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Jun 21, 2018
Wotakoi is probably one of the best rom comedy that I watched. It has a simple plot but is well done. Instead of the typical high school romance setting, this is set in a typical Japan office workplace with otaku adults. It mainly focuses on two couples and what they do after work. The main couple is Narumi, a closet otaku and then Hirotaka, a big gamer who doesn't really try to hide that fact. The other couple is Koyanagi and Kabakura, and they are sport otaku who tend to argue a lot. I love the scenes where they game, go out to drink, and read more
Mar 30, 2018
When I think of this anime, the words that come to my mind include: killers, mentaiko, Hakata, hacking, crime, baseball, black market, justice, corrupt, etc. Killers are basically killing each other, and there's a hitman killing other hitmen.

Set in Fukuoka, where 3% if the population are killers, this show is quite thrilling with a lot of action, but it's definitely not for someone under 18. It focuses on a corrupt society with murder, human trafficking, revenge, etc. Some places might look nice on the outside, but inside is way darker than expected. Unfortunately stuff like this actually happens in the real world. There are hitman read more
Mar 29, 2018
Super adorable anime!!!!! I'm so glad there is finally an anime adaption after waiting for two years since I started reading the manga on comico. All of the little creatures are so cute and it makes your heart melt, espeically Mii-kun and Isao. This anime is basically mini adventures of Sora and his friends. The plot is simple and starts with main character Sora receiving a package from his father. Inside is Mii-Kun!!! From there more characters are introduced with their partner creatures. The bonds between creature and their human companion is illustrated in this anime. We do get to see other unique creatures who read more
Mar 24, 2018
Sanrio Danshi is a pretty relaxing show with some conflict that each character eventually goes through. There is a lot of promoting of Sanrio merch and Puroland, but that's expected from an anime about Sanrio. Despite that, it had a nice message throughout the series: liking things that other people might think is not acceptable for your age is ok. I find that kind of relatable myself when I know people who think anime is for kids only, but fortunately I've found friends my age or older who appreciate anime. All the characters were quite different but they all loved a different Sanrio read more