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Wohzey Jun 10, 8:44 PM
nigga where you at
MyNameIsSwooshy May 19, 7:06 PM
blonde hair fetish
Wohzey May 6, 10:04 AM
aidscuckoboi Apr 5, 9:10 AM
ur sus
MyNameIsSwooshy Apr 2, 9:25 AM pls send moneys for the black denim jacket
GoatWeeb Apr 1, 8:42 PM
The great widespread of characters and their great backstories is the reason people fall in love with this anime. Every character is beautifully portrayed and each charterer has a growth that you could make an anime on any one of them. Naruto is no typical hero he grows up in the worst situation and is hated by every single person in his village. He is constantly bullied and harassed and yet all of that keeps his head high and never moves away from his ninja way. He is always looked at as a joke and never taken sincerely. His parents were killed on his birthday and he has the kyuubi trapped inside of him. Despite all of his horrific past he ends up the strongest in the world and become hokage. He also brings back his bestfriend who legit tried to kill him and all of his friends. But he still never left his side at the darkest times. Naruto is a true role model and a person who is full of love. He worked harder than everyone else and just proves that anything is possible. Any kid who watched Naruto wanted to be like him and feel in love with the character right away.
Itachi had all of his childhood friends die, mostly before his eyes and he even awakened the sharingan at 8 when the first of his friends was killed before his eyes. Then he was mentally destroyed between having to choose between his family and a secret organization and his (all of which completely used him to get information from the others) and eventually was forces with a3 way choice
Option 1) be obedient to the hokage and wait to try and reason with the uchia- potentially leading to a war
Option 2) be obedient to danzo and destroy all members of his clan and family- leaving solely behind his youngest brother sasuke
Option 3) be obedient to hours farther and have a full on war against the village and have his dad become the new hokage
Have you seen the itachi's story: Light and Darkness? It's some pretty sad stuff
Moving on to kakashi his Mother died when he was very little. Father was hated by village and committed suicide when kakashi was 4 or 5. He found his fathers body. Teammate obito dies to save him. Other teammate Rin kills herself on his chidori. Suffers nightmares and PTSD of her death. Joins ANBU at young age. His sensei the fourth hokage dies. He becomes the last surviving member of his team. Finally gets a genin team and becomes happy. Sasuke defects and leaves. All his students become apprenticed to sannin. No romantic partners. Stares at the memorial stone for hours each day.
Sasuke was neglected by his father and then used as a replacement. The brother he loved and adored murdered his clan and then showed him how he did and then made him feel worthless and pathetic. So he strived to kill his brother because of his pain and solitude. He had to live with all the memories and pain. Then he abandons his village and is branded a traitor, he finally kills itachi but then learns the truth. Which makes him feel guilty 4 killing his brother. Then the good memories flood in making it harder. So he wants to destroy konoha for causing such pain to the uchiha. Then he has to sever the bonds he had and when his brother reanimation comes he just loses his brother again because his brother still wants to protect the village. And through all his darkness and hatred he decides to protect the his pain is unbearable he is alone. And the fangirls and admirers he had didn't count because that were just people who admired him because of the illusion they had of him
Obito was a cute charming kid who just happened to be a late bloomer. On top of that his crush likes his rival. He's always helping others, has a dream to become the hokage, and he's true to his friends. In the end he inspires Kakashi to live by the morals he does today. He was his hero. When he finally awoke his sharingan and had it good he "died". At first he was all alone, but in the end he died a hero with a new friend...Kakashi, who he gives his eye to. But he gets dragged out by Madara, very weak and trapped. All he wants to do is go home with his friends. He thought Madaras Tsukinome was a stupid idea. But Madara knew he would believe if he experienced the pain he drilled into him. Obito probably could've done something to stop the situation from happening, but he was trapped for years, and had hips childhood taken away. When he finally gets out he sees Kakashi killing Rin. He finds out the truth later and blames it on the cruel world, but his anguish is displayed when he slaughtered all those mist shenobi. He adopts Madaras plan, he was deceived, betrayed, and his dreams were lost. Of course in a dream land he could live with his friends forever in harmony, but he's living a lie, he'd lose the real them. His death as a hero was in vain because he became evil. In the end though, he makes it right and turns good. He's saves Narutos life and tells him to fulfill his dream. Too bad he couldn't have lived, been good, or fulfill his dreams. He was funny preserving, I think good looking, and kind. But his life got taken away because of the war, Madara, Uchiha hatred, and losing his girl.
The soundtrack of Naruto is the most popular anime of all time. Every single opening is perfectly animated and has an amazing song behind it. They always set the tone for the ark and keep the audience on their toes when watching. Every anime watcher knows opening 16 (Recommend this if you’re feeling down and need a boost). Along with sadness and sorrow (Recommend if you’re in the blues or even in a chill vibe really beautiful). These two are so iconic and such an influence on all other animes. The Naruto soundtrack always set the mood and kept scenes interesting from sad to happy.
GG EZ – P.S. I don’t lose to WOMEN
GoatWeeb Apr 1, 6:30 PM
well well well. I dont think I have ever read such an incompetent message in my life. Naruto is the best anime because of its premise, main idea. Today world is in constant turmoil, our generation sees things are not what they ought to be. There is lack of peace, feelings of helplessness and lack of understanding. Naruto series tackles that it shows how virtuous people seeking good end up on questionably bad side due to inherit helplessness that exists in this world. In no other anime, or novel for that matter, you come to Deeply respect 30+ characters. Most people's favorite character is not even Naruto himself. Lastly another thing you find that's unique to Naruto is that story always ties into itself despite it being like 600+ episodes. Unlike one-piece where it's more about being funny you can create arc after another. Bleach had more story but it has tons of conflicts, unfinished edges, etc. In Naruto future, past all blend with present. All characters therefore seems very human like, real, not just script.

