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Jan 22, 2018
The Bad:
Rin isn't the best main character I've ever seen. He's basically Jesus and acts as a panacea for every situation, this is probably the biggest criticism I have for the writing in this series. There are various scenes where the characters are having a conversation, yet they'll focus on one character who isn't speaking for a majority of the scene. This one small aspect could have been fixed by looping two or three frames so that they're not putting pressure on the animation studio. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but I when you're covering the speaker, it ends up looking lazy. read more
Nov 21, 2017
The anime was a part of my childhood and the manga became serialized for a second time when I was in Highschool. This is one of the few manga series that I own in its entirety, though I still can't call it my favorite series, even if we're just taking the graphic novel medium into consideration. That's because there are many flaws with this series that become very relevant the more times you read it, which makes it so that it's not the best series to re-read, at least not for me. But I'm here to write a short review of the series and I read more
Mar 4, 2017
So, again, writing the review again and making it shorter this time so I don't waste too much time.

This series is pretty harmless when it comes to a story standpoint. You have a male lead and a female lead who will obviously get together or at least end up being extremely close. It's generic and while it was airing people were saying it was really good. As time has gone on it people have seen it as pretty bad to decent with an overall rating of 6 here on MAL, though you could probably already see that.

What really made me drop the series was the read more
Jul 20, 2016
This feels like a poorly written web series and that's the best thing that I can state for it it. I'm not even going to give this my whole analytical review thing on my blog instead posting it here in a more stream lined approach.

Story: This is a slice of life series, don't let the magical girl premise confuse you. They throw in magical girl elements to give it some further plot but that doesn't really matter when most of the series is comprised of conversations covering small talk before or after classes. And then making fun of magical girl series. I guess the worst read more
Sep 12, 2015
I was a fan of this series. Until the Valkria arc ended. This review was written before the ending of the series because as of chapter 155 I have dropped this series. I don't care of it gets better this series has jumped the shark now, and that's not a good thing for the tone that this series tries to portray.

Brynhildr in the Darkness is about a guy and his harem of magical girls. that's pretty much it. But the magical girls are given a very dark twist where they will die within three days if they don't have medicine that inhibits these effects. Each read more
Sep 11, 2015
Well that was... a thing. It was a thing right? I'm pretty sure it was a thing, not an amazing thing but it wasn't the worst thing that I have ever seen.

I could never see this turning into a full series, the premise is just too stupid to make anybody want a sequel episode to this. But as I said it wasn't the worst thing I've seen. Anime like Skelter Heaven even out stay their welcome even at the short 14 minute time. Tenshi no Drop is only 5 minutes long and it's not the least visually pleasing series on the planet. In fact the read more
Apr 7, 2015
Life (Manga) add (All reviews)
I started reading this series yesterday and ended at 3:30 am today. I seriously couldn't put this series down for 20 minutes at a time without being bothered by what was going to happen next. In the series, this is what the Slice of Life genre should be like, rather than happy go lucking anime that put Otaku in a non bullied light.

The series was amazing, I found the plot to be well written with conflict being added in that didn't quite make the series feel like it was dragging on for a longer time that it was welcome, while giving you a really good read more
Mar 25, 2015
Akira (Anime) add (All reviews)
Akira is the anime that inspired an entire genre of anime. Where Dragon Ball Z is what a lot of people state to being the most inspirational, Akira Toriyama stated himself that Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z were inspired to a massive amount by the original Manga for Akira. I don't know how close the anime is to the movie but I can tell you a few things that I liked about it, because there wasn't much if anything, that I disliked about this animated film.

1. The action scenes aren't overly long
The action scenes are short and the film isn't completely made up of read more
Feb 26, 2015
So, I picked this up from Chapters because the title and description. The premise is pretty original but the writing is where this story falls apart for me. You can make a series that's pretty much copy and paste from the last series in that genre, at least premise wise. But if you have a good grasp on character development and plot progression and give a small twist of originality and voice you can have something that's written well. You don't have to be completely original to be a good writer. So where as this series has a good amount of originality to it, as read more
Dec 13, 2014
Plastic Nee-san. One of the anime that made me constantly go, What the fuck? every time I watched an episode. The series is very short and it did do a few things very good. But I'll get to those later.

The bad. As always I will get on with the bad first then move onto the good. there was a lack of a story, but i won't fault it too much as it is an episodic anime that relies on humor to get views and the soundtrack was kind of, well to but it bluntly, uninspired and unoriginal, and not that watching the anime would take read more