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Tokyo Babylon 2021
Tokyo Babylon 2021
Feb 23, 9:29 AM
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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season
Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season
Feb 23, 9:22 AM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 8
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season
Feb 23, 9:21 AM
Watching 11/16 · Scored 10
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Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy
Feb 15, 3:50 PM
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Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu
Yamamoto Zenjirou to Moushimasu
Feb 3, 5:47 AM
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A Guide to Proper Dating
A Guide to Proper Dating
Feb 3, 5:44 AM
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IshigamiCrisis Jan 17, 11:23 PM

Anyways, yeah MAL staff can be kinda lazy at times but one day they might get more staff one day...yess I love Ohayou Ibarahime definitely one of my favorite shoujos!! I hope it gets an anime adaptation!! I love the way they did everything with the emotional roller coasters but I wish it was longer so I could've seen more but it was nice while it lasted :))

Lol yeah that's why I see PPTA as an alternative version instead of an adaptation; it's so much more main character focused which is what I wanted to see but idt Kazuma's gf was his cousin LOL

Ah Adachi scares me in my sleep LOL; there also other frightening characters like the girl MC in Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun (which I highly DO NOT recommend); I would definitely be interested in Kase-san manga!! Added to PTW!! Ooo nice I'm not really into webtoons though unless they get added to the MAL database lol but good to know

Lol I mean fair but I've seen shorter characters than Kaguya even in other anime xd And also you don't like Ishigami?!!!! I'm gonna I'M GONNA
lol honestly that's fine we all got our favorites I kinda just love all the characters but I have my clear favorites :DD lol for Fujiwara [spoiler="manga spoilers]yeah fujiwara kinda gets no backstory so far but she's still so funny and spoiled that I'm fine with it[/spoiler]

I love Oshi no Ko; from the mangaka of Kuzu no Honkai and the mangaka for Kaguya-sama, I think it's pretty phenomenal!! I'm not just saying that as a Akasaka (mangaka for Kaguya) fan cause I think Sayonara Piano Sonata sucks, but the story for Oshi no Ko highly interests me and I can't wait for the next chapter every week!! I recommend but it might not be for everyone but still give it a tryyyy
LeviAkachan Jan 17, 4:26 PM
Yeah sadly, that's the reality that a lot of new kpop fans are unaware of ...
I'm just glad I got to see EXO in a concert before I distanced myself from kpop.
I love listening to k-indie on youtube! The songs are nice & cozy.
It's sad ... It's very rare for a group to stay relevant & active ... Just look at BigBang!

Yeeesss! I agree!! Omg I thought I was the only one. But I do understand they hype! There was a hole in the anime world and Jujutsu Kaisen filled it lol.
Sukuna is the only interesting character so far & maybe Satoru.
Actually, Sukuna reminds of Kurama (Naruto)! 🤭

Yuru Camp was so good! I honestly didn't expect it to be good either.
I enjoyed most of the episodes a lot! I usually go camping until midnight and then get back home. But now I wish I can camp the whole night.

I despise harem! But Quintuplets is certainly different! The guy don't have any feelings for any of the 5 girls which makes this a bit interesting. He only cares about studying since he was a bad little boy. And also the girls don't really like him at the beginning, they slowly become friends with him. I haven't seen the 2nd season yet. So I can't really say if it's still a watchable harem or not.

Horimiya looks so gooood! I can't wait to see it!!!
Sadly, I'll have to wait until March to get to see any of them :')
Daimejo Jan 16, 1:17 AM
Yeah! I'll let you know once I've read the latest chapters. Thanks for talking to me about Eleceed! ( ◜‿◝ )
Hikki_a1 Jan 15, 2:38 PM
LMAO yeppp XD. Please don't hate me hahaha. My luck with gacha games in general is pretty good ngl. With Genshin it has been great :))

OOF, that sucks. You're getting weapons instead of characters, feels bad :( Is the weapon any good tho and can you use it on a character?

Good luck with Xiao :) I hope you'll be able to pull him!!

I've maxed out my Fischl and I've kept her since she does loads of damage and she works really well with Mona :))

Yeah I wished for Zhongli because of his character design and his elemental burst. I didn't care if he was going to be good or not but he'll be getting a massive buff which is amazing news for me :))

My favourite character is Zhongli but I don't use him enough since my main team can pretty much do everything XD. Once Zhongli recieves a buff in 1.3 I'll be using him way more :))

Who's your favourite character?
Daimejo Jan 12, 11:48 PM
Totally! I haven't caught up with the latest chapters (I'm still at ch 79 ;;) So I'm very excited to meet this Iseul girl you're talking about! Gotta read more Eleceed soon ( ´ ▽ ` )
Hikki_a1 Jan 12, 11:15 AM
Wow that's great!!

