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Sep 17, 5:01 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze
Aug 27, 10:55 PM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 10
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze Recaps
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 5: Ougon no Kaze Recaps
Aug 25, 7:18 PM
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Tenohira no Seiza
Tenohira no Seiza
12 hours ago
Completed 5/5 · Scored 7
Sep 17, 5:03 PM
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Konna Otoko wa Aisareru
Konna Otoko wa Aisareru
Sep 17, 5:00 PM
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Otaku-Sings Aug 14, 7:03 PM
You are weeber. Just look at episode and chapter count.
Otaku-Sings Aug 11, 7:06 PM
Why do you not understand? WEEB!!
Otaku-Sings Aug 11, 4:53 AM
Excuse me. You are the king of the weebs.
Otaku-Sings Aug 8, 8:50 AM
no. What are you tlaking about. u!
Otaku-Sings Jul 31, 6:48 PM
No no, you are the one spreading false accusations.
Otaku-Sings Jul 27, 8:54 PM
No you are weeber than I !
Otaku-Sings Jul 27, 10:20 AM
I'm late, but like.....

Ur weeber
arashiis Apr 18, 12:29 AM
ALRIGHT i finally created a discord acc but im so lost jkflks i have no idea how to use it. i'll send u my tag tho
OMG REALLY?? wow you're like totally an it expert!!

OH I HAVEN'T READ THAT but i'll try it soon if you recommend it!! it sounds interesting!

arashiis Mar 4, 7:13 AM
it's okay!! i usually respond late too lol
aww, thanks!! good luck to you too!! ^-^ tbh i wanted to be an IT too, but when i found out i can't even solve some easy tech problems i gave up lmfao


KIRIBAKU POWEEEER!!! have u seen the new bnha movie?? it has some a+++ kiribaku scenes, i approve 👌👀
i prefer ochadeku to tododeku tbh, they're just so cute uwu
todoroki is that kind of confused cutie that i love but don't ship with anyone kfjhdjsd
arashiis Feb 13, 8:10 AM
i guess you could say that flfdjksk
but gymnasiums suck if you don't plan to go on a university... since we don't specialize in anything, it would be hard to get a job so like i have to do my best to graduate successfully and get into college :D
yeah in fact we have to do entrance exams on all schools that allow you to graduate :/ i mean you can attend some schools only for 3 years that specialize in cooking, bricklaying, carpenting etc. without having to apply to it, but only people with bad grades go there because after those 3 years they get a vocational certificate
so normal high schools last 4 years and then you graduate :D
omg that's great, i wish i could choose between easy/hard subjects ;_; i'd choose only languages if i could lmfao,,, what languages do you study? i did russian on my former school and now i do french ^^ bon apple teeth
WTF YOU DO PHYSICS?? that's my worst subject lololol i hate it, i absolutely don't get most of the study material and our teacher is fast af so like my head is this close to exploding
i agree that art sucks dkdfjffs i have to do it because we were choosing between music and art and my dumb self chose art right ._. our teacher is so boring i almost fall asleep everytime

hmmm tbh i had no idea what i want to do until not so long ago, but i finally decided. i would like to be a teacher, because my former english teacher helped me a lot and i really appreciate it hehe, she was my favourite teacher and i would love to become like her and help my students... i enjoy learning languages, so id like to teach english for sure and maybe french?? idk yet
but my dream job was always a naturalist who travels with ngc or bbc and saves animals :') it would be great but it's kinda hard to acomplish lol
wbu? ^^

WAIT A MINUTE WTF?? A SEQUEL??? *falls off her chair* NANIIIIII
though i haven't finished vld you can tell me bc im quite aware of what happened and it will take forever till i finish it since i kinda procrastinate lol

yeah im caught up!! i started to read it wayyy before the anime was out lol

ohh i see! well you better hurry up lol, mob is waiting xdd i love reigen so much it hurts

*cracks knuckles* im glad u asked about jojo!! this will be a looong story so like i'll try my best to summarize it lololol
ok basically you should know that there are many many many parts of jojo and each has a different story but it still is better when you watch them all, because there might appear characters that were in other parts
the first part is super boring believe me
the first season actually covers two parts of manga, first part (till episode 12 or 13 i think??) is about jonathan and how hamon got into joestar family. it was really boring to me and i disliked it, but it's important if you want to understand next parts 😅 part 2 starts after the timeskip. joseph (for me, the best jojo khfkslf) finally appears and it gets better, because joseph is the best and funniest jojo i think!! (did i just say it twice??) also the story of part 2 is better overall and it's a lot more enjoyable, there was no humor in part 1
there are also vampires as villains in the first season, but it's just temporary

