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Sep 30, 2013
when i first started reading this I did not have any high expectations for this, and I'm pretty glad I didn't.

Let's start with the Story.
as I said I try not to expect much when it comes to the "smutty shojo" genre because rarely (sometimes but rarely) do I find one with a good plot. when I first started reading Love Monster I started thinking this one might be one of those rare one's but down the line i learned it was far from.the main character Hiyo is our typical heroine wants to help everyone cry baby type who gets into trouble and kurou is the read more
Nov 8, 2012
Satako is threatened to be fired by the chairman only because he wants to show off her power when she turns to Tanagiwa another boss to help her but he doesn't then she see's him getting a bj in the alley and accidentally takes a picture! at work the next day he explains to her he's a sex addict she tries to threaten him with the pic but fails why----- because everyone knows you can't rape the willing ;)

this one shot is great simple and gets straight to the climax.. if you know what i mean ;)

if you love the sexy guy with glasses read more
Sep 28, 2012
the story does go pretty fast i mean there is barely even a plot! but the smut scenes make up for it i mean the smut is very detailed!! and let's be honest thats what most of us are here for ;) ! when i say the smut is detailed im serious lots of people may mistake this for hentai but it's not its just a very good smut

characters- damn i can barely remember them the plot is basically all sex so yeah dont look for much in this area

story- umm, small apartment sex, floor sex, kitchen sex, etc

art-nothing special or should i say SEXy

enjoyment-who read more
Sep 14, 2012
contrary to the other review i found this manga pretty good..
the plot: is about a girl named yuzaru who goes to a good school with rich boys(yeah not so original) of course she has no money and cant really afford school(yeah didn't see that coming) the school system works like one of the rich students can pick a regular student(such as yuzaru) to be their "honey"(assistant SLAVE SLAVE SEX TOY??!!) so of course a sexy rich boy named kai picks her and she must comply(again omfg so freaking original!!) if you've read a lot of smut/shoujo you've probably seen a plot like this before.. but read more
Sep 3, 2012
if your new to shoujo smut manga i this may excite you but if you've read shoujo,smut before then this is not very unique. there is no parts that will make you fan girl squeal because everything has been done before. a girl who always wanted to marry a kind hearted prince gets a prince but OH MY GOD BIG SUPRISE!!!! he's a pervert who's always teasing her!* GASP* i did not see that coming!! oh wait yes,,, yes i did....
not to say this manga was boring because it was not it was just average this manga had nothing that would make me say read more
Sep 1, 2012
the first story Aiomou Hito - Sex Friend is really great.. what happens when two people both have unrequainted love for other people- well duh they become sex friends! seriously this story has so many emotions in it in 56 pages than most smut does in 50chapters! it revolves around haru and shiro comforting each other and taking care of each others sexual desires by becoming sex friends al the while unknowingly falling in love >>>>> \ ^.^/

Kinjirareta Koi no Himitsu was a little different in the romance and some fangirls may be a little disappointed with this one. the heroine after being read more
Jun 17, 2012
where to start well the story contains yuri twincest which threw me a little bit off i mean i was expecting the yuri but not the twincest but i sat through till the bitter end and im happy i did.

to me this ONA is very good for starter yuri watchers as myself because unless your already into it you dont want to start watching yuri series off on something your not used to like girls madly making out with each other and taking off each others clothes... thats what i was a bit afraid of but instead this ONA slightly touched on the subject of read more
Jun 17, 2012
lets start off by giving the warning ecchi fans coming to look for a show and see boobs and panties go somewhere else(although if u can settle for panties without complaining then go ahead and watch)

STORY: there isnt really a solid plot in this anime it has more of a family guy-ish thing going on you know not a storyline but the same characters i guess somewhat of the story is two sister angels panty and stocking are fallen angels trying to collect heaven coins to get back into heaven and the only way to do this is to defeat ghosts

art:the art was good but read more
Jun 10, 2012
wow... just.. WOW!! this anime blew my mind!!! it was amazing!! i loved everything!!!!

ok lets start with the story.. again AMAZING! the whole concept of this anime is to teach world history in a new, fun, and quirky way.. that goal is definitely achieved.. i learned things in world history that my teacher never covered including myths and etc and since it teaches in this hilarious way its easy to remember everything you learned too.

now onto the art: in my opinion the art was magnificent i loved how cute everyone was in their chibi forms!! and i loved how each individual counties character read more
Jun 5, 2012
it was good at the start we know from the title we're continuing from the first season it starts off like any other sequal with alot of confusion and questions to be answered.. more into the story the questions get answered but not fully and then it creates a big conflict and we all know conflict is good but when there is too much and everything is over dramatized you get tired.. also the characters i was very sad with this ciel and sebastian's personality changed drastically from the first season and not in a good way and the new characters didnt have that much read more