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Shokugeki no Souma
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epraveen Yesterday, 4:01 PM
Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with clearing out a lot of backlogs I have this semester and I have got nowhere near finishing them. I also failed the Physics exam that I spent 6hrs studying ffs. I hate college.

You are right, it was indeed bittersweet. This was typical Urobuchi writing with the cycle of tragedy being unbreakable. The ending also felt kinda empty to me since well, Shougo died (even though I saw it coming). I’m interested to see where Kougami and Akane go from here. I also liked the fact that Akane was conflicted when it came to the Sibyl system. She despises the system but also understands the necessity of it to their society. I’m hoping she is the one that takes it down if that were to ever happen. She truly is a fascinating character. Deffo one of my fav female characters, Homura Akemi being the undisputed no.1 and Nanachi coming at second. I will start s2 once I’m done with Tokyo Ghoul.

I could totally see Enryuu being blinded by Teruhashi's perfect outer beauty and getting hit by trucku-kun. I would love to see more of Enryuu tho. I want to see him square up against the strongest fighter in the tower, Parakewl. Revolutioooon!! Freeedoom!!. Ran not being involved a lot suck, I love that nappy bastard. Chotto Matte, are you telling me Ran got hit by a tank (Endorsi) and was isekaid into Saiki’s world as Kaido. This needs more extensive research. I just noticed everyone in Khun’s family has blue hair and does that mean they are all descendants of Jet Black Wings?. Dark Reunion is hiding the truth of this world from us and we should follow Commander Eyebrows in the path to find the truth.

🎶 JUDGMENT KNIGHTS OF THUNDER 🎶 is perfection and that comment section gives me hope that Dark Reunion is not a by-product of our delusion. Kars truly is the ultimate being. My sources say that JoJo part-9 is gonna be Araki focusing on the journey of Kars from breaking out of the stone to surviving without oxygen in space before coming to Morioh as Mikitaka. Just imagine an arc where Kars surviving on Mars with the help of shit potatoes. All the serial killings in Morioh could have been avoided if Kira met Tonio tho. I mean Kira’s nails would have stopped growing if he just stopped eating them hand-made sandwiches and went to Tonio’s restaurant. You are spot-on, the cheap trick was kinda frustrating to watch but I felt the July 15 arc was kinda entertaining nonetheless. Especially the sequences where Kira kills again was exceptional.

DP just announced the 3rd episode for Rohan’s OVA a while ago. The fact that it is not finished is the reason why I’m holding off from watching it. Hopefully, they finish it soon and start adapting Stone Ocean, and Fugo OVA.

What are your overall thoughts on Kaguya-sama and DIU? Also, let me what you think about the 3rd episode of Mob-Psycho S2. That episode is the main reason why I love that series as much as I do.
Zydeph Nov 11, 8:36 AM
Yeah, though I gotta say my interest in AoT has kinda faded. I used to be a big fan a few years ago, but I haven't read the manga in a long time. I do plan to finish the series, but I'm not sure I could get that invested in it again.

Saiki is brilliant! I remember being frustrated af when the first season aired and only a small amount of people were talking about it lol. I'm super hyped for the new anime coming out next month, back in 2016 I could've never dreamed that I could still look forward to new episodes 3 years later but here we are. Kaidou is probably my fave right after Saiki, he's such a fun character and cute as well!

And OP is my all time favorite, it's hard to imagine that anything could ever top it. You're up to date with the manga, yes? How do you like Wano so far? I think that while it hasn't been consistent with buiding up hype, it does have a super interesting plot going on and I'm excited to see more.

Now taking a closer look at your list, we do seem to have a very similar taste indeed. And not just with anime and manga, but characters as well(as I like Law, Kaidou, Gen, Noda and Sonic too! And Hange used to be one of my favorites when I was hyped about AoT)
Zydeph Nov 10, 3:22 PM
Came here from the fictional crush thread after spotting a fellow Law lover lol. Looking at your list, I see you have a good taste!
epicgamermoment Nov 10, 4:04 AM
If you plan to watch it just skip the fillers or watch the kai version of Naruto. Alot of people hate on Boruto haha, i don’t think it’s worth watching, i’d rather watch old school shounen shows.

