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GiancarloLS Oct 29, 2:02 PM
nuuuu~~ :( To think she's my 2nd fave seiyuu, right after KanaHana... :(( then again, that's life, I guess...
I'm still intrigued whatever actually happened to her, like why can't she project that AmuHinamori-ish type of voice ya know... :( (Kanae Itou is the SOLE reason why I actually watched Shugo Chara~ >3 XD )
Heumers Oct 28, 1:51 PM
Indeed, I don't mind if people who loves dark animes to criticize GS or any other anime. There is a something called "genre", according to it, the audience can know if this anime can be "at very least" suitable to be watched by the audience, that's the main use of it. But rather, it's like someone who hates yaoi/ homosexual relations and watched Yuri on Ice, and then this person complains about the relation between the protagonists. That's silly. And GS's anime is even so pure compared to other works and to the original manga. I wanted to defend this anime cuz the hate is so silly and nonsensical. People just flow with the steam, if anime "X" is getting popular, then it must be suitable for everyone. It can be suitable for everyone if it has "many" genres, like FMA:B for example. But 2 genres only? Naah, people must re-consider about this.

And I'm really glad that you liked a review written by a beginner like me, I really appreciate it, thank you <3 *^* Haha I'm also glad that you loved my fav. animes and characters xD I like yours too. *whispers* especially Re:Zero and Emilia xD
GiancarloLS Oct 27, 12:48 PM
Hey there my friend~~ >3

juz wanna let you know that I've watched ep.1 and 2 of Harukana Receive, AAAAAANNNDDD... Kanae Itou's voice didn't sound right there... T.T it sounded generic and nothing like her voice quality... :( I can still hear and spot her with eyes-closed ON SOME intonation, not all the time... I dunno if, like, does she have a medical condition pertaining to her voice or something like that? Like why did her voice didn't sound as Amu-ish like before, ya know... or really, between the mystery of MH370 or UFOs or Pyramids, or the mystery of why Kanae Itou didn't have much roles anymore, I'd surely go find the answers to the latter~~ >3

like really, I don't think I can bear watching Harukana Receive with her role like that though... :(
IpreferEcchi Oct 21, 4:19 PM
How can you say you're a lolicon without watching Kodomo no Jikan, my friend?
GiancarloLS Oct 16, 3:55 PM
LOL no worries on that. >3

and LOL by context, I wasn't asking about where you are, I was only asking if your place has those viable part-time jobs (like UK, and US, and Japan) to make the "school-life adventure" of yours work. XD

Let's say, ofc, like where I'm originally from: Philippines; part-time there is sh!t and not totally believable/viable, unless you work like a cow like 12hours per day. Meanwhile, in Japan, part time goes like, 4pm-8pm only for them (what you normally see in an anime), and by 801pm is where the anime-ness happens. ;)
PrincessStarRose Oct 12, 4:03 AM
Good Morning. And what shows you would recommend? I would say Your Lie In April is one of my most favorites.
GiancarloLS Oct 9, 12:06 PM
haha LOL~~ XD XD XD
well, doing part-time does get that kinda thoughts, most anime characters have part-time work. XD Like you must have worked on a family restaurant, and all the lotsa antics of part-timers there (Working! reference)~~ XD
or maybe on your way home you met a girl with a chuunibyou~~ XD

lolz jk, I'll stop now. ^^

what country are you in? Seems like you got a progressive part-time work there ya know. :)
GiancarloLS Oct 8, 2:00 PM
wuuu I see~~ >3 you're a "part time warrior" huh~~ XD
you've got some shonen-life ahead there on you my friend! =D maybe you'll encounter someone who's about to kill you and that'll awaken your powers, or you meet a bishoujo who's actually a ghoul, or you meet your senpai and that'll turn into a romcom~~ XD or a bishoujo running for her life and you'll save her~~ XD so many things could happen being a part-timer! =D

hahaha lol jk, jk my friend. ;) am juz foolin' around. ^^ Ofc real life is a lot mundane, right? XD with bills and getting tired and all. XD
GiancarloLS Oct 7, 1:43 PM
lulz why, are you gonna be busy with school/work? :3

