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Jan 15, 2016
Gregory Horror Show, where to start with this series? I guess I’ll start with how I came acrossed such an obscure series. My friend recently purchase a bundle of anime dvd’s, in said bundle was the ever intriguing Gregory Horror Show. With its awkward 3D CGI animation and title in fonts reminiscent of Microsoft Word 2003’s word art, I had to give it a try!

For a show that is supposed to be a horror/comedy (as described by the dvd’s back) I was hoping for a lot more. Each episode starts with our “protagonist” giving a short voice over which sets the tone or “theme” read more
Aug 4, 2013
This piece was adorable you can really see the love between the characters, and in such a short time. It was a joy to watch! The story was wonder, and illustrated in a clear light. The main song in the background sounds like something out of a Studio Ghibli film, even though I do not know the name of the song, it is lovely.

Overall if you have a few minutes you should definitely watch this you won't regret it!
Aug 4, 2013
When it said an 8 minute short I thought it would be a full 8 minute short not a few 1 to 2 minute segments. It was kinda a let down, although it still had the good old Panty and Stocking feel, to some extent. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it was one long short instead of multiple. If you really love Panty and Stocking watch it and enjoy! ^^
Aug 4, 2013
Rain Town, was simply beautiful! It was a joy to watch and made we cry way too much for it only being 10 minutes long. The art work is just outstanding, it is absolutely gorgeous! I love how tranquil the world is with the rain in the background! You can also clearly understand the story with out a single spoken word. This work is a masterpiece, well done Hiroyasu Ishida!