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Nov 12, 2013
Can i start out by saying this is yaoi if you hadnt already figured it out. But im assuming as far as yaoi goes its pretty swell.
Mochizuki wants to get ahead in business and goes to great extents to do so. Pretty homosexual. Pretty erotic. This really brings out the true potential in the story as you watch it progress with action and twists and turns.
Old style art, simple, classy, love it. not the massive eyes and when they get mad, oh dang does the lighting change. Love it.
Pretty erotic sounds for the sexuals. The random horror music really pulls the piece together and brings read more
Nov 11, 2013
This anime would be okay for anybody that enjoys a gore saw-like story. The storyline for the anime was absolutely dreadful, there were too many plot-holes, and although the story was understandable it would just jump from one scene and skip a lot of necessary information.
The art however, fit the horror theme with dark and dreary lighting throughout the series. The art is something that this show could be commended on.
The music and sound effects for the show fit the mood and make the show more suspenseful and creepy. The voice acting however, varied with some parts being very convincing while others were just mediocre.
Character read more