is mainly told by her pov and the pov of her half-devil love interest, Anzai. But it does jump pov a lot, thus touching on a bunch of different social and political views etc.

Art (7): It can definitely get wonky at times. My main issue with it would be that the anatomy really isn't consistent. Examples being big heads and super tiny read more
Mar 25, 2020
So this isn't the typical type of anime that I like. Not particularly into monster girls or things like that but I really liked this series.

Story (6): I mean it is pretty repetitive. Every episode they visit one or two of the sex establishments, get it on, and review it. Zel (elf) and Stunk (human) are always partaking with there is usually one or two other characters that will partake as well. Most often Crim (Angel), but not always. Sometimes the establishment will be the best thing ever or sometimes it'll leave them traumatized. You get a small glimpse of the erotic scenes when they're read more