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Mar 16, 2009
Do the people at Hal Film Maker just throw a dart on a dartboard of eechi comedies to make anime out of? First Dokuro-chan and now this.

Kemeko DX is another in a long string of "comedies" as of late that try to combine several different genres of anime into one in an attempt to be funny. You have gun fights, fan service, parodies, a girl with a giant sword, maids and even some sci-fi undertones as well. Unfortunately, the series pulls none of this off at all. It has good art, aaaaannnnndddd that's about it.

Part of the reason is because the cast is so uniformly read more
Oct 24, 2008
Take Vision of Escaflowne, remove all the character development, writing, humor, romance, and action that made the series the classic 90s anime people treat it as, and throw it out the window. Then replace all that with angst and blood. That's the Escaflowne movie.

While I have to admire Sunrise to attempt to condense the series for those unfamiliar with it, as well as breathe new life into old characters, this isn't the way to do it. Hitomi, instead of being a shy, but head-strong girl, is now a whiny brat who contemplates suicide. Van, instead of being a bickering but brave and powerful warrior, is read more