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May 4, 2020
First thing first please be patient with me because English is not my native tongue,
Why would I need to play a mobile game just to understand the Fate grand order story?
In manga, it's totally different because you can control your pacing and your time but with a mobile game specially a forced online game? That's understandable but that's another thing to pour your time in another type of media just to connect the dots.if they make a manga from this game I might reconsider and able to catch up from the plot, settings and multiple new or revised characters just like they did with read more
Dec 21, 2018

Created by Godly popular Mangaka Mizuryu Kei
adapted from Manga by the same name/title

***Story & Characters: if you read the manga it's almost identical but some of its script were cut because of the time frame of 16 minutes.the story is about our shota MC who got attracted to our silent and beautiful lady(Nymphomaniac) in the park who loves reading an erotic book.the lady invite the boy to her house and performs her fantasy with Mc.

The thing that make the plot interesting is when the lady let the boy read the dialogue on the book while having sex with him.making themselves self insert or something like read more
Dec 19, 2018
Okay folks lets me summarize this show quickly.

(It's the adaptation of "Non Human life" hentai manga chapter 1 by the Artist Kimura Neito)

Contain Spoilers

Plot and characters 7/10:

it's just your typical lovey dovey story about our mc and his childhood friend & future lover succubus.another character is an elf teacher who can grant wish by giving her a semen.

long story short and a twist our 3 main character have group sex in the end when the sensei elf grow a dick(futanari) and they double penetrate the cute succubus.

there's a little high and low moment of the story like jealousy and winning back trust but yeah read more