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Hello ! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ I'm melody but you can call me melo !

Hello ! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ I'm melody but you can call me melo !

Thanks for coming to my profile !

I like any genre of anime I'm mostly into shonen and shoujo though ! Recently I've really been into some long anime so if you have any recommendations feel free to dm me ˋ( ° ▽、° )

I like to draw and play some instruments as well. One of my big hobbies is learning languages although I'm not the best at it BUT I try my best ! (can currently blabla in Japanese, french, english and a bit of javanese ಠ╭╮ಠ) I draw too!

I review a bit sometimes and I like to make friends so feel free to friend request, comment on my wall or dm me!

Hope we'll get along ! (╯▽╰ )

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KeizerKuzco Apr 3, 3:57 AM
I really gotta finish my sentences huh??? Well, guess that's what happens when I'm faced with the overwhelming tremble of a thousand cats and more to come, it brings tears to my eyes in a way my cat hair allergy never could.. wait why am I sneezing. (No idea where I was going with this, the mind works in mysterious ways..)

Just put in some headphones and ignore the screams of your dying laptop. Make the machine fear their mortality to keep it in check. But what you playing?? Still mostly terraria?

Get some self-confidence in there or I'll force it into you (respectfully). Also, I just finished the apothecary's diaries one and I gotta say, not bad not bad. Or I'm just a simp for Chinese history. So if you still need an injection of gooberness straight into your blood circuit you can't really go wrong with it.

Woohoo, free cat food. Looks like I'm eating good tonight *crunch crunch* I love how nerfed Gandalf was for pretty much all the story and once in a while he just decides to save an entire country in like 5 minutes because he feels like it. Like sir, I think they could have used the help a little earlier instead of you just hitting individual people with a wooden stick. But maybe that's on me. (Btw, another unfinished sentence? Forgive me, I was still young when I wrote that)

He's just built differently, while I was living my best life scuba cat is evolving into back into a shark and while I was stuffing my face with processed cheese or sth he was emptying every last nutrient in the south pacific to grow into a monstrosity of a beast.. (He will defeat the Kraken, I feel it in me bones)

I mean, Griffith certainly did some things wrong but have you considered the fact that he pretty boy privileged his way out of that??? Can you really blame him for all his mass slaughter?? I'd forgive him tbh.. Don't know what happens to him after the movies but boy do I hope to see his wooing face return.

Don't talk to me about Duolingo, still sour about not being able to win the diamond league and losing my streak... Not that I deserved it, I was just gaming the system for points and learned absolutely nothing, which is obviously Duolingo's fault. And maybe a dumb question, but is there a sizable indonesian/javanese community on the island or are there just some scattered people that happen to know a little?

Ooh lol, 14 more to go before you win the battle royale and become the island's authority on Japanese. The battle will be legendary.

Hi, I'm with the french environmental ministry and had some questions regarding the sudden mass extinction of all sealife around new caledonia after the arrival of a certain furry creature with gills, care to answer for your ecocide???!!!

Hmmmmm, 10 days and 2 hours.. we can get those numbers down.

Take care of the 'creatures' for me.. ~_~ (Wow, what a design, took me 10 whole seconds to come up with wavy glasses Bob)
KeizerKuzco Mar 23, 3:11 PM
Yeah those things happen, no worries. I thought you'd just given up on this site alltogether tbh. Which is pretty understandable. But behold, for our cat lady has returned with her

You know, it's almost like I'm real as well (as far as I'm aware at least). But that's pretty interesting... I pretty much only spend all my time hunched over this laptop when I'm actually doing something with my life. I just can't get myself to watch some anime/movies when I'm not busy with something else.. It's all just to clear my head, although 'clearing my head' mostly takes hours after thinking seriously for 12 minutes or sth. So I guess that means you gotta get your ass back over here and force yourself to watch more moving drawings... (or not, your choice).

There's no such thing as a free lunch.. unless you're willing to ship it across 16.5 thousand kilometres and have some moldy mess ofc.. But I trust you of all people can do it, being a wizard and all. And I don't expect that much of Gandalf really. He's just there watching it all fall apart and

Show me Scubacat's diploma then.. just because you told him how to do a little suckity suck from a bottle underwater doesn't mean he's not a menace to society. Is he like the immortal snail that kills you when it touches you??

OOh, how could I have been so foolish to forget simping for Guts.... But, I honestly like my mentally broken lil' boy Griffith more in the end of the show. Just seeing how he fucks it all up and then just decides to swallow the entire human race in return is so inspirational. Those are some solid goals.

