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Aug 22, 2020
Yankee JK or just call Kuzuhana-chan the manga is a typical harem manga but wait...

This isn't some kind of bad writing and borderline hentai, this is very much self-conscious, most well written (PLOT) and eventually most liked character manga I read on recent weeks.

To say at least experiencing it without Spoilers, one guy in a full-girl school fill with bad girls and delinquent, and loves to tease and bully guy like Saotome.

His goal : Survive.

Saotome is what you called, a Boring MC character but he self-aware that he's a boring one, he got harassed by girls lol but improves from each chapter. And I read more
Jun 24, 2019
Oh boy, here we go again.
This time, instead of Zombies, we got bugs.

Yep, bugs kills people. And a very huge one.
Of course we got a load of girls and some guys. And a lot of... uh... fanservice, like borderline hentai.

The story is kinda ok, its about MC who stranded into an island, also a survivor from plane crash, finding survivors, get out of island... right?
From the point of whole manga series, the biggest, biggest weakness is Character.

As I mention, I don`t even like character a lot. We got a MC which knows a lot of bugs behavior, yadayadayada, I know everything type character, she is read more
Jun 12, 2019
= No spoilers, just bs review =

Updated Review: Even 12 Episodes didn`t even saved from this monstrous disaster.

Old review

And the results, is probably one of the worst animation shifting ever.

One Punch Man, or OPM, is one kind of anime that everyone talks to, I don`t care who you are or what age you in, you still know this show. Even friends who don`t like anime knows. Its a true testament of a show that brainwashed every fellow humans. Its about one guy named Saitama who wanted to be a Hero, despite of overpowered guy to kills anyone in one hit.

And when the second seasons starts read more
Nov 22, 2018

As much as I love the manga UQ Holder, the adaptation is, well...
same cases as old Negima anime.

The old negima had completely change the whole plot/story thanks to Xebec but I still can forgive since its from old early 20's. Supposely its going to be better adaptation, but Nope. JCStaff just throw everything away and make a same thing, except we going way too fast as fak until making this show as the most uninteresting shounen anime ever made.

Uninteresting story, plot holes, unnecessary huge fan-service and disappointment ahead.

Of course manga peasent be like, na don`t watch anime, go for manga! Manga!
Yeah. One thing I read more
Oct 16, 2018
Once upon a time, there`s 3 manga that stoods out as related to "Goblin".

Goblin Slayer, Tenshi Slime (read more then you know why), and Re:Monsters. (The Killer, The God, and The Leader)

Re:Monsters is another isekai manga (which has been way too many), that reborn into a lowest rank. Goblin, well that sucks.
Soon after that, MC had an ability to gain skills and stats just by eating "anything". Yes "anything". But after that, they can evolved into more higher rank, just like games.

Aside of character, Rou, which is MC, is quite OP character, likeable. As well as the side character, Kichi and E. Further read more
Jun 26, 2017
A simple non-spoiler review:

I was a fan of anime jokes, but this aren`t making me laugh on certain reason. This is not a good thing though.

Jokes suppose to be funny if it used well, on right places and stages, from what it shows in this anime, I clearly seen how inconsistent jokes are flung around your face, and it scream to be meme anime rather than unique and funny anime.

Of course we should not take it seriously based on theme and plots, but there`s something wrong with it. It was an alternative timeline for OreImo, a love letter for OreImo fans because they **** read more
Jun 25, 2017
She loved the rapist in the end of story.
Medetashi~ Medetashi~

Watching a non R-18 is truly the garbage experience, so I decided to spend my time watching a R-18 version.

Now one thing that reminds you the most is, it exactly looks similar as Yosuga no Sora type of series but this is 3 minutes anime and only 1 girl to get laid with.

The description says it all, the bald guy who looks like Saitama pull out pranks by raping her, and Mio decides to let him rape her.
Wait what?

For each every episode, there`s a rape scene, and not in good way.
Its like the show trading both read more
May 25, 2017
Zero Spoiler.

Once upon a time, there`s a dude, a big one, muscular one, a teacher, a biology teacher, has taken a love interest to the Demi-Human, but he doesn`t know how to approach.

Then comes 1 girl, vampire. Encourage him to take even deeper closer look to the demi-humans in the school. 1 Dullahan, 1 Snow Woman.

And there`s another teacher which is also a Demi-Human, a Succubus.
All have problems. And dude trying to find out what are their Habitats, Food and


Yep thats right, this dude have a lot of experience and knowledge about Demi-Humans and wanted to get even closer Inspection...more deeper.
As far read more
Nov 19, 2016
=Super short review=

Indeed, it looks like this really fits for me to watch it, (my attitude kinda same),

You are trying too hard to enjoy, but it just that. It stays stagnant,
Its like you just reach the end of the show. There`s nothing you could watch anymore. Probably everyone said, "hey this is just 4-koma anime stuff, there`s not much you can expect anyway.".

Characters are not much memoriable except Umaru, the lazy smart-ass girl who plays too much games and spend rest of her times in home.

Opening is great but whats with the music, as it sounds out of places. Voice acting was fine.

Um... anymore?
Enjoyment? Kinda read more
Oct 8, 2016
One of the kind of show that you wish to not rewatched again.
To make zero spoilers, here`s the completely simple review.

Twisted Plot of a Twisted Plot? Check.
Unnecessary Fan-Service? Check.
Too much themes? Check.
Good guy turns bad? Check.
Useless but powerful Hero? Check.

What's more?..... hmm...Oh wait,
Enjoyable? Nope.

Its just like the director had no purpose of making a good flow plot storylines.
Aside from Art and Sound bases, both was pretty amazing, even though art quality is a bit dumbed down if go further than Episode 4.

"Action". What is action actually showed? Is this even Action genre? It doesn`t really looks like Action.

And I was like, "OH THANK GOD read more