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Dec 10, 2019
Such a disappointment. But truth to be told, this is as much a disappointment as this anime had potential, a real potential. The story is enticing, with a carefully crafted scenario toward magic that gives something almost new to consider.
Unfortunately, the anime in its whole is lacking in its execution : the characters are undevelopped (quite boring, in fact), the art is just average but the worst of it comes with the rhythm : This anime is absolutely unable to reach a peak, or reaching a climax for the most spectacular scenes and situations that its story provides, which crush every bit of excitement read more
Nov 19, 2019
Chinese Harry Potter. This is somewhat how I felt watching the show at times, because of the nice and well-thought adventure and story, in a beautiful and complex world : a believable world.
Now the problem is, to get there, the viewers have to ... cultivate (^^') an incredible amount of patience.
Because this show is also a perfect exemple as to why a carefully craft story can be crushed by its production nefarious flaws. And there are numerous, these flaws. Here's some example : in a video player, one episode is about 20~24 min. From these 20 min, remove 3 min for opening theme+previous read more
Apr 26, 2019
While not exactly very good, 3d kanojo real girl can quickly become an induced craving anime, and can affect you in some subtle way. Its constantly changing pace, but doing so with a careful approach that will not get too confusing (quite rare in a romcom), and which reflects the thoughts process of the protagonists.
Midway, it creates an elegant and refined setting to provide a simple but not cheap romance, seemingly without arrogance. Typically the kind of anime that makes you think just when you're about to take a break from it ...
"come on, just one more episode".
Unfortunately, from all that, this show won't read more
Feb 14, 2019
There's something almost fascinating in this anime. Something crude and perceptible. Something that makes this world described tangible and believable. To me, this is one of the greatest force of this show : a fantasy depicted as a harsh and struggling world where mistakes are not going to be forgiven nor forgotten.
In this world, mistakes will kill you with unescapable certainty. If not worse (or both).
I didn't expect this setting, and while for me it's a good surprise, I can still understand why it could come for others as an awkward, gratuitous and violent ride. And I can't say they're exactly wrong either. Take read more
Nov 12, 2018
A disaster. There is no other way to describe Yaoguai Mingdan. And since I really wish to see chinese animes to shine, I'm being biased and merciful, which should tell you a lot about me calling Yaoguai Mingdan a disaster. But the truth remains whatever we wish for :
This show is a disaster, and there's not a good thing about it, in whatever aspect you look for.
Take the dialogues for example. Dialogs are a good support of information, for the story, the characters, the events, the relationships and so on. Here, dialogs were so poorly thought that they are often used to fill the read more
Nov 6, 2018
Warning : watching this anime when you're hungry could suddenly increase the business of your nearest local japanese restaurant.
Aside for that, what a pity, really. As a cooking anime of sort, all the ingredients (lame pun intended) were there to take this show on a very good path, but with poor art and quite some questionable cut corners, it actually fails to reach its best.
A pity, really. All the more a pity, for this kind of anime don't usually need the best art to prevail. But awkward and inconsistent art, repeatedly - cheap characters drawings, bad viewing angles consistency for example - don't exactly help read more
Nov 4, 2018
This anime is a mystery. Maybe an experiment even. And we are - the viewers - the guinea pigs. Take the young main hero for example : after only a few minutes of the very first episode, I wouldn't be surprised if you confess it took all your strenght and willpower to avoid screaming at him to - please, oh please ! - just ... shut up.
God he's yelling, this young boy. All the time. Every 10 sec (average, at worst : it's 2 sec), he's yelling because he's happy, because he's sad, because he's in love, because he's hurt, and whatever he does,it read more
Jul 9, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul is typically the kind of anime I can't recommand to anyone, and especially not to someone new to anime. The whole show is like a caricature, a wrong idea about what an anime actually can be.
Now don't get me wrong though :
It's still a carefully crafted animation, with nice effects (motion and lights, especially) and a good emphasis towards action scenes and rhythm.
But you will find these traits are also quite common ... in a good TV commercial, which is to me the definition of Tokyo Ghoul : an advertisement.
Think about it like this : what exactly Tokyo ghoul read more
Mar 18, 2018
By far, the dialogs in this anime are ones of the best you could ever find. Brillantly written, these dialogs (and sometimes monologs) are key to fully appreciate this anime.
Fluid, meaningful, and sometimes so snappy that you can - literally - 'hear' the punchlines hit the male main character on its face.
It can be a real pleasure to follow this anti-social disordered young man in its quest for anti-glory, making himself the common enemy of all in accordance to his twisted views on life.
The high-school becomes the battlefield for a change, the only way left for these anti-heroes to evolve into something new.
While read more
Feb 10, 2018
Lame. In every possible way. It's a real struggle to find anything good about this anime : Action scenes are mediocre, somewhat barely enjoyable at their best. Rhythm is a disaster, especially since the comedy/bromance cut-scenes intervenes at the worst possible time, with not even an once of originality, and all predictable. Was the bromance even necessary to the story to begin with ... ? That could have been - at least - an effective bait, a trap to lure the young girls audience but when it's done that bad, I can only see it as a mockery, an insult to their intelligence.
And the story read more