and yep it's fun to talk to you, too. >3 good to know that there are people around who appreciates seyuus, ya know. ^^ <3
PrincessStarRose Oct 7, 4:43 AM
Hello! I'm doing good. And do you like Halloween?
GiancarloLS Oct 6, 2:28 PM
whoops sorry forgot to reply this one >3

hmmm... I think it wasn't really juz on "idol shows". I mean, I recalled even Akame ga Kill had some Sora Amamiya performance (and Yukari Tamura), and again the Milky Holmes seiyuus, as well... I also recalled an Ika Musume event... I think it was a trend in those years (2014? Or those...yeah those times)? Am not too sure, but I recalled having to comment this on a friend that WHY are they making seiyuus act like idols? >3
And it was also that time when Rolling Girls, and that...Sanrio rock-anime with "Cyan" as the main protagonist that I forgot the title. >3

Anywayz, I may be wrong, but well, yeah... anywayz, hopefully you're right about Kanae Itou being on the positive note of things.

Biribiri and that obsessed pigtailed-girl (can't remember her name) are the reasons I don't like the Railgun series. -_-
I do like the Kanae Itou X Aki Toyosaki combo. >3 They've been at it in many shows (you know, when Kanae Itou is there, Aki Toyosaki is there also~XD ). >3 XD

and youz welkom. ^^ Yep yorushiku~~ ;)
PrincessStarRose Oct 5, 9:36 AM
Same and I'm mostly into Slice of Life series just by the art style I can tell its going to be a good or bad show. And its nice to meet you.
GiancarloLS Oct 5, 5:48 AM
but hadn't it been a trend for a little while, like especially during the eve of LoveLive/IdolMaster; and you get seiyuus who, even the seiyuus of Milky Holmes, need to act like idols?
And nuuu~~ >3 if that might be Kanae Itou's wishes... then again, she even had a recording solo, and she suddenly left that off, too? Either there's more reason to it, or juz that love is all that powerful? XD

LOL I like the To Aru Majutsu no Index, but I hate the Railgun---it's like a filler season with no direction or relevance to the Index plot, and you don't even need to watch it to understand the Index bit. There's already a season 3 Index, but I'm juz fed up with that anime; I'd rather watch Asobi Asobase, Steins;Gate 0; Re:Creators; SnK s3; yep that's what I'm currently watching right now. >3

Then again I hope Kanae Itou would go have MORE roles, ya know~~~ >3 juz gotta wuv her voice. <3 <3 <3
GiancarloLS Oct 5, 2:56 AM
LOL thanks, I guess... ^^" I don't think of that as "dedication", but then again I wuv her voice since Shugo Chara. :) And she really took off, that's why I was wondering what happened...maybe the fact that seiyuus need to look like idols (Kana Hana, Haruka Tomatsu, Marina Inuoe can easily fill this role because of their looks, especially Maaya Uchida is very idol-ish)? Or that a lot of "rookie seiyuus" are in the industry nowadays, who can fill just as much talent as the renowned ones have?

There are some seiyuus that really have irreplaceable talent, and are sought (like Yukari Tamura, who retired for just months but had to reprise her role in Steins;Gate 0 and went back seiyuu-ing ever since)...and Kanae Itou has that strong voice that could have been sought for, ya know... :(
She's my no.2 most fave seiyuu, and at times no.1 when I felt KanaHana became like, overrated. XD

I've heard of that anime alright...but really, a supporting role... -_- she didn't get any main ones nowadays... there's that Tenshi no 3p, where her role was a "major support" and almost the same as her role in RoKyuBu. But really, for now she's just... being supporting... :(
GiancarloLS Oct 4, 10:20 AM
Hi, I read your comment on Kanae Itou's page, and I have the exact same question as yours. I googled around but couldn't find any news at all (or maybe those were in Japanese and hadn't shown or been filtered on my settings). Since you wrote that comment in like, Dec.2017, do you have any new info/news now about Kanae Itou? :3
Thanks. :)