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Aug 11, 2018
A master piece.

A story that play with a lot of fellings. Despite of the fantasy contained in the story the main topic of this anime is the child abuse. A drama that is happening now with millions of childrens in many homes around the world but with the disadvantage that no one can travel on the time to save them.

Erased touched my hearth and all elements used in this anime were appropiated to the story.One of the best anime I ever seen in my life. The live action series is also very good although there were some changes that I didn't like and I read more
Aug 11, 2018
Despite the fantasy of the story. Mushishi reflects situations of the japanesse culture in the 19th century. It is a very rich anime with different stories on each chapter and with little or not realtion each other adding scenarios that give a kind of darkness to the show. It's very interesting also that few chapters have a happy end. An aspect that makes mushishi in a very open mind anime. nevertheless mushishi is many times flat and I felt bored to watch another chapter , and at the end the most important thing in a anime or mange is how this catch the attention. There read more
Aug 11, 2018
This kind of retro Sci-fi offers an interesting story. While I was watching the anime in some part my mind was transported between 100 and 300 years ago and I really felt I was watching a vintage cartoon despite the quality of video was digital. The story catched my attention although unfortunatelly I cannot consiser this work as a master piece specially because the bipolarity found in the characters which is very common in anime with lack of chapters.
It seems the novel is more complete and explain details not available in the anime, also the second novel was completed and maybe we have read more
May 23, 2018
I didn't put 11 as Overall Score because the Maximun Available is 10.

I am convinced that an anime doesn't need a complex story, great special effects , fantasies, lasers or maximum emotions with supper warrios to become a master piece and Usagi Drop is a proof of that.

Simply I love this anime with a very strong and realistic story and where the determination , courage, sacrifice is a constant on each episode. Although the relation can look a little bizarre the truth is there are men around the world having to deal daily with similar situations. In my opinion a man read more
Apr 30, 2018
I think the critics have been unfair with this anime. It's true that is a romantic Harem anime where all girls are in love of one guy and that one is very recurrent in many anime is this kind. However I've seen other anime Romance and Harem that simply I don't mind to make a review. Aoi Yori Aoshi shows that an anime doesn't special effects or fantasies to become a masterpiece.

It can say that in its genre is undoubtedly one of the best anime with a very positive message about the perseverance, the value of real friends.

Positive aspects: It show the traditions read more
Apr 21, 2018
In my review about this anime I said that It wasn't a masterpiece however there were a lot of elements do a second season that can become a master piece and this OWA is a clear demonstration of that.

I really enjoyed the OWA giving me a better connection with the protagonist and also it clarified many questions if the whole anime.

In general the great problem with this anime is that the creators had overload this anime and there are many things with no conclusion. I thing this OWA comes to help to mitigate that overload and really I hope a second season.

Apr 16, 2018
I know a lot of people had many expectations about this anime including me when I saw the extras. I see the creators were ambitious in order to do a masterpiece.

The story is very interesting taking topics like slavery, resignation,loneliness and sometimes discrimination. However the anime possesses many failures regarding the characters and situations that cloud the most interesting topics and making the anime and very good work but not a masterpiece.
Another aspect to mention is that she never gets in love of him but she learns to love him ( according my point of view) and despite a lot of read more
Apr 15, 2018
Of course this is not an anime to watch with the family because of the disturbing. Nevertheless and considering the difficulties how the work was released, I think the anime is very good and it has to show you how cruel can be the humans. I also watch the movie but this is very light and people don't feel the traumatic emotions found in the anime. The sound is also very appropriate for the anime. I also I want to say that real reason the anime was banned in japan. I wasn't because the gore, the horror or the violence. I was because there read more
Apr 15, 2018
I started to watch Cardcaptor Sakura just for curiosity and I though I was going to watch maybe the first or the second chapter and at the end I watched all 70 chapters.

I though Cardcaptor Sakura was going to be one of those pathetic commercial school anime but I was wrong and is definitely one of the best anime I ever seen with a rich content, a sweet main character. The third soundtrack intro is maybe one of my 5 favorite soundtracks.

Positive elements: The anime does a strong difference between suffering and challenging in short words the anime shows that a child doesn't have to read more
Jul 28, 2017
I lost the stress with this anime. Definitely the creator of the story is a genius. when I started to watch it I though it was going to be one of those anime that I only watch for a minute, but the action combined with whole sub-realism made me enjoy each chapter. I love this anime basically for the occurrence. Dedicated and well educated high school girls working, fixing and using tanks is psychologically positive specially to motivate the STEM education in girls. The only think it didn't like me was some scenes that were exaggerated even for such sub-realistic anime. But in general read more