You speak javanese in daily life as one of the 3 then?? Can't relate tho as I'm obviously a natural at learning languages (in my head, the moment I try to use them for real my brain performs the sacred technique of 'shutting down' and making it awkward before switching to English).

Ahh, the good old ruining someone's reputation (don't know if he even had one).. sounds deserved tho. I knew you could make this licensed™ therapist proud. *nods approvingly*
'Well, I don't wanna flex' (followed by flexing). But good for you.. Also, only 16 in a class? I chose a kinda popular study so my classes are a bit above average in size, but we started with around 600 in the same classrooms.

I don't think I want to be someone that unironically uses the word rizzz tho.. But I'll take having swag.

I'll hold you to that. Stopwatch just started.. But take all the care and feed scuba cat for me. (can he eat through his diving mask or has he developed gills? Just need to know)
KeizerKuzco Feb 26, 2:36 AM
Heyy heyy, I'm actually doing pretty good. Can't really (but will) complain...

OOhh no, critical mistake.. I was being vague again. Didn't mean anything with it. As you know, I'm the very pinnacle of kindness (and humility). Don't know how busy you still are but as a certain Japanese man in a lake would scream at you: NEVER GIVE UP!!

I think they mostly are worn by mean yeah, not that I had a proper one but it did the job.. I mean, older guys confidently wearing a kilt is peak fashion. I'll call it cute, even if you won't. (Ignore me just cutting off my sentence last message, proofreading is too hard fr)

That's what I said two weeks.. followed by 20 minutes of looking for my good pencil and one (1) entire 3 minute doodle. I've actually been cooking as a hobby for years, I still cook around 3 days a week. I often just can't be bothered to get groceries but if I do I'm unstoppable in the kitchen. Tbf, i don't even really like puzzles but they're great for killing time, time I'm definitely not procrastinating on something else. Wait, you're a mage as well?? Together we can reach new heights in the art of watching *free* shows.

I may have been laying things on a bit thick, it's mostly pretty light green tea with little caffeine but thanks for worrying.. It warms my heart. Or maybe that's just because of the ... (I get it, I'll shut myself up).

I actually really liked the 90's berserk show, made whatever the 2016 tried to be look pathetic.. (I honestly don't remember what there was to simp over in the second movie)

Nooooooo.. Scuba diving cat forgot his oxygen bottle and isn't scuba training verified.. He doesn't even grasp the intricate details of water pressure. It's so over.. I can't help them anymore at this point. I cant believe you let him go off like this. How irresponsible.

YES, I feel like I'm finally making some real progress in Mandarin lately. So that's nice I guess.. Now I just need to not forget all my other languages in the process. (Help me, I'm forgetting basic words in dutch.) But I'm always excited, didn't you notice that already?? I thought it was overly clear smh.. Yippee (or sth)

I would never be dramatic, what are you talking about?? Okay maybe I am but don't blame me for adding a little spice to life and spilling the entire bottle. Good luck with the guy tho, have you considered emotional manipulation to solve your problems with him?? (Don't take any legal advise from me, I'm just a lil' guy. Not like I would know anything) oh, and I'm always down to play the role of the worst therapist you can imagine by listening to your troubles and then just not knowing how to properly respond.. Don't feel pressured to share tho

OOh I would never go that far, it also gets old after a while if you're not deeply invested. I survived for years with a frame rate of around 10/20, wouldn't want to go back but it's not gonna stop me. Is it that much heavier on your pc than Terraria??

Yeah, good luck with it.. How big are your classes then because mine have hundreds of people and I still don't know over half of them after almost 2 years.. But yeah, take care, by all means enjoy the tuff life..

Yoo, I have rizz? ooh nevermind then. Got my hopes up for a split second there.

But take care and until next time!! {:3 (He's wearing a straw hat)

KeizerKuzco Feb 12, 6:15 AM
Yeah, I'm hanging in there. (Nothing dramatic) Sure, just seizure your way out of reading

Ay ay, made the critical mistake of going out in a kilt for some holiday and the amount of people that feel comfortable to just flip it to find out the age old question of what you wear underneath is concerning. I mean, I'll just laugh it off but still.. Not like I feel

Actually, maybe I'll try drawing out again sometimes. I've been looking for new things to get into that are you know.. not online. So far I've been mostly just puzzling or sth. I've heard enough then... My magic's called pira.. *the rest gets blurred out

Yeah okay fair, I'll handle the caffeine like a champ.. (By shaking uncontrollably)

I especially like the 2016 version.. brought tears to my eyes. The way I had to drop that in the first episoede because I know I can't go back to anything else if I watch such a masterpiece. (I'll probably read it sometimes, planning to atleast.)