I’m currently reading Naoki Urasawa’s Monster. It’s an awesome psychological drama with positive reviews, you should definitely check it out.
epraveen Nov 9, 10:19 PM
I just finished Psycho-pass. I’m conflicted whether to give it a 9 or a 10 tho. I overall think it a fantastic show with great music and intriguing characters. Urobuchi’s brilliance can be seen through amazing character writing and his storytelling with the sibyl system as a whole. Kougami is a really good protagonist and I’m really glad that Akane got a nice development towards the end. Makishima is the heart and soul of the show. I just love him. As of now, I refuse to watch any of the psycho-pass without Makishima. DAGA KOTOWARU. I will pick up S2 after I’m done grieving over my Shougo. Seriously, I’m gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. I’m planning to start either Tokyo Ghoul or Land of the Lustrous in the meantime.

Yes, Agueroooooo is a football reference. As a footy fan, I love how SIU names a lot of characters after footballers. Whoa, I feel like we are putting out life on the line in search of the truth about Dark Reunion. Jahard being a Dark Reunion puppet makes too much sense. I mean, is there anyone else capable of building the Tower other than Dark Reunion. I’m also guessing Dark Reunion’s bat cave is located above floor 135 and that’s why no one is allowed to go there. Talking about things being as clear as Hairo’s butt, what if Enryu is the long lost brother of Hairo? I mean they both have red hair and a pair of buttcheecks (my theory will be redundant if Enryu doesn’t have a butt tho). Even though Rachel is a part of Dark Reunion, it funny that the uggo doesn’t realize the ‘stars on the sky’ are nothing but a Dark Reunion propaganda. I love Ran, he gets worked up over nothing and naps when everyone needs him the most. Also, the art goes Berserk during his fights. I haven't read ToG in a while, need to get back to it.

Greats days is my fav JoJo’s op. I actually like chase op (at least the song) and ed is just amazing. Also glad that DP changing the first op visuals to 2D, unlike the part-3 ops. You are right JoJo’s has some amazing OST. Aztec dubstep is both hilarious and enchanting at the same time. Josuke’s theme, Kira theme, SC and overlapping destinies are brilliant. Giorno’s theme is the absolute best tho. Kira’s theme fits his personality perfectly, it’s calm and menacing at the same time. The master of Thunder Cross Split Attack, Dire being reincarnated as Hero Stroheim explains why I love him so much. If Stroheim lived some for some more years, he could have used the mighty German Science to defeat Dark Reunion. Stroheim is just amazing tho, the man sacrifices himself twice for the betterment of humanity.

I have a better understanding of Dark Reunion than JoJo’s power system. Hear me out. Jotaro beat the shit of Kira, so that means Jotaro is stronger than Kira but a rat with a stand beat Jotaro. So the rat is stronger than Jotaro and Kira. We all know that cats are stronger than rats (Tom & Jerry is a Dark Reunion propaganda), than means the cat with the stand is more powerful than the rat with a stand. Shinobu without a stand was able to beat the cat, which makes her stronger than Jotaro and Kira lol. Is this the work of the Dark Reunion?

It seems like Love detective Chika came close to exposing Dark Reunion to the world and that’s why they hate her. That New year arc was hilarious. Tendou not knowing how to pray and mama Saiki revealing the truth was just amazing.

Yes, the DIU approach of not everyone being an enemy stand user was refreshing and they captured some bizarreness the show is known for with Mikitaka. Also, what if Mikitaka is Kars with Amnesia?. I kind wish Tonio was real tho, I would actually lead a healthier life.
epicgamermoment Nov 9, 10:53 AM
Alot of people dislike Naruto. I used to dislike it as well its slow and there are alot of fillers. Naruto is only enjoyable when you watch it speeded up. HxH is much much better it doesn’t feel slow at all. Sure it does have a couple filler scenes and recap episodes, but thats nothing compared to the infamous Naruto fillers. HxH is definitely a top 5 shounen show. It is worth watching.

I think i’m gonna pass Inazuma Eleven. I’m gonna watch Eyeshield 21 instead :D

Hmm i think shounen shows are my favourite. My 2nd favourite would be something psychological like Seral Experiments Lain, Kiseijuu, Perfect Blue. And my 3rd favourite would probably be action shows like Bungou Stray Dogs, Golden Kamuy or Slice of Life shows like Tanaka-kun, Sakamoto.
Normally my favourite genre would have been horror but anime shows don't scare me, maybe manga will i’ve heard great stuff about Junji Ito’s work. What about you? •ᴗ•
LunarStarGirl345 Nov 8, 10:26 PM
Yup, I told you would do that sooner or later xD.

