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Nov 6, 2018
As someone who has finished reading the original comic version, I think the animation studio did a pretty good job of the animated version. Not too much of the plot and characters were changed compared to a lot of other Chinese shows. The story is interesting and different, with cool and funny twin brothers being the main characters who are solving mysteries. It was nice to watch as the story is unique. There could be some improvements but it's pretty decent in my opinion. I'd recommend for others to give it a go too if they are interested in genres like supernatural and mystery.
May 10, 2018
Pretty good so far! Haven’t personally read the original novel under the same name yet but the anime seems nice. Good art style and interesting characters. Good to see more historical fantasy Chinese animes doing well. Hopefully the storyline will be good and the director won’t change any parts of the plot too much. The humour isn’t too overdone either and some are kinda funny. The only thing that should be improved is how the character’s movements can look stiff at times but it’s no big deal. Good music too and great pictures at the ED with a nice art style. Looking forward to seeing read more