Ooh come on, you have your army of cats and won't even allow me to use a few dots and a letter? That's what we call stingy in these parts.

I mean, it's more than me so who am I to criticize the guy. But what is Santa?? Anyways, can't wait to see him next year.. so excited.

Good question, don't know that myself but I'll be dramatic every step on the way to finding out.. as you do

I won't be a toxic JoJo fan *inhales slowly* But no I fully get why, it's just random shit thrown together. I always feel like I wanna play minecraft again, get hooked for 2 days and that's it for the year..

Sure will!!
KeizerKuzco Feb 3, 3:26 AM
Wait,,, your life doesn't revolve around me???? No way I can believe that..

Sure, there's only so many times you can talk about a potato from 7 messages back... I'll try to keep 'em a little shorter from now on then. And btw, I ain't no damn whippersnapper!! -he-

Hard choices, but I'll go for the creep drama. Seems the most impactful out of the three.

Jail worthy taste?? OOh come on, just because it probably puts me on a watchlist somewhere doesn't mean that my taste's bad.. Right?? Right?? (Not like I've ever even thought about watching it, unless someone else here. So maybe I have the superior opinions.)
When I say I started drawing and gave up I mean I tried for a few hours at most. But I've seen a lot of people comment on the Pewdiepie learning to draw thing so maybe there's hope for me.. Or twitter is just lying, but I don't think they would ever do that.
I distinctly remember you not being able to say the name of 'the site' you watch anime with on here, don't know if that's related to you buying everything on blu-ray or not. (:3c yooo the cat's back)

Thanks you for the advice, I will most definitely take it to heart.. *sips on tea*

Yeah, how'd you know?? I've never met a single person that didn't completely fawn over me once I pulled out the Berserk references.

Those who can't die can still be launched into space by mount Etna to be frozen eternally. So get rekt.. (Don't mind me stealing the cat teehee :3c)

Look, props to the guy for having fun with it but there's no way I consider learning 20 basic sentence the same as learning a language. Also, I just think he's kinda annoying. He's pretty good at Mandarin tho. (As far as I know)
How can I stay positive when I'm not even recognised as a person by Santa??? It's so joever for me

And just like that I've ensured I won't get complimented again.. oof

I'd say the best parts are from part 4 onwards but I can't blame you at all for not watching through 72 episodes to get there. I only have 24 minutes to go before I'm done with it forever. (It took me more than a year to get this far.)
Yeah, sorry to disappoint you but I'm still in the beginning of the first and have kinda given up on it. I'll probably play through the story eventually but 100%... let's not expect too much. It's also mostly just grinding minigames for hours.
I agree, I'm so cool for enjoying the most popular game of all time, really an acquired taste.. (This sounds so condescending, nothing wrong with minecraft.

Sure did, can't complain about a little vacation here and there.

Well, seems a bit late to wish you a happy new year at this point so good luck with getting absorbed by school. (Your words)
KeizerKuzco Jan 2, 2:02 PM
Okay, here's my honest review to the dummy head mic ASMR anime (it had to be done):

It started of really strong, by not explaining anything and just jumping straight in letting the 40 year old dude that was run over by truck-kun (how original) turn into the microphone of the ASMR club, a bold start. What does he do you say... nothing, he is an inanimate object and has maybe 3 lines. But then, the second episode hits. The fanservice is so standard and poorly executed that it already feels overdone at this point (foreshadowing). The plottwist: he's a bike saddle this time and moans when an underage girls sits on him... The series goes on like this and tries to be philosophical at times, such as when he turns into a chicken and gets eaten, instead of feeling bad he's *excited* and loves the inside of the underage school girls (huuuuuuhhhhhh) but you know, that's the everlasting cycle of life that has been predetermined to occur. I would like to stop this review right here, but no. We're only at episode 3. After that it's just the same scenario repeated 9 times, the dude turns into an inanimate object, has a creepy sexual one-liner when being *used* while the girls act the way a 37 year-old virgin would expect schoolgirls to act, by only talking about lovestories or their bodiysizes in an over-pitched high squeaking voice.

