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Days: 79.0
Mean Score: 7.98
  • Total Entries622
  • Rewatched9
  • Episodes4,910
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku
Yesterday, 2:58 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored -
Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Nov 25, 3:13 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored -
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen
Apr 22, 7:35 AM
Watching 1/2 · Scored -
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Days: 6.2
Mean Score: 9.38
  • Total Entries75
  • Reread0
  • Chapters945
  • Volumes65
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Mar 17, 1:09 AM
Reading 24/? · Scored -
Jan 23, 10:59 AM
Reading 74/84 · Scored -
Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
Jul 19, 2022 7:36 PM
Reading 132/201 · Scored 10

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Bunzy_ Apr 28, 10:59 PM
Happy birthday!!!! birthday twinssss!
Charlotte1412 Jun 11, 2022 1:47 AM
Hello! I am sorry for the trouble but I was hoping you could sign my yearbook in Annie's Cookie Shop. You may write a short message for the summer, add images, gifs, memes etc.
Thanks in advance. >.<
I will sign yours too if you choose to participate!
Keiimin May 30, 2022 10:14 PM

𝗠𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗮𝗴𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂!
Sweetalenone May 30, 2022 1:46 AM
Hihi! Would you like to sign my yearbook this year? I'll gladly sign yours as well if you're participating! 🤗
Bunzy_ Apr 29, 2022 8:50 PM
Happy birthday my birthday twin!!
Weebookey Apr 22, 2022 6:27 PM
Aye that's great to hear. The manga is peak suffering
Weebookey Mar 30, 2022 3:26 PM
Nah its fine! The anime is honestly better adaption imo and helps a lot with the some of the emotional scenes and characters are easier to know as its coloured
Weebookey Mar 28, 2022 4:46 PM
Nice anime affinity! btw I highly suggest watching Houseki no Kuni first! :))
Taiyaki Mar 24, 2022 3:49 PM

Kusoangie Mar 11, 2022 2:25 PM
ofc I haven't forgotten about you! 2022 has been busy for me as well so it's understandable :D and tysm!! ikr ganyu is so precious I love her sm T^T

oh my CONGRATS! I got her at 81 pity guaranteed after losing 50/50 to qiqi T^T guess my luck is non-existent :( and I attempted at getting her pretty bow but got skyward blade instead. I did get yun jin! (well uh, from lantern rite lol) and levelled her up to lvl70 but yea I won't be using her until I get yoimiya (which is probably never since I'm already out of primos after I got kokomi on accident :p quite sad since I really want kazuha (my fav male character) as well but I guess it is what it is :<)

and yes my motivation is slowly coming back :D I'll watch monogatari series some time soon, thank you sm for the watch order!
ahhh true beauty- my first webtoon- yup, insanely annoying -.- I'm not sure what you would like to read but some of my favs are seasons of blossom, it's mine, the boxer, and bastard (tbh those are only the ones I can think of rn) feel free to check the webtoon page and see what you would like to read yourself :D for some reason the art style matters a lot to me xD
KomachiAkako Mar 6, 2022 1:57 AM

Kempiniukas_Esu Mar 4, 2022 3:41 AM

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Araberu Mar 3, 2022 7:47 PM
Hey Mimi! No worries about the late response, take your time. /pats/ WOT?? HOW COULD I FORGET ONE OF MY DEAR FRIENDS? THAT WOULD BE A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!! (`皿´#) Of course, anytime! and thank you for dealing with my paragraph replies AND for taking the time out of your schedule to reply to me! I really appreciate it in ways words cannot describe! <3

