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Oct 1, 2020
Warning: This review contains some major spoilers, PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED

While a work can be considered perfect for some people, that doesn't mean it can avoid critiques from others. That's why I will dedicate this review to critique this manga.

Suicide island, is a no man island where the Japanese government decided to forsake their own suicidal people because the gov budget can't support them no more. While it has a simple beginning, the way how it decides to describe the people who were stranded in the island is in a way how majority of suicidal people (or even depressed) read more
May 27, 2019
Warning : Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: 24-oku Dasshutsu-hen is the continuation of the kaiji series, so if you want read it, you probably need to start from the beginning

This review will not contain major spoilers if you have read the last part and I will try to make it as short as possible

The story is occurring just after Kaiji and Kazuya fierce one poker gamble, after that Kaiji won the 2.4 billion yen in the last single decisive bet. And now it's time for him, Chang and Mario to escape from the gambling location with a stack of money, and this mission should be accomplished without read more
Mar 12, 2019
Warnings :
- This review contains some major spoilers that will surely blow you enjoyment, so make sure to read the first part if you haven't read this manga yet.
- Sorry if you find some errors in my English.

- General review without spoilers :
Finally, Kaiji's gambling life reach it's climax, with the inhuman devilish Kazuya that have showed up in the kaiji's series since the 3rd part. The story takes part just after the end of Kazuya's 'dinner' while watching the true friendship gamble with Kaiji, when Mario and Chang ended up being betrayed by what they were calling a friend, and being rescued by read more
Feb 21, 2019
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"Flutter into your dreams, glitter into tomorrow" by Kawato Koichi

Warnings : - If you don't like bloody comedy this isn't the manga suited for you...
- Sorry if you found some errors in my review

This manga is one of the best baseball stories you could wish for, it's a little bit old but it won't make you feel disappointed after ending it but you will wish for more, what impressed me more in the story that there isn't something you can't dream of, at least what Kawato-sensei's thinks

The read more
Dec 21, 2018
Short review for the OVA:

Ps : my rating is only for the comedy included in this episode , but the rating for the episode in general for me is 6

This episode is an OVA that doesn't relate to the main story, bundled with the 6th anime DVD, a refreshing one , It was the funniest episode from a long time , aside from time travel and what is awaiting okabe in the future ( the mad scientist distress ) , this episode main focus is about valentine day, where the most scenes are purely comedy ones or fan service ( lukako wearing maid dress ) read more
Sep 7, 2018
Sorry if you find some errors

Consider my review as a fan of the whole story, so this review may seem biased to you

Mo dao zu shi, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, The Founder of Diabolism, The Founder of Evil Magic or 墨香铜臭 is a donghua ( Chinese animation ) adapted from a Chinese novel with the same name ( and have manhua as well )
For me this animation is a point of revolution in the Chinese animation ( I'm not joking )

The story is simply about the cultivation world, In this world there are cultivation sects ruled by prominent clans ( Jiang - Lan - Jin read more
Aug 14, 2018
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Sorry for my bad English , This review may include some spoilers

The story in general has a relation with hockey
The protagonist named Amano Akira is decedent from family who owns a shrine ( his father is monk ) , and that family believes they are cursed by ice , so the ice were involved of the death of many ancestors of the family , the only way to protect yourself from that curse is to train and play hockey , so the main character have practiced this sport from his childhood .

The plot is good for a manga with a sports content although it's just read more
Aug 9, 2018
Sorry for my bad English

My review is separated to 2 parts , first contains my review for general plot , and the second my review for the end , so If you haven't read the manga yet , I recommend to take a look first .

Basically this anime is like Kaiji ( survival and psychological ) , No game no life ( game / puzzle ) , btoom ( survival ) in my opinion .
In general , the main character and his friends have an ordinary life , but one day they were transferred to an unknown world , but after that they were involved read more
Aug 5, 2018
First sorry for my bad english .

********** Spoil Included ***********

this manga is including bloody , rape content , and not a pure love story ( if your searching for a one )

The story isn't something special , the plot is a little borring
the story is about a demon who lives in the westcases of a hight school , someday a new transfert student climbed the westcases without knowing rumors , so he gets tormented and raped by the demon .....
Nothing really is interesting , the one thing that I might liked is the torment ( otherwise all other is super boring )

Its not a read more
Jul 14, 2018
*** Spoilers ***
First sorry if my english is bad

Im really honored to be the first writing review for this bl manga
Its adorable manga , a different character from other bl manga , who have a scary face that make every one run away from him , he is skilled in art , in his whole life he finds someone who don't run away from him ( a cute senpai ) , the feeling between starts to be developed , but it seems that senpai has a black story ( hi sells his body for money ) ...

the art is adorable , but from chapter read more