The verdict: It could have been a dumb meme show, although tropy, if it just stuck to comedy but no, it's just straight up bad. At the very most 4/10 because the animation quality and voice acting was actually pretty good. Who approved and actually spent money on making this?? I'll banish this from my memory now. And yes, I might be an M. (Me or a loved one might be entitled to financial compensation.)

Btw, just realised after all this that the synopsis is:
''After reincarnating into a dummy head microphone, the protagonist gets involved in the lives of high school girls who do ASMR. The comedic anime will follow these high schoolers as they aim for the ASMR Koshien.''
This is straight up a lie, only one of 3 characters does ASMR, there are 2/3 references to ASMR in the show at most and I'm pretty sure the ASMR koshien isn't mentioned at all. And if it is it's definitely not an integral part of the story. I mean, the subtitles were also full of mistakes and could be called slightly misogynistic at times when compared to what was actually said in the show but that's going too deep into this. Remind me why I did this again?? At least writing the review was more interesting than sitting through these painful 40 minutes.

KeizerKuzco Jan 2, 6:42 AM
The crack is coursing through my blood and you can't keep me away from you. You will ague with me whether you want to or not... (That's not how crack works but anyways.)

Well, glad to see your concern extends to laughing in my face when I'm sick. I'll know who to call when I'm on my deathbed.
Yeah, those folks under 45 are all ruined, wouldn't be me though. I'm fully functioning in every sense of the word. *Swagly takes a long puff of a cigarette before coughing uncontrollably for minutes

I'm literally begging for any crumbs of drama I can get here... (don't feel pressured to share if you don't wanna)

Yeah, good point. Not that I will, but good point.
Wow, seems like my favorite kind of show.. how enjoyable.. It's really cool that you all draw, I tried to start drawing a few years ago and immediately realised that I just didn't want to invest the time in it. So respect for you three.
You wouldn't be.... pirating would you??? No way, aren't you buying the blu-ray cd's for every show so you can pay 200 bucks a show and watch it 3 months after its release??

Wait, tea is dangerous for the heart??? Are you really gonna tell me that daily caffeine overdoses are a bad thing???? It's so over for me.. (Typing this with a tea in my hand btw.)

OOh, I've been waiting to hear this for years. I want to be with you even when the sky turns black and the screeching demon faces devour us all. The only thing I'd ask for is to be slaughtered together.. (how cute). But until that time comes please be the only one for me. (Hallmark movie rizz)

Good thing it was so bad I forget everything except for the name. It almost made me give up on anime as a whole (rightfully so). And yes, I probably am. I'll report back on the ASMR head show in a few hours... (Wish me luck, I need the strength)

And like that you have goobered yourself a way into the guillotine. I've already reported this comment to the authorities and we both know what the French liek to do with royalty like you.. Let's see you weasel yourself out of this one. (And like that, I can finally reach the top myself. Sacrifices have to be made and you know, weaklings die.)

Yeah, I'm also shocked by these kind of cultural differences. I recently heard you guys call cheese "Le fromage''.... it's like you guys have a whole 'nother language. ( if you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking bout. I must sound like a lunatic.) Nah but really, do I have to believe that Santa is real when i didn't get anything. Not even a single piece of coal. Am I that forgettable?? (Yes, yes I am)
I had a pretty good new year, came home at 5.30 (lightly intoxicated by the devil's juice) and had to work 4 hours later.. call me a planning mastermind. (It was pure suffering, good thing noone orders food at 9.30 on january 1st)

Hell yea, the DS was peak enjoyment. I still have mine..

UUhmmm, yaayy, she's proud... I guess. (I am physically unable to receive compliments so don't mind me making it awkward)

Yeah, same. It just takes some time to type it all out. Especially if you want tot wake it asa serious as me and try not tomake any spellling mistakes whne typjing it outthe first time. (I have never learned to type properly and it's really this bad when I don't correct myself.) I've watched exactly... 1 episode of JOJO becaause I was frce to watch something I downloaded on Netflix ( no wifi). I'm still on the gaming train.. I got all the yakuza games and they take way to long to complete. After 36 hours I'm 25% through the first out of 7. This ofcourse has nothing to do with the fact that I want to complete it a 100%. Terraria does seem like a solid game. I've played a lot of minecraft over the years and I get the same vibes from it. Except for the horror parts.

