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Dec 3, 2015
Okay, without further do, I'll be initiating a review to the latest Conan movie.

This year's installment is still a good standalone film. However, due to the ambiguous plot and some haphazard twists, this movie might not be as appealing as the previous ones.

Plot was simple, Japan through Suzuki Jirokichi had boldly announced to the world he is about to collect the 7 Van Gogh paintings to open an exhibit boasting the privilege to present every Sunflowers to some selected audiences. So coming next like a pair to wealthy old man will be Kaitou Kid, a popular and recurring character who often plays the double ...
Aug 12, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Aaa, Psycho-Pass... Once a great doesn't mean it can get a legacy.

After a whole week of pondering whether to see Psycho-Pass movie, I finally gave in the urge and actually enjoyed the first half of it. While it may have been driven by my bias since I like the prospect of the original protagonist returning in the spotlight, soon, in the latter half, it was crushed by an anticlimactic conclusion.

Given Psycho-Pass already embracing their fallen grace, from the great season one to the poorly-written sequel, I was foolish to think that the movie would serve as a holy gargle to wash out the bad taste ...
Jan 25, 2015
Seikoku no Dragonar... If there's something like a huge basketball ring in front of you, larger than the usual and there's a normal basketball ball in your front. You can't definitely miss from close range, can you? That's how I can picture a perfect analogy to the premise of Seikoku no Dragonar. But in this case, we are left wondering how Seikoku no Dragonar missed a blatant open chance for winning its potential.


I gave it a 6, honestly. Sometimes, even the most generic story can achieve better heights if given a thoroughly direction. But yet again, ruing their chances is this particular series. The story ...
Jan 1, 2015
Amaburi is a place of dreams, hope and enjoyment... That's how the premise was supposed to start and yet— it was the usual reverse-psychology plotting. Bad advertisements, poorly maintenance on the attractions, wacky dolts as entertainers. The hectare field of an amusement park is the setting where magical elements is the focal point. Oh yeah, we can already see how it'll go.

The synopsis have given me a rough idea on what Amagi Brilliant Park is. A place where bankruptcy is knocking at their door's end, a saving hero will turn the situation 180 and happy ending is achieved. Starting with an original MC plus the ...
Nov 27, 2014
Mixed Feelings

Story: 6/10

The story was nowhere near great. But overall, it had its own scale of potential. A killing lassie owning a dual uzi-machine guns set to find revenge on her death is such a cool starting idea. Shikabane Hime series definitely got the right mindset on how to start with a bang. But as the story gets more developed, it went blurry and hard to appreciate. For sure, the series had its own good moments but honestly, that prove to be fatal as Shikabane Hime only had a handful of them limiting the storytelling into a mediocre one.

Sound/Art: ...
Nov 26, 2014
I'll be dead frank. I hate the series... but it's undoubtedly beautiful.

Story: 8/10

The story begins with a hazy feeling. An immature grown-up, lost his way of life and blaming reality on his shortcomings. There's an awful lot of these kinds of people and Koi Kaze highlighted this type for the main character.

As usual, within this parameter, a lot of drama can be formulated. His misfortunes, his doubts, his manly needs and of course, his life. As far as I can tell, he was a very easily swayed person. The point here is, I find the MC petty. Nevertheless, it was not really that far-fetched since ...
Nov 5, 2014
I was half-asleep when I open the movie file on a little mistake. After watching the entirety, all I can say is "Good morning, what a pleasant day it is..."

Story: 8/10

General story comprises of a sequel elements. It follows after the fat parrot left the Shopping District where the heroine, Tamako resides. Much to my surprise, it didn't retain most of the comedic antic factors, much less it offered a simple phrase; Love Story.

From the plot given, it centers Tamako and Mochizou as they cutely dive onward their romance relationship. From the prequel, it's already been laid out bare that Mochizou has already been infatuated ...
Oct 23, 2014

It certainly feels ages when I last saw the last release of Sengoku Basara. I've been a fan of this genre; historical figures, historical story and of course, the addition of shounen elements resulting into one blast-filled, blood-pumping sword-clashing title. Frankly in my opinion, this has got to be the best Sengoku Basara arc in which they focused on a single historic event. The fateful Sekigahara battle. However, a watcher ought to spit out the reality factor and focus on enjoying the fiction content, unless you want to waste your enthusiasm and will end up giving a premature ...
Oct 20, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Appreciating side dishes after you have tasted the main cuisine is something I don't find feasible.
That's the case when I started watching Saki - Side A.

It wise to rate the story at the range of 6-7. Doing a side story had the potential to dive into the a whole new dimension and Saki - Side A gave a solid writing to support their cause. Side A chose to do a special adaptation to a group of girls who are directly connected to Haramura Nodoka, a deuteragonist of the Saki series. Much to my surprise is, it is given a 16 episode run which is something ...
Oct 17, 2014
Hmm, I am particularly vexed at what I saw at Saki: Nationals. However, I'd be best to practice prudence and avoid spilling some spoilers. As usual, I'll start in my usual review format.

Story is somewhat mouthwatering. It's the nationals, folks! As a direct sequel to the 2009 prequel. There's a lot of directive-ness and I was so glad that even after a long wait, a seemingly closure is somewhat reasonable to expect. Though, that is with regards to the adaptation reference. I am not particularly a fan of Saki manga and I only saw some chapters whenever I whimsically browse for randoms and this is ...