Leorio is the stereotypical anti-hero motivated by greed.

Kurapika is the "my clan got murdered so I want revenge" guy. In other words, blonde Sasuke.

Killua is a Gary-Stu assassin. Started training at 3, entered a tournament at 6. Come on. Putting kill in his name makes it even worse. Reminds me of anime like "Kill la Kill" that try to be all dark and edgy but mostly only appeal to dorky 14 year old girls.

As for Gon, he should just become a meteorologist. The only interesting thing about him in the first couple of episodes is that he predicts the weather. Big deal, I can do that with my arthritis. Then for some reason when Leorio and Kurapika are about to get into a fight, which in this anime I guess just means glare angrily at each other and spout angry remarks, Gon talks down to the old sea captain trying to act all wise and stuff. It would have been a lot more believable to have the old sea captain use that line, it felt forced and out of place to have a 10 year old kid spouting words of wisdom to someone much older and more experienced than him.

Hunter x Hunter is a battle shounen with very few battles, and the few it does have are terrible. Fans excuse this as focusing on story and dialogue, only those consist entirely of tropes and stereotypes which are common in other anime, and often done better.

Protagonist seeking father? Fuu from Samurai Champloo does this better.

Protagonist seeking money? Cowboy Bebop.

Protagonist seeking revenge? Sasuke.

Protagonist who is an assassin with a dark past? Kiritsugu from Fate Zero does this without being a Gary Stu.

I mean they might as well throw in Liam Neeson and let him rescue his kidnapped daughter again since they're going with the theme of overused tropes. I hate to say it, but this show is probably objectively worse than Bleach, which is sad. How people can rip on shows like Sword Art Online, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, or One Punch Man, then praise garbage like Hunter x Hunter and Fairy Tail is beyond me. I guess weebs just have bad taste.
Wohzey Apr 1, 10:54 AM
i agree
GoatWeeb Apr 1, 10:50 AM
In all said I hope you have a nice time when you watch naruto :)
GoatWeeb Apr 1, 10:49 AM
You basic fuck you watch hunter, death note, and mob psycho and think naruto is not a good anime. Naruto is the most magnificent anime in 100 years it will be looked at as a classic. No other anime has done what it has done. Not watching naruto and being an "anime" fan is like living in america and not knowing Donald trump. Naruto has the best soundtrack, characters, arcs and more. Dont you dare take shit you incompetent fuck.
MyNameIsSwooshy Jan 29, 11:04 AM
fucking weeb smh
Wohzey Jan 28, 10:30 PM
u no like toradora?
Wohzey Jan 28, 5:44 PM