I haven't levelled up my world yet XD. I'm on level 45 but have enough exp to be on 49. Imma wait until I've finished leveling up some characters to 80 before ascending my world level.

Ahhhhh nice :))

My luck with Genshin has been pretty crazy lmao. I've managed to pull 6 5 star characters despite being F2P. The 5 star characters I have are Qiqi, Mona, Jean, Zhongli, Diluc and Albedo! I got Mona and Jean back to back from singles and I got Diluc and Albedo back to back from 2 multis. Pretty crazy XD.

In my team I use Mona, Jean, Fischl and Diluc. That's my main team and currently I've just been building characters to 80 for the spiral abyss. Albedo, Zhongli, Xinyan and Diluc are characters that I'm currently building :))

Did you get Diluc by hitting pity?
Daimejo Jan 11, 9:06 PM
Same!! My favorite character is Wooin , He's just so precious. I love his relationship towards Jiwoo and Jisuk as well (≧◡≦)
Aiku058 Jan 11, 5:11 PM
I apologize for the late reply,
Hikki_a1 Jan 11, 10:41 AM
Ahhh nice! Who was the 5 star character that you pulled?

Oof, getting a 5 star weapon must've sucked but the stats on it will be great so ig that's decent hahaha.

I'm currently on AR 49! I've been playing since the game has come out or maybe 1 week after XD.

What characters are you using?
Daimejo Jan 8, 7:23 AM
Well hello fellow Eleceed fan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Aiku058 Jan 7, 7:42 PM
Hopefully you can come back soon!:D
LeviAkachan Jan 7, 1:41 PM
The Diana arc is so good! I totally recommend it! You're welcome 😊

Yeah, I don't hate any group either. My friend went to Korea as a kpop fan & came back hating the whole industry! She told me how unpretty everything was. So I feel like every group is doing their best. Some groups get lucky and get super famous 🤷🏻‍♀️

I finally found someone who didn't rate Jujutsu Kaisen 10 😩 I expected more!
Umm I'm excited to see the sequels! Promised Neverland, Yuru camp & Quintuplets.
Also Horimiya, Kemono Jihen & Wonder Egg Priority .. They look good!
How about you?
Hikki_a1 Jan 6, 2:09 PM
Yeah, it's been the same for me XD. Genshin has taken over XD.

Speaking of Genshin, what AR are you on?
IshigamiCrisis Jan 1, 11:31 AM
Honestly my grammar is worse than I thought and my reviews generally turn out to be rants since I am an amateur but I've gotten better at differentiating good and bad art so that is a +; I also ask friend to peer review it before I submit so it's more readable lol you can also do that too ^^

Ooo nicenice!! I tried submitting characters for one of my favorite manga, Ohayoo Ibarahime, but MAL didn't accept my suggestions :// Also yeah don't write force yourself to write reviews otherwise you might get writer's block; I just do it on a limb and I managed to get 5 done before I ran out of motivation lolll

I agree the pacing was way too fast in the manga and focused way too much on Kazama and his girlfriend who is not in the manga (and is also my least favorite character!!); I don't think of the anime as an adaptation of the manga, but an alternate version if that sounds more interesting to you ^^ Ping Pong has much better character development (especially Smile my fav character) and looks so much better than the anime too imo lolll; solid 8/10 I wish it was more memorable and was longer but such a solid exp for me

Adachi is still obsessed with Shimamura in the manga I realize in hindsight but it was actually bearable (w/o infinitely less fanservice) and not drawn out monologues; some of the same scenes still happen but the order in which they happen actually make sense sorta kinda...I give it a 5/10 which is high for me manga-wise so go for it if you you're okay with romance amidst other stuff!! I loved Asagao to Kase-san and thought it was a great movie; I agree it was too short and my friend I was watching w/ pointed out it was rather cliche, especially the ending cause Yamada just jumped on the train w/o anything loll; other than that it felt like a good representation of a GL relationship!!

Happy New Year!! Loll Kaguya is not a loli though >_< that's my smol girl Iino (but Ishigami is best girl); glad you like Kaguya though!!
LeviAkachan Jan 1, 7:02 AM
Here're some recommendations: The Crown, Dash & Lily, Good Girls & The Alienist!

Yeah, they only know bts and yet they call themselves Kpop fans 😩 Whenever some people get so big, I also get a bit sick of seeing them everywhere!
Oh he's the pretty boy ~ He always catches my attention ☺️

Watching anime is a mood. It really depends on how you are feeling & your environment.
Omg lol .. That description though. Do they know or are they lying to each other? 😂
I'm gonna read it & I'm also going to give Nami yo Kiitekure another chance for sure!

Also ..