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Aug 2, 2020
Umareru Seibetsu wo Machigaeta! is a short autobiographical manga about the author's experiences with sex reassignment surgery.

The author goes to Thailand, has the surgery done and goes throught the recovery process. The whole plot is just that. It's not much of a story, but the important thing is how the author shows the complete picture of the whole process. She describes everything before, during and after the operation, a lot of which was interesting and I didn't know about. The author also doesn't sugarcoat anything. She describes some of the more disgusting and painful aspects of getting a sex reassignment surgery, which makes the story read more
May 22, 2019
Even though Mangaranai. is extremely generic and simple, it still managed to be entertaining enough for me not to be able to say it was bad. It's just average.

Mangaranai. follows a bunch of aspiring mangaka who live together in the same apartment complex and their daily lives: the lazy one, the normal one, the tsundere and the drunk/pervert. Later on they're joined by a few other characters, but you get the gist of it.
The art is cute, the humour is light and there are some pop culture references here and there, but that's about it. You might get a chuckle of two out of it, read more
Dec 7, 2018
Featuring the only good character in the series, this 1 minute short is better than anything else connected to Cowboy Bebop.

Unlike the TV series, it had me invested from beginning to end, never allowing me to divert my eyes for a single moment.
Every one of the 62 seconds comprising Ein's Summer Vacation is polished and streamlined, providing a flawless viewing experience, especially compared to its inferior predecessors from the same franchise.

I feel like I don't have to finish the main series now, because I've seen the best Bebop has to offer. This is also the reason I've thrown away my Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray boxset, save read more
Aug 19, 2018
At the moment, only 307 people on MAL have read Ozanari-kun and 58 are reading it right now.

And that's a shame, because Ozanari-kun is a hidden gem.

What's most jarring, at first glance, is the art style.
The deranged Osomatsu-kun-esque character designs, which Asano Inio uses for joke characters in some of his other manga, are used here for every single character, and coupled with the often surreal backgrounds, they don't exactly make this manga accessible to people who aren't used to this sort of thing.
I, personally, love it, though. The same story could've been told with "normal" art, but that would just lessen the impact read more
Apr 30, 2017
I'll just get into it.

Story: 4

Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku is supposed to be a retelling of the last arc of the original Devilman manga, so I don't recommend reading this if you haven't read the first one, because Amon doesn't explain anything about the previous plot at all.
Not only that, but it barely even explains its own plot.

The plot of Amon is all over the place. It jumps between different time periods and stories, so it actually ends up being just a bunch of episodes that don't really add up to a whole all that well.

For example, volumes 2-4 comprise one big three-volume read more