Okay, sure. I’d deformity like to talk about them too, so I’m fine with that. ^^
Alright, I’ll tell my favorite video games that I love to play. They are: Kingdom Hearts, Spyro, Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous, Uncharted, Sonic, and Mario :3.

And yes! :D Beastars has been pretty good so far. I’m really like the story and characters. The plot is getting more better and interesting now, so you should definitely watch it if you’re into furries or whatever. Either way, it’s totally worth your time. Trust me, you’ll love it. 😊
epraveen Nov 8, 5:09 PM
I’m glad you are starting Beastars. Hyouka is a slice of life mystery rather than a dark mystery. It is lighthearted and Eru Chintada is just damn cute. I don’t read the plot synopsis either. If someone recommends something or the MAL rating is good, I will just blindly jump into watching it. It has worked out well so far.

OMFG 😲😲 , you are right. Rachel is also a part of Dark Reunion. I mean look how ugly she is. I also realized that our Blue Turtle Khun Agueroooooooo (not sure whether you get this reference) has blue hair and wants to destroy Dark Reunion Rachel. Guess who else has blue hair and wants to destroy Dark Reunion? Yes, it’s Kaido-sama. Khun is a parallel universe Jet Black Wings conformed 🤯. This changes everything. Now it makes sense to why Khun is so smart and perfect. When ToG gets animated, I would be so disappointed if they didn’t play 🎶 JUDGMENT KNIGHTS OF THUNDER 🎶 during all of Khun’s badass moments.

Part-2 Joseph is the best. I love the dynamic and respect b/w him & Wammu. Shinobu is exactly me when it comes to Kira lol. She is hilarious to watch. Part-3 nearly made me stop watching JoJo's and Part-4 is the main reason why I love this franchise. Dio dodging the Thunder Cross Split Attack is the peak of part-1😂. I would say Dio carried both part-1 & 3. Also, I lost my mind when Daddy Shinomiya was revealed to be Dio. The man truly transcends time and space. Also, we need to protect our best girl Ishigami Wagon from Kaguya Brando.

If Kusuo were to read Shiego's mind it would be nothing but 'Master Reigen is so cool', 'Notice me Tsubomi' and endless loop of 'Fight oh! Fight oh! Fight oh!'. I have a wild theory that Tsubomi and Teruhashi are the same people. Mob Psycho 2 is the best thing to come out of studio Bones since FMAB. It's an amazingly written Sakuga fest. Also, Body Improvement Club is the greatest club of all clubs in the history of every club. I love Chika with all my heart. She is the reason why I got into Kaguya. Her VA, facial expressions and dynamics with the other characters are perfection. There is a very vocal set of people who hates Chika just because other people love her. I don't understand why they are like that and I don't consider anyone to be a human being if they hate someone as adorable, cute and precious as Chika.
Love that angelic Okuyasu smile as your AVI.
epicgamermoment Nov 8, 3:44 PM
Doesn’t matter haha. I think i’m gonna watch Inazuma Eleven in the future. Yep, HxH is very good. I first thought it was overrated but it really isn’t. The show has very likable characters and great arcs. The story reminds me of Naruto in some ways 🤔.

epraveen Nov 7, 10:04 PM
I will finish Psycho-pass by tomorrow and the way things are going it will get a 10 from as well. Also, Gintama & Beastars are on route to a 10 so my rating system will be completely broken lol.

Yes, Isayama's whole purpose in life is torture to Reiner, Miche, and his readers. I mean the man is like Darius Zacley and he is using the manga as the shit machine to do unspeakable things us. GoT s8 was an abomination. Then again D&D was never good writers and Isayama is someone who has prioritized storyboarding rather than art right from the start of the manga. I will go on a murder spree if something along the lines of 'Who has a better story than Flegel Reeves?" shit happens. Seriously, I am still pissed on how D&D treated Jaime and tons of other characters. I am convinced that they are the leaders of Dark Reunion (yes, I'm gonna blame DR for everything for the rest of my life) which makes them as worse as Rachel.

It was so sad to see a 90 years old Joseph struggling to walk with his own legs (Tsundere Josuke helping was him heartwarming tho). To see one the most flamboyant and charismatic characters like that sure hurts a lot. I am guessing Araki kinda forgot that Hammon exists. The episode with Kira's dad and the rock paper scissors kid are the worst of part-4 but things get better and don't look back from this point on. I love Mikitaka even though he appears for a short while. The way that Josuke and Okuyasu reacted to him saying he is an alien is priceless. The next arc has some of my fav moments from DIU. I also see that you have been graced with goddess Shinobu.

