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Jan 17, 2021
Uhm.. First of all, this manga has pacing issues. It is obvious in the first 3 chapters because it uses flashback in a place where you normally wouldn't have one. I have only read the first 7 as of this moment

By the look of the female characters you can know who joins the MC. None of them stand out other than the first one, or second depending on how you count.

Enjoyment for me was low dues to poor characters, poor pacing, per now a single one dimensional "antagonist" and some choices in the world building. I have read a few isekais and I like isekai, read more
Sep 26, 2020
Cool story between a female knight/fighter and a minotaur. The minotaur is the boss of the forest he inhabits. The warning is shy I write this. Though

Warning: At some points the story temporarily gets (very) dark! This is NOT 100% fluff and happiness! From the last panel in chapter 7 it temporarily gets darker, so you can read the earlier chapters without worring about this. But just beware is is a thing in this manga.

I like this manga because it takes a shot at picturing how human and monsters can communicate together and become friends. The warning is because unfortunately everything isn't smooth.

Horrible review, read more
Mar 4, 2020
Sorry. Had to write this review because it annoyed me how good this story could be if not for chapters after 15 or 16. Have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there could be some. Sorry.

The art is clean, easy to read and enjoyable. Which is nice when we get to bloodsplattering later. Nicely detailed.

Main charater is an "evil" dragon (if you read the story until 25 you'll understand) who in the beginning have dragon form. In early story he becomes human, and never shows his true form again except his arms. Not you typical mister nice guy, ISN'T CHASTE, but has borrows read more