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Mar 16, 2014
This anime gives a better portrayal of batman,not just as a crime fighting knight but also the very essence of bruce wayne. The awesome thing about this anime is that,the looks of batman changes and so his mentality.some of it's episodes reveals the beginning of batman and how he managed to become the greatest hero of all time .the story is great and so is it's animation.for an avid otaku Gotham knight is a must watch because it changes the perspective of what we call has potryed batman as the most badassed hero of all other anime character could ever reach read more
Mar 15, 2014
Not the anime we deserve but the anime we needed, nothing less than a perfection,shining.I watched this anime a while ago and watched it bit by bit,inch by inch and i have to say it's not everyone's cup of tea.The show starts with a rather abrupt and uneasy beginning and may not appeal to large masses because of it's violent genre(violent yet emotional).it's a story of a young mutated girl,learning human ways and finding a way to fill a hollow hole which was left open years ago .Elfen lied is a brilliant anime and one of the best anime's ever made.this anime gives a deep read more