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Apr 3, 2016
It's got a magical girl element combined with slice of life however it kinda fails in the slice of life aspect since it ended up boring overall (probably wouldn't have watched the series if it were 20 min episodes). Having been someone who hasn't read the manga, I was confused by the concept that
magical girls weren't necessary.

A lot of the episodes just focused on the protagonist's embarrassment of her swimsuit transformation and how Miton somehow ending up peaking on her or whatever which got real old real quick since it clearly catered to a loli audience

I adore the cuteness in the opening and artstyle read more
Apr 6, 2015
If you like war stuff and fighting, then this is the type of manhwa for you. Despite being a fairly heavy topic, the characters and their interactions does not make it as depressing as some other manga though this does change as the story progresses. It is kind of strange and refreshing to see a story that sometimes glorifies war. I will say the author was very good at building up suspense which is one of the main reason I kept reading on.

The main thing i disliked about it was that it embodied some very predictable tropes later on and some parts are unbelievable.
Apr 6, 2015
This was an anime that stood out quite a lot to me once I started watching it. It's really good at immersing you into their fantastical world and it's great at showing the struggle between loving animals while recognizing that they are wild and dangerous. The story was very good(I even shed a few tears) and it had a perfect ending as well.

I will say that one thing that I disliked a lot about this anime is the amount of flashbacks that's in it. There's literally one in every episode and a montage of them every few episode. The good soundtrack did make them more read more