how're you doing with that priority system? are you able to continue it consistently? :o speaking of anime challenges, are you participating in the AWC in the anime manga challenges club? (i'm 99.9% certain i messed the name of the club up woops sorry). lmaoo "hitting two birds with one stone" TT probably rather rude of me to say but is that even possible lmao (°ε° ) // haha yeah, it does seem like a rather cruel saying otz prayz yeahh, tbh i haven't heard much about the manga but in terms of which one is better, the manga seems to be more liked than the anime /sweats/. hmm shoujo-ai recommendations. ahh, sorry but it seems i have drawn a blank and i don't typically expand out to that genre of animanga TT gomen-nee! i sincerely hope you're/were able to find some good recommendations though! Ohh very nice choices! Paris is such a nice city in France TT I really hope you're able to visit there! Same goes for Japan and South Korea! The scenery and cultures look so nice from pictures * w * <3

yes! i was originally in a public school in my intermediate to 8th grade years but now i am in a private school! c: tbh my experience was probably different than most of others but in public school- well, middle school in particular, I had such a difficult time. nearly failing all my courses and the teachers were huge pains since I have a learning disability and they wouldn't respect that. /sighs/ though, besides all that though, private school has been so much better since its more of a smaller group of kids- (well, at least the one i currently attend- its bout 250 kids give or take) and the teachers and staff actually care about the students education! it's really nice! :D ooo happy to hear the restrictions of covid is dying down a bit in the UK. true, that can be rather risky though. i hope you're staying safe and healthy!

aww, thank you so much though, you're super sweet! (≧ω≦) haha, yeah! it definitely does seem to take a long time- especially since time varies for every person. huge respect to everyone who takes the time to name/create the graphics! ooo fellow rambler? i hope our rambles find a way and get along ! ╰(*´︶`*)╯ same goes to you too, then! feel free to ramble all you want, i don't mind at all! ☆ ~('▽^人) ooo thank you so much once again mimi! <3 omg someone is proud of my progress?? is this my dream come true? /faints/ AWW THANK YOU! I'M REALLY HAPPY TO HEAR YOU LIKED MY JANUARY DESIGN !!

akshja reading what i wrote before, i really did play so many gachas- geez! T w T YES! I DID TRY AND PULLING FOR XIAO IN THAT PATCH BUT I DIDN'T GET HIM TT I WAS SAD BUT THEN I GOT JEAN (who is my first five star) A FEW WEEKS AGO SO THIS MEANS I AM GUARANTEED THE FIVE STAR ON THE BANNER SO NOW I AM DEDICATING MY PRIMOS TO A GUARANTEED XIAO whenever his rerun may be TT DID YOU ROLL FOR YAE OR DID YOU SKIP BTW? OOO AND ARE YOU PLANNING ON ROLLING ON ANY OF THE UPCOMING LEAKED BANNERS? (KLEE, VENTI, KAZUHA, CHILDE, AYATO, ETC). OOOO CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING GANYU THOUGH!! IM REALLY HAPPY TO HEAR YOU WON THE 50/50!! IN YOUR FACE HOYOVERSE! OOFFF I KNOW THAT FEEL TT GRINDING FOR PRIMOS SERIOUSLY IS SO TIME CONSUMING BUT WORTH IT at least i'd hope so btw, are you an f2p? :o "new area" ... ... theres a new AREA???? WHAT??? ahh i see. well, everyone needs breaks from things so i hope you took a nice relaxing break from genshin! o/

haha yeah, they really are! and they'll probably keep getting longer #pain, i apologize in advance of course! i don't mind you terrorizing my profile so feel free to do so~ mimi 🤝 araberu
DonAngelon Mar 3, 2022 9:34 AM
Yea,I can agree with you.
Seems like the new year wasn't that fresh for you,my friend.Follow your goals and work on it,later you would get enough time for anime and social media,don't worry about it,I was busy as well so here I am,I returned from the dead and started using this app.

Happy to hear it,mine 2022 started in the worst way possible with me having a broken arm and losing an important person In my life,but 2 months later I'm now following my dreams and trying to achieve my goals,so I hope that the new year would give me at least one good chance.
meganthomson Feb 27, 2022 4:48 AM
you're pretty. will you be my valentine? ill watch banana fish for you love. <3
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