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Jun 20, 2017
Man I love it when producers use the usual cliché’s to create something enjoyable. I mean new ideas are good and all but frankly todays new is itself but a cliché.

Let me put some catchphrases out there – Magic, Action, school, Multiple female MC’s, teacher-student cast, comedy, Lazy bones hero, a tsundere/feisty heroine, a strong cute heroine, a power full and mysterious heroine, did I say comedy………

This anime has decent comedy with cool MC's. It has a feel good type of air about it but with an underlying serious tone. The thing I liked the best about it is that you can watch it for read more
Jun 18, 2017
When you watch this anime you have a feeling of ‘I have seen this before’. The obvious reason for it is that this kind of anime have been done a hundred times before Now the question is, well is it worth watching? I think that answer is not quite simple as a straightforward yes or no.

The first issue is that this series should never have been categorized as Seinen. Having a few R+ rated scenes doesn’t mean that it is a Seinen. Maybe the manga develops into Seinen or maybe it doesn’t. The point here is that we only have a 12 episodes read more
May 13, 2017
Anime characters are brought to life (let’s not spoil it by going into detail)
Humans hold a sense of god like power over them
Interesting things emerge from this combination

This anime was not on my to-watch-list. I happen to stumble upon it by chance and here I am writing the review. Initially my reason to watch this anime was its interesting premise. Now my reason to continue watching this anime is that it I am interested to see where the story goes from here. Till now I haven’t been disappointed.

Imagine the shock of anime/manga/game characters realizing that they have been created by an author. Their greatest victory read more
May 13, 2017
I am glad that we have a sequel to a great anime. OK, so the story takes place ten years after the previous season. Last season carried a tone of comedic lightheartedness with a lot of powerful action and of course some drama in settings of a fantastical/mythic world. In comparison to that, this season starts with a serious tone and the reason for that is – well Bahamut the dragon from the previous season had already depleted the numbers of both angels and demons. In addition to that the humans have lost faith in god (which diminish the power of god/angels).

To put it read more
May 6, 2017
Remember those shows where the second season/part tries to go too big and then falls on its face and then goes down the memory drainage as unremarkable.

I am grateful that this didn't happen to My Hero Academia. Oh make no mistake - the season does start with a bang but the formula for it is simple and solid. With this approach you can be fairly sure of even better things to come as the season progresses.

The story starts in the aftermath of the previous season. Although things have not yet settled down and the villain of the last season is still on the loose but read more
May 5, 2017
OK let’s make a few things clear.

This story is neither a prequel nor a sequel to DanMachi. This is not a second season. This is also not DanMachi told from Ais Wallenstein’s viewpoint.

This is more like a spinoff to DanMachi. While the previous anime (DanMachi) was centered on Bell Cranel, this anime (Danmachi Sword Oratoria) is centered on the sword princess Ais Wallenstein. Although the stories are interwoven and taking place on roughly the same timeline but I think both the anime can be watched independently.

So after watching DanMachi we all wanted to see more of the sword princess and with read more
May 4, 2017
I watched all episodes and still want more......
OK harem haters don't come here; we all know that there is nothing here for you. As for people who can judge an anime on its merits and enjoyment value we might have something for you. Somehow the moment people see the term harem in the genre list; it seems that they become blind to the fact that the anime was also categorized as comedy/romance or school/YA or even action, psy, mecha, etc.

Now if it were some bland mishmash building up towards providing just some ecchi fan service, it would have been one thing. This anime actually read more
May 1, 2017
A girl falls out of the sky - Literally. Dude saves her, fights for her and dies. She revives him and now he becomes aware of his power (or a clue to its origin). They go on a journey together. Magic, Medieval, Floating islands, Fantastic creatures and Dragons. There you have it, the gist of it at least.

Boring much……………. I don’t think so. I have said it before and I don’t like to belabor a point but the fact is that there are so many ways of making a story ‘click’ by using the same old words.

Like a lot of read more
May 1, 2017
This is one of those slow moving anime with just enough juice to keep you interested. There are times when it picks up the pace and then it slacks of a while. Nothing really caught my attention but I am hoping to get more out of it in future.

Setup of the story is in a medieval timeline and the story in general carries the tune of a magic/fantasy/adventure anime. Characters seem to be pretty solid and the story has a good continuity. I like the whole beastfallen thing our MC has going on for him.

The guy thinks the witches are his enemies and read more
Apr 29, 2017
My reaction to the premise - Ha Ha Ha.......
In the world of anime where the girls cook for male MC's and take care of them in general, this anime provides us with quite the role reversal. It's not exactly unique but then again it's not very common either.

So here is the dude who takes care of his little step-sister. The girl is a shut-in, literally. She has shut herself in her room and doesn’t want to come out for reasons that would become clear if you watch the anime. So our boy here brings her food and leaves it on her door step and read more