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Resu inu peacu.
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Thank you for joining the Eyeshield 21 Fanclub! You're the 5th person to join. ^_^
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hmm, i see. Well i see you on from time to time. Just drop me a message every now and then so we can stay in touch. How is your Christmas going? our Christmas is going to be horrible we have to spend it at the hospital cause my grandpa had an accident so that kind of sucks.
Jolly_Kanary Dec 24, 2009 12:29 PM
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hey how come you don't want to talk any more
link9us Nov 27, 2009 6:25 AM
Oh yeah another thing i want to add that you may like is one piece is actually set to be a bit more of a mature theme then naruto and bleach. There is actually alot more violence, blood, murder, etc that adds to the intensity of the show. most action packed fights involved ripping off arms, stabbing some one through the heart and actually showing blood pour out. Its alot more violence but i like that because it makes the action more real then what bleach and naruto is.

an example of some of the blood, here is another video that shows you where the characters are getting all beat up!

That video is actually of Zoro the swordsman in the anime!
link9us Nov 27, 2009 6:09 AM
You mind if you read a bit of text. Ill go into detail why One piece rocks and why its Superior to alot of shonen's out there if you don't mind it.

I finally decided to give this anime a chance I was a fool because i was thrown off by the crappy dub and i made an assumption that the anime was going to be crap. So i finnaly checked it out. I totally do not regret it. Its probably one of the best anime series i have seen in a long time. Its still on going and currently the longest running anime series to date with up to 427 episodes.

Basically the story is bout luffy trying to gather a crew of pirate members to cross the grand line where the treasure "one piece" is supposed to be hidden across the vast world that ODU creates which is mainily a world set in the pirate error. Where there is pirates and many other evil villains. The pirate king known as Gold roger died and he made a statement to milliions of people that watched his execution. He said i hit my treasure one piece at the end of the world if you want it, go find it. That sparked up the great war and millions of pirates sailed acrossed the seas to try and find one piece. This is where luffy comes into play an boy that lives in a small island that wants to become the pirate king. At least this is how it starts out in episode 1. each character has there own individual arcs which takes place and they have there own pasts. So far i have liked everyone one of them. Once Luffy's crew actually enters the grand line is when the story really starts have plot twists and stuff and thats not till like ep 60. But the first part of the series is still amazing showing all the characters introductions and the crew members he meets. But anyway, i think this series is just amazing. Despite all the goofy animations and stuff like that and the weirdness of the characters, don't let that fool you. The story at its core is the best written story Ive come across. Everyone else says it gets better and better, instead of getting worse like most on going long running shonens. I love the music to, its so awesome! This is a series that will really grow on you. You will love the characters, you love the adventure and all the hardships they go through and of course the main characters gradually become stronger and stronger, Luffy i would say is on par with goku from dbz lol in the later episodes. That's how intense it gets.

Something i must stress though, The 4Kids dub is NOT One Piece. For the love of god, PLEASE do not think it is. If you've suffered the misfortune of seeing some of the 4Kids episodes, just erase them from your mind and start fresh. They butchered it, there's really no other way to put it. They cut episodes, changed the dialogue to fit a MUCH younger and apparently far less intelligent audience (almost insultingly so), gave the characters RIDICULOUS voices, cut all instances resulting in violence like swords, and guns. What the hell is a pirate with out a gun?? I mean come on, took out all the blood and pretty much watered down the entire series. Funimation has done a much better job in the past after 4kids dubbed canceled one piece but regardless, watching it in its original Japanese form with subtitles is really the way to go. I remember when i first watched the 4kids dubbed, I was like "what is this crap" lol well thats because they really took an amazing series that is supposed to appeal to an intelligent audience and turned it into a kids show. It was shown on early days on cartoon network. They edited it so bad that wasn't even allowed to be shown on adult swim. So yeah quite simply 4kids ruined it for all the people trying to get into the anime back in the day. They succeeded cause i was thrown off by it to and never picked it up since. Finally i started looking at reviews on this site and it has like straight 10's i was like how a can an outrageous silly anime with strange animation and goofy characters have such awesome reviews. Finally i said ill check it out and now i totally don't regret it. I can see what there taking bout. I am impressed how Odu (story writer) threads and ties in each story arc perfectly, its not episodic like alot of shonen's seem to feel like that. Each story eventually ties to every other and your just swept up in a grand adventurous, action packed series with drama. There are alot of scenes that will take you by surprise to, you will fall in love with the characters and actually feel for them. Truly i think thats why this anime deserves a medal, its pretty outstanding! I love the creativity that ODu puts into every new world and how much depth each character has. Let me explain to you why one piece is such a success compared to naruto and bleach.