Jet Black Wings needs his own anime. I mean that's the only way we will ever be able to understand how powerful his Black Beats is. I can neither confirm nor deny that it is more powerful than Thunder Cross Split Attack, which in itself is the perfect attack and defense. Lol Kusuo and Shigeo having a go at each will be godly. I won't be surprised if they become friends cause Kusuo would love to meet a psychic like Shigeo and my Shigeo is just too pure for this world. Saiki K has an amazing cast. I would love for the Shinomiya family to sponsor a cross over b/w Saiki K and Mob. Just imagine Reigen and Dimple interacting with Saiki or Kaido giving Reigen's clients a massage. I don't know what do you mean by Teruhashi is narcissistic. She is the perfect human being of all time. This show is really easy to watch. I am like watching it on my way to the campus, in between class and even when I am popping lol. I am glad we have the same taste in humor. Since I already recommended Gintama and Kaguya-sama, I will let you know if I come across something similar to these shows.

What do you think of our boy Ishigami from Kaguya-sama? Do you think he is "one of us"?
epraveen Nov 6, 7:37 PM
Things in Psycho-pass have been on another level since episode 14. Makishima is just brilliant and I rooting for him to destroy the Sibyl system but I doubt that will happen.

You are right SnK is not a series where we can expect something happy. Madlad Isayama said his purpose with the manga is to hurt his readers. The man is a sadist and he is going to kill us. Btw this month's chapter is mindblowing but then again that has been the case for the previous 25 chapters.

One of my gripes with JoJo's is how they tone down the previous part MC to show the current ones as OP. Joseph got the worst of it but Jotaro at least retains some of his badassness and has an adorable relationship with his one true child Koichi. I also love the fact that Kira loses his shit whenever he thinks about Jotaro. The Hand will be never used properly other than 'let's erase the space' but Okuyasu will have a moment to shine towards the end. You are just now entering the best part of DIU btw. Also, I think the Dark Reunion is the reason why Jotaro lost to a rat. That's the only plausible explanation.

Saiki K is brilliant and every episode is funny. It is just super easy to watch since it's 5-min per episode. Saiki's parents are both perfect on the inside and outside. This is going to be controversial but I believe Jet Black Wing is more powerful than the mammoth of the hero that is King from OPM. I even believe that Kaido and Super Duper Psychic Extraordinaire Reigen, are the perfect foes Saitama is looking for. There I said it. I am just super obsessed with Kaido and I lose my shit every time they play 🎶 JUDGMENT KNIGHTS OF THUNDER 🎶. Thank you so much for recommending Saiki K, it has relieved me from so much stress and for the first time in the past few months, I have been feeling really good. All thanks to you and Kaido & co.
epraveen Nov 4, 9:14 PM
I have seen a small chuck of Saiki K and I have to say I am pretty disappointed. I mean I am disappointed in the fact that people are putting so much effort into tackling something trivial as climate change while the threat of the Dark Reunion looms behind us. We need to put all of our efforts into supporting our lord and savior Jet Black Wings in order to stop the human sorting project.

Seriously tho, this series is amazing. That whole thing with Kaido is actually an Evangelion reference lol.
epraveen Nov 4, 11:42 AM
Jean was the best character in the S1. His inner monologue and how much he developed is just fantastic. Even in the uprising arc, he gets a really nice moral dilemma and develops even more. I loved that cook-off episode with Sasha. I really want a happy ending for my Jean-boy. Just make him marry Mikasa and spend the rest of his life eating his mother's magical omelet. Hopefully, WIT uses that one week break to tweak up their production.

I missed Chika so much that started reading the manga from the start. Kaguya is super cute in the manga tho. I love the Morioh Radio. It does provide a certain calmness when the tone of the arc is the extreme opposite. Subtle things like this are what elevates JoJo's part-4. Morioh as a whole is amazing. I see you are done with the Sheer Heart Attack arc. What do you think of Kira's abilities and also about a rat overpowering Jotaro lol?

I just watched episode 16 of Psycho-pass. Shougo and Shinya's encounter was everything I wanted it to be. The old school fistfight was fantastic. I loved the stuff with Akane. WTF was that ending tho.

Black_Sheep97 Nov 4, 6:40 AM
The strongest would be Thors.

Ive been watching since 2005/2006 thanks to animax and like you been going back and forth but ive always watched at least one anime per year.
Black_Sheep97 Nov 4, 6:02 AM
whats so bad about chihaya? I think shes one of the best sports anime protaganists