As I said, I'm gonna be gone for like 2 weeks so don't expect too much from me. I'll see you again afterwards. Try to survive without me (not that hard)

And yeah, all the best to you this year. =3
Royal_Devils1 Jan 1, 8:42 PM

hope u have great happiness and good things coming your way , hope our friendship blooms many more years ><
Jeremk Jan 1, 5:02 AM
As we enter a new year, I would like to take a moment to express my sincerest wishes for you and your loved ones.
May this year bring you an abundance of joy, health and prosperity.

Let's welcome all the anime that comes our way, and let's read lots of manga for our own personal enjoyment.

We look forward to a year full of new adventures, opportunities and unforgettable moments.

Happy new year 2024
KeizerKuzco Dec 25, 2023 5:07 AM

I still feel sickly because of it but I'm slowly getting better. I thought I was over it but then the horror hit me... I'm surrounded, there's no escape. I can't leave without seeing multiple houses lined up to cage me in here, when I close my eyes I hear the rumbling of cars. Rumbling from the deep. I cannot get out. The shadows move in the dark. I cannot get out. It's coming.. (Sorry, got carried away)
If only I could be a 90's kid to constantly tell everyone I'm a 90's kid, but alas. I also tried it a while ago but realised I kinda don't wanna give all my free time away to the all-knowing algorhitm. I feel like I'm not really missing out on too much, expect for ambatublo then. And I'm not a boomer, I'm jus' saying' that these damn kids need to learn the pain of the real world. (Read with midwestern accent)

How long is this guy gonna take to figure out that being a douche is not gonna help him??? Well, his problem.
AND YES... unleash the drama, I'm begging. I'm literally on my knees rn. *Praying emoji or sth, not like this site supports that

OOh, it's that easy??? The only friend I have that also watches the chinese cartoons (derogatory) kinda moved away for uni halfway across the country and we found out about the other watching it like a month before the end of school so we never really talked about it. I have definitely only heard the praise Redo of healer has gotten, seems like a really good, family friendly, totally not sexist show. Don't see any reason not to show it to her. (I know it's not pretty but is it really that bad?? Not gonna check it out for myself)
Yeah, she's so busy she can't even spare 2 days to force herself to watch something she probably doesn't care that much about?? WEAK
That's actually a pretty nice idea, I get to watch anime for more than 2 episodes and you get to experience... uuhhhmmm.. that I can stay up for 24 hours, I forgot to respond to that part last time but know that I'm not letting it slide. (Not a threat) How do you wanna do it tho? Depends on where you're watching from. (as in what site, not your location.)

You think I haven't been the auntie for yearss??? I'm known as the tea guy, both for the gossip and the fact that I drink an ungodly amount of tea. (Definitely more than a litre a day if I get the chance.)

Yes I'm a fool, like I don't know that myself. But fools aren't forbidden from falling in love are they? We can't go on like this..I'll put my everything on the line... for you. Will you.. will you be my.... you know...... my beacon of light in this dark world??? Will you save me from the misery of a world without you??

Nooo, i'm not a little liar!!!! I would never...!! And for those catgirls, *uncomfortable silence* tell me they wouldn't be better as charcters if they just dropped the cat part. Matbe it fits in the context, idk, but please tell me from the bottom of your heart that you can look at sth like Nekopara and come out of it without brain damage. (Why did I force myself to watch that you ask?? I put it in my list without knowing what it was and then forced myself to watch it because it was in the list. Totally sane thing to do.) Have you tried just not being sweaty, it's your body doing it. So your body can stop it and just overheat.

I have stolen your title, your everything, how does it feel to have your personality snatched away from you by a common clown honking in your general direction? Thought so, you may have talent in being silly, but I was born for it. I've been selectively bred to take the world by storm. And nothing personal kid, but you're not qualified to beat me.

OOh, guess I'm dumb. I meant to say I don't really care about christmas only. I celebrate new year. We actually have this guy and before you say he looks lika an off-brand santa, I'm pretty sure this is the original and the rest of you are just copying us. You should be thankful for the present bringing man. (Or I'm just making up things, not a santa expert) It doesn't make sense to celebrate 2 holidays in 3 weeks that are kinda similar. (And I don't wanna overdose on family arguments) so I just skip the whole christmas thing.

Did you also start on the ps2??? And also the wii?? We have a cultures individual here. I'm also just playing on a laptop that definitely wasn't made for gaming, but with some settings turned down it does the job. I don't really need high shadow quality if it makes my game run at 12 fps. Ooh, I also downloaded clash of clans agaian a few months ago after not playing for literal years. Stopped playing again after a week. What do you still play then?? Do you use steam btw?? I'm down for it. (No Ptsd at all, it just hit close to home.)