Okay, first thing first, let's get things straight. What makes a series long running? The answer is the editorial system in Jump company that forced any popular series to continue uninterrupted. Many mangaka found themselves 'trapped' into the system. Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece is among the list of a series that was forced to continue because of their popularity.

What makes a long running series successful? The answer is consistency. One Piece is consistent because the author carefully foreshadowed and ties in things in his series and developed it into the later story arc. He gives almost no room to plot holes in his series. He keep us intrigue with the mysteries in One Piece but unlike other series, One Piece explained what the mysteries is. I have a lot of question when following Naruto and Bleach but then, I realized, it's pointless. The author never explained what I was questioning. I even found one interview by Kubo (story writer of bleach) where he stated he doesn't plan everything ahead.

Interview said:
PWCW: Now that Bleach has been going on for a bit, how do you keep the adventure and the story fresh?

TK: I think it maintains a freshness because when I create manga, I don’t think about what’s going to happen—I just come up with an idea and let it flow. It’s a weekly installment, so I have a very short time to create manga, but the good thing is that because it’s short, I can come up with the idea and start creating it.

PWCW: Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation that made you say, “Uh-oh”?

TK: I don’t really face that kind of situation because it’s a long story and sometimes I forget what’s happened in the past, but I read the previous volumes of Bleach and that usually helps me to create and have a new idea.

This is different from Oda. He planned everything. There are a lot of interview where he hinted something to happen in his series, and we actually get what he was hinted at. There are even plenty of foreshadowing you can detect whenever you re-read or watch the series.

That's one of the most important aspects if you want to follow a long running series. Always make sure the story is well developed and planned out. Otherwise, you basically follow a series that's going nowhere. You watch and read pointless episodes/chapters and got no plot development whatsoever. (IE naruto, inuyasha, bleach)

This is also the reason why One Piece has less filler than Bleach and Naruto. After looking at a episode list on one wikia with 426 episodes so far, One Piece only has less than 60 episodes of filler, and the filler are usually short and was put after the story arc ended. Bleach with less episodes than One Piece produced more filler material (and don't get me start with Naruto infamous continuous filler episodes).

lol anyway sorry for that LONG message. I just want to say if your into shonens, One piece is by far the best one currently. I mean its rare for any shonen anime to have straight 10s across the board in a rating system. Most people rate shonens bad just cause they hate the genre. One piece has alot of reviews on this site and every single person rated it 10 and for good reason. The series does start off kind of slow, because ODa focuses on the first part of the series with character arcs showing the characters, you wont know that at first but once you get like ep 24 you will start to see it coming to light in the plot and understand what all those arcs mean. Now to just to give you a taste of what the series is kind of like. Here is a amv video that shows some pretty cool action scenes. My avatar btw is Luffy, hes the main protagonist. Along his journey he meets like 10 other comrades. It just gets better and better. Like with bleach it was amazing during the soul society arc but started to loose its pacing when it got to around the arancar arc. That was just sad. One piece stays consistent and follows the manga to the key. With 428 episodes so far and only about another quarter of the series left to go, its been going strong and has not lost its touch yet. I seriously recommend you check it out. It may be your most favorite anime series. It is for me. I made my top 5 easily.

Let me know what you think of the video.
link9us Nov 27, 2009 5:51 AM
Hey man long time no see? You never on msn huh. If your on here drop me a line every now and then. I'm always on this website every day so you can chat to me here pretty easly. Btw I'm currently watching the best s honen anime ive ever come across. If you havnt yet checked out One piece yet, i encourage you to give it a try. If your a fan of bleach, naruto and other shonen type series. You will absolutely LOVE One piece. Currently its my most favorite anime right now. Its so much better then bleach and naruto, its not even funny. I erge you to check it out. You will witness some of the most epic fights you've ever seen.