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Mar 17, 2015

Story 7/10
The premise to series is as follows: The is an evil Magician named Animus who is trying to destroy the world with an object called the Biscuit Hammer. To stop this, a girl is given the title of princess and is given 12 knights to combat Animus and his golems. The twist is that the princess only wants to stop Animus so she can destroy the earth herself.

The premise is both simplistic and interesting at the same time. My issue with the story as a whole, is that while it is interesting, a good chunk of the story feels like fluff, or padding if read more
Jun 29, 2011
Cavalier of the Abyss is the sequel to the Manhwa Immortal Regis. That being said it is HIGHLY recommended you read Immortal Regis first.

Story - 5/10

I am not going to lie , the first ~4 chapters or so really made me want to drop this Manhaw. The story starts with a completely unrelated plot to Immortal Regis, and introduces a "new" protagonist ( I will touch on this in the character section ). This may sound all fine and good but I found the transition really hard to get into , and that knocked the story score down a bit for me. What also knocked read more
May 30, 2011
Updated ( 10/6/2013)

A lot has changed since my previous review of New Waves. Let's get started.

Story 8/10
The story of New Waves is that Shioon, after the events of The Breaker, has to cope with life without martial arts. However he is still be targeted for being NAD's ( Nine Arts Dragon) disciple. During one of these encounters Shioon meets the fiery red head Jenee, who is ordered to protect him by the people of the Sunwoo clan. Later it is revealed that the Sunwoo clan wants Shioon to be their new leader, and thus begins the story of New Waves.

The overarcing plot of New Waves read more
Mar 21, 2011
While reading some of the reviews about this series it seems like people only read the first 10 chapters then decided to write a review of this.

Medaka Box starts out as a gag mange following the life of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi and the President of the Student Council Medaka Kurokami. However the series soon becomes a fight manga ( around chapter 20ish ).

Story 7/10

As I stated the beginning 20 chapters are typical slice of life/gag manga antics. You have the pool chapters , the help someone in trouble chapters , you even have the "rival" chapters. The story then shifts to the student council taking read more
Feb 2, 2011
Hitohira is an often over looked school anime.

Story 7/10

The story starts out with the main character getting accepted into a school and yelling loudly , for the "2nd " drama club to hear her and want her to join. The twist is she is a naturally shy person who breaks down around other people. I found this to be an interesting yet cliche premise to the story. Nothing really stands out plot wise after this event at all , but that is not to say the plot is bad , just that it lacks originally. One key point people should be aware of when read more
Dec 7, 2010
MM! (Anime) add (All reviews)
MM! is about your typical wimp of a main character who is abused physically and mentally by the girls around him. The twist is he is a machoist , basically he loves getting abused as it turns him on.

STORY 4/10

While the story does start off original it falls into the typical " boy trying to help girls with their problems while no progression on his own problems is done ". Of the 10 currently aired episodes only 2 have any focus on his "MM " problem , while the other 8 are basically character arcs.


Each character is basically a stereo type but they pull read more