Yeah, it actually went pretty well I think, I mean, I forgot an entire page worth 20% on one test but other than that I wouldn't stress.

Ooh I'm so happy now... (no sarcasm). Do you really have a right to tell me to spend less time here??? I mean you do but still.. NO reason to reality check me like that. Did you at least watch anything good???

Enjoy the christmas music for 2 more days I guess, almost free from it.

And a nice day to you as well ma'am, cya cya.. =3
KeizerKuzco Dec 22, 2023 5:41 AM
Wanna.. share the potato, like normal, perfectly functioning human beings?? (We're still talking about the potato huh?)

I'm just gonna come out with it, I'm indeed a terrible person because I saw a building with more than 2 stories yesterday. I will repent for my sins and hopefully be able to return to society in a few decades.. it's gonna be hard but with the power of friendship I'll make it through... (I love how absolutely dumb this sounds to say but whatever, that's the fun part of it)
Honestly, I'm not addicted to the ol' ticktock and had no idea what you meant. Thought ambatublo was the same thing. Enlighten me tho if you wanna. And yes, me a dingus.

Lol, who could've expected that?? I need some time to process this information, he asks.. for gas money.... on a date?? Well, pretty sure that's why he still needs to go on dates and doesn't have a partner. Not that I should care 'bout this random guy over 16000 km away, but now I'm invested.. You're not in his class anymore right?? Ah the gossip about our boy I'll miss because of it.

How'd you even get her to accept a 2-day marathon in the first place?? Hats off to you Ma'am. Just slowly nudge her to weirder/ less hollywood-esque shows and make her one of us (ruin her). She'll probably just tell you to stop before that point but that's a risk I, as an important person in her life, am willing to take. (Don't even know who she is.) Don't know when you'll do it again but have fun with it. (No offense with the ruin her)

Yeah, it's not.. But I kinda feel bad just one-sidedly attacking her.

OOh, is it just me who's not cut out for love??? My blood runs cold when I imagine your scorn, I can't live without your warm smile and soft words. Will they ever return?? Oh, how it feels to have my heart pump this freezing blood to the tips of my limbs. There's only one way out, I've known that for years. I'll show you my feelings, how fickle they might seem. Will you accept them into your heart, will you take them this time, unlike my pathetic self all those years ago??? I can't continue like this..

Noooo...... It was a joke, just a joke. Don't take it seriously... don't think of me like this, I beg you. I feel nothing for a overly high-pitched meowing anime girl with cat ears... (How has it all come to this.) Look, I'm wishing for it to be 35 degress rn, until it actually gets warm and I'll say the same thing about 5 degrees, so maybe i'm not the best source. I'm also not gonna say you should take your skin off (for practical reasons) but water tho, water so good... (Honestly no idea what I'm trying to say here. The ''Icecream so good, yum yum'' girl still lives in my head rent free after months.)

Please never feel like you have to apologise, I'm not gonna be hurt by something said on.. *checks url...Myanimelist. I just like being dramatic at times.. Don't take me seriously, like ever..

We do get a holiday for christmas and new year tho. Guess we just have a shorter holiday in summer. Not that I really celebrate any of it. But at least I have the days off.

You haven't bought anything in 8 years... That's some commitment. (Or you just don't game, idk) Actually, are you a GAMER???? (Important information)
Yeah, I'm talking about 2077, it's really had a glowup though. It's just a really good open world without any of the problems it had a few years ago. Doesn't help that when I get into something it becomes my existence for like 2 weeks before I completely forget about it and give up on it afterwards.. (The last bit sounds soo condescending, noo... You sound like a family member when I try to explain them any of my hobbies.)

Beautiful words, shook me to my core, but nah, I was just being dramatic again. My exams are already over.

Marry Christmas (that's an order, you have no choice). Once again, just take your time. Probably better to spend your holidays on something other than this site. Don't know how you can survive without wifi for a few days tho. (the boomers warned us but we wouldn't listen. I'm nothing without my internet.) Cyaaa!! =3
KeizerKuzco Dec 12, 2023 5:33 AM
You do you, I'll just get me a supermarket potato but hey.. whatever you want.

So you can excuse the rat part but being from a city is unforgivable???? Can't do anything right with you.. I really thought we could cook and have fun together, but you don't even accept me swimming in your soup (boiling). (Ubatukam???)