in the 3rd part, the stardust crusaders there aren't any vampires anymore (except dio but like,,, he's the main villlain so it's obvious he's there)
i don't like vampire genre, but idk i didn't really care about vampires in jojo?? they're not that important ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it indeed isn't a typical vampire show
there isn't hamon anymore, they use stands instead (idk how to describe it so just google it if u want to know) because hamon was efficient only against vampires and i have to say i miss hamon :(( stands are a great idea but every episode of s1 is the same - the group is travelling to egypt and they fight a stand user. nothing else. however, even tho all they do is fight, watching them fighting is enjoyable too :D also the memes are incredible, i laughed and the characters are likeable, so if you don't care about the story, it's a good watch :D

i thnk i like part 5 the most tho, it has great characters and everytime i watch it i skip the opening to that part and scream FIGHTING GOOOOOLD along with it lmfao

yeah it IS funny :DD ngl i watched jojo for the memes jfhjslgj but the music is really good too!! the only thing i liked on part 1 was the opening lol

hmmm i guess i ship them lololol, they are good friends and i actually never saw them that way because there aren't many scenes when they were close to each other or smth

YEAH READ IT PLEASE, the story wasn't that great because it reminded me of harry potter a lot, but the main characters are like super likeable lol
Menmai Feb 9, 10:23 AM
yeahhh i'm way less stressed now that i don't have to deal with math, lol. ;;

i hope you enjoy them ! if theyre not ur cup of tea that's fine, but tryin stuff out is always a good idea.
(btw, idk if im just dumb but m3 was a bit tricky for me to find so ima just link you so you can download it here.)

THANK U SO MUCH! ik !! i'm really grateful that you are my friend, ur such a good person & i'm so lucky to have u !! ;A;
(also thank u for that blessed img)
bnha Feb 7, 10:53 PM
omg thank you!!
Menmai Feb 7, 3:57 PM
yeahh i'm feelin a lot better ^^ honestly.. i dropped out of math lmao i couldn't understand it :') stupid dumbass brain.
!! AAA THANKS and ofc your art is literally adorable !! i should draw banana fish but god am i lazy . and also bad at drawing males. i will probably end up doing that sometime, though .

i wish switch games in general would drop in price ahahhh.
umm clannad is a school life anime & afterstory is after they graduate. it's a drama/romance/slice of life. and .. it has some supernatural elements? but they aren't super relevant in the first season and they're still not a main point in the series.
earthbound is on snes and mother 3 is on gameboy advance :o i would just advise you to get an emulator on your computer and play them on there if u want . that's much easier to obtain than any physical copies lol
alsoo it doesn't really matter which one you play first? mother 3 takes place a longggg time after earthbound. it has a more concrete plot and is more story-ridden than earthbound so depending on what u want you could rlly play either :p

also yep ! i am gonna be 17 tomorrow >:]
i don't really have plans.. just gonna hang out w my friends and go shopping
arashiis Feb 1, 11:29 PM
it's okay lol

that's interesting :o well, i go to a gymnasium, so i basically have to study a lot to have good grades :( i also heard that in the us you are free to choose your subjects?? well, here you can't xD i have to study biology, chemistry and others even though i don't plan to go to a uni that focuses on it

i felt kinda weird in the cinema tho, there were kids everywhere AND THEN THERE'S ME AND MY FRIEND LOLOLOL, but it was worth it!
sunflower is now my favorite song fkdkgf
miles was adorable, the scene when he finally was a true spiderman was stunning
my fav character was peter b. tho xD he was so funny omg

that's great! we don't have any snow here rn ;_;

i think ameera is an unique name as well! it sounds great, i'll call you micah then lol

TPN IS ONE OF MY FAV MANGAS I LOVE MY BABIES SO MUCH, i think the adaptation is fine (va's did a great job), but manga is definitely 100% better 😌 i don't wanna spoiler anything tho so im not sure how much can i say lol, but im sad that my fav character won't appear in s1 yet :(

other than that i kinda stopped watching anything but some seasonals lmfao, i got into manga and i guess i prefer reading to watching
im watching s2 of mp100 tho and i love it, its animation is so stunning which is great because the manga itself has quite poor art 😅 i also found out that i completely fell for the new season of jojo kjflsssk, bruno and mista are just too hot and when bruno said "arrivederci" I LITERALLY GOT GOOSEBUMPS BECAUSE HE SOUNDED SO HOT LMFAO

and i started reading fukigen na mononokean and IT'S PERFECT!! u should read it if u like comedies, because it's hilarious and the characters are really likeable, i love them >.<

idk if you're into books, but i got two books i wished for yesterday and one of them was carry on by rainbow rowell AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH SNOWBAZ AAAAA THEY'RE SO CUTE, i finished the book in one afternoon lmfao, i recommend it if u're into gay supernatural stories hehe
Yash999 Jan 24, 7:46 PM