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May 14, 2011
Usavich (Anime) add (All reviews)
Well, I think most people will think there's something wrong with me giving Usavich such a high score. But I really did enjoy it XD It IS a pretty original series. [haha]

Evidently, this series REQUIRES suspension of disbelief for one to actually enjoy it. So if one does take the content of the show seriously, it's completely very nonsensical. Basically just don't take anything this show has staidly and you'd enjoy it.

Two rabbits, Kirenenko and Putin, are stuck inside a Soviet prison. Basically it's poking fun at the Soviet Union if you know even a small amount of Communist history. Overall most episodes can be read more
Jan 14, 2011
Well, I think I'd say I really liked AD. It's definitely the typical Aki work: Beautiful art, nice plotline, but gradually decreasing quality of work as the chapters go on.

For some reason, whenever Aki's manga becomes popular, she either ends it or the quality of her manga goes down. This manga started off great, but after chapter three, you can see that some areas like the background become less and less detailed until much the page is just blank except for a few characters standing there and some flowers. It actually became much worse in read more
Sep 18, 2010
Olimpos (Manga) add (All reviews)
[Forgive me for my messy-ness.. >< My first time writing a review on Myanimelist ;w;]

Here we go!:

Aki did a very, very good job on this series. However, I wouldn't recommend Olimpos to readers who are new to Aki's works.

Cons: Why? This series is extremely confusing to readers who aren't used to Aki's storytelling style. For instance, many readers complained how the plot was confusing and strange. But for other readers, like me, who have had experience reading works of Aki understood it fine. So the only way for one to understand the plot is to either read a lot of Aki/ get used to her read more