Well, you always have the chance to do some funny snitching if he gets insufferable. But honestly, which company would buy from some random guy with skills amounting to opening internet explorer?? (Don't know him so I'm not gonna be too negative but still... not the best first impression)

OOh you were watching with a friend, didn't catch that part. Makes sense not to try to watch OP then. Has she seen any before or is she totally reliant on some totally awesome No.1 super professional recommendation dude?? (Please don't read that too sarcastically) Also, the pure restraint of not calling you weak for not watching 48 hours non-stop is killing me. Anyways, would you do it again or is it just too much??

I mean, she definitely knows about it and is proud of it.. But I'll stop the slander, no disrespect to her whatsoever. This is just one of her quirks.

I'm kinda getting mixed signals from you, you keep telling me to stop and then come out with such a confession yourself. Just when I thought we could be happy together you break it off, turn cold. And when I lose all hope, your yearning screams out from everything you do, your movements, the way you look at me. Is there still any hope left me?? But no, it's probably just me. There's no way this is mutual. If only you noticed, maybe you do... maybe we're both too cowardly to ask.
(Yeah, romance isn't really my strong point is it??)

OOh, no worries, it also counts for catgi.. I should probably shut up. It's not even true. And I see you're making a valid point, but have you considered that my room's heating is kinda permanently turned off and the isolation isn't really existent which means that at times I'm just shivering uncontrollably from the cold with no way to stop it. Absolutely no solutions like going to another room or wearing something that's not meant for summer. If only there were ways to solve this. *Sigh In summer it's the other way around where this room just turns 35+ degrees and I'm also trying to stay alive. (Who could have though that massive windows on the side of the sun make a room warmer?

No, it's not long at all. I find these things pretty interesting but I don't really like talking 'bout political subjects online. You definitely delivered.

There's no need to continue talking about furries.. unleeeesssss. I don't see why people hate on them this much for doing pretty much nothing tho.
But if you really want to keep playing the blame game I'll take the blame on me and be the sane one that stops this conversation. (Hate it when people say that so you know I had to do it.)

Yeah, it's different. We start in August/Septembre (British spelling ftw). That's perfect tho, you can go back pretty much whenever you want but still have your own place.

Yeah, I saw it. Still need to wait until 2025 tho, expected them to not announce until they were almost ready. If the game visuals are anything close to the trailer tho then... sheesh.. we're gonna be eating good. And we're also back to Vice city which I'm not complaining about.
I've actually fallen back into gaming, I was around 2 years clean till this black friday. I may or may not have gamed around 110 hours in these last 2 weeks. Cyberpunk 2077 is so good tho.. there are like no bugs left. Could have expected that but it's like one of the best open worlds I've seen in a while.

Damn, what a way to flex your holidays to someone completely overwhelmed by exams.... (My way of saying that it's probably also gonna take me little longer to respond. But I shouldn't complain, completely brought this upon myself. And it's not like I won't have holidays as well after this.) But enjoy your holidays, are you doing anything or just chilling and enjoying the scorching sun?

Actually, kinda off topic but I got into a discussion about peanut butter and found out that one of the names for a peanut is a goober. Do with that what you want, you silly goober. =3 (That's my son, Goofy)
KeizerKuzco Dec 2, 2023 10:30 AM
Yeah, not killing is just a cultural difference I guess, that's how that works right??? And can't I even give people a potato without having to go to jail anymore?? What is this world becoming? jk

I'll let myself out if I'm a NUISANCE TO YOU!!! Literally crying rn. You could have told me to leave instead of resorting to violence. I'm so shaken, betrayal! (Always play the victim:)

Why would you ever pay someone to type in a few words on a free platform?? If you really want some AI-art just do it yourself. Please don't tell me he sells it as real art without telling people.

Look, I said I wouldn't judge but 2 all-nighters for anime doesn't sound like the way. I'm having trouble watching even 3 episodes a day lately because I keep getting bored/distracted so this seems like torture. What are you watching tho? (Is it OP again?)

I mean, not being rude is pretty much universal.. My mom's definitely the exception. I've actively tried to get rid of that kind of anxiety and I'd like to hope it has worked. I'm nowhere near the level of a Karen tho.

I mean, I'd like to get into OP but it's just sooo long. It's probably gonna take me a year to even get to what's supposed to be the good part. I don't get how such a long show can be so popular. But then again, Zoro exists and that's a pretty good selling point. (I know maybe 5 characters at most so...)

Ooh your poor fried brain, so overwhelmed with emotion for a love that was never supposed to be that it can't handle anything besides that. It pains to see us drift apart, slowly losing each other. But the truth is, I would never dare to let my love show through the tough front I've put up. Not out of morals, no, I don't care about my image. It's all out of cowardice. How it hurts to know that I will never get to feel the same as all those simple-minded people, foolishly in love. But it's too late. There's no way I can get you back now. It's not like I don't notice you distancing yourself. Am I that despicable?? Maybe I've been the fool all along.
(Credits roll, I think we're done here. This was the last one if you want, don't worry.)

UUhhmm, that only counts for the cats tho. Mostly. I mean, it might work if you're lucky. But imagine it being warm, here we're entering the 3 months where it's constantly around freezing point and you can't really go outside for more than half an hour if you're not doing sth active. (You can if you stop complaining but that's besides the point.)

But how can I be racist against French people when I literally ate a (supermarket) croissant 2 weeks ago. Bet you didn't think of that.
Do you even consider yourself French or is it pretty much just the language??

You.. you mentioned them first.. I thought I'd just have a pleasant conversation about playing with pets! But no, it had to turn weird.
What do they even do with their suits besides going to a convention once a year or sth??? Have you never wondered that? (Probably not)

Yeah I kinda noticed from your tone.. How far is it from your home, can you easily just go back in the weekends?? Actually, does your school year start in January or August?? Don't know if it's different in the Southern hemisphere.

Well, try to enjoy (and maybe even survive) your marathon!! =3
KeizerKuzco Nov 28, 2023 1:59 PM
Oh no, what have I done?? I this the mystical concept of 'consequences to your actions'??? Wouldn't have thought that existed. I normally just try to bribe my way out of those kinds of things. (Nooooohhh, I'm a good, lawful, kid. I would never.) I'm so sorry if I hurt you, you can have 75% of my boiled potato...

And yeah, I would keep an eye on those walls if I were you. No threat at all, just sayin'.

I kinda hope those people breaking their backs over the hardworking labour of filling in prompts get bored of it when the next thing comes out. Small chance but you can always hope (or cope). Until then I'll just keep making fun of them.

Actually, I take back everything regarding your sleep schedule. In the few days since my last response I fell asleep at 7 pm and stayed up until 4.30 am the next day. So maybe I should stop judging. If you stay up late everyday it's a schedule at least. And don't worry, at this rate you'll finish the books in approximately 3 years. (Source: I made it up)

You're way too happy to be a Karen for now, have you considered banishing all joy from your life to fully embrace your calling?? It's a long journey but in the end you can go back to the store that overpriced you 10 WHOLE CENTS to ask your money back. (Real story, I was always forced to go back to stores for these kinds of things, I always felt so bad about bothering them but my mom made it a sport not to 'lose' to companies. In the end she didn't even want the money, it was just to prove her point. So I've had the full Karen training arc. I'd like to think I ended up the opposite tho.)

Average smut/fanfic reader reaction. Can't even read a normal sentence anymore smh.

And here I was, writing an entire villain arc. Only for you to disregard it in the same way you disregarded your feelings all those years. But you know, those feelings are falsely placed. There's no way. The stars in your eyes that flickered with passion were out of love. But not love for me, it was love for an emotion as old as life itself, the power of the walk fully has you in its grip and you're too scared to acknowledge it. Don't come at me with those excuses until you're honest with how much control over your life you've lost. This is your destiny, this is you. I was only here to guide you to the starting point. I've filled your hea with passion and only you can break free. Maybe it was a wrog choice, as mucha curse as a blessing. But no, there is no space left in your mind for anyhting besides the art. There is no space left for me. (Okay, kinda dropped the ball on this one but I wasn't gonna make the lovers part canon in a story where my interpretation was that I was some kind of mentor 40 years older than you that took you in as an orphan. Deep lore here ngl.)

Nah, no problem. Just ignore it if it gets too dumb to your liking. I would never, never attack you for something like that. As long as you ignore pretty much all of my messages. =3 The kraken is timeless tho, pray for the beast.

As long as I'll be slaughtered and devoured in a cute way it's fine I guess. (Please don't take this out of context.) But, 14 cats, seems fun but also kinda overwhelming. Are they just zooming around your house all day?

OOh, and here I thought I found someone willing to hate on the mainland French. Not that I have anything against them, but it's just habit at this point. (Weakest excuse ever produced by man.) You pass the test this time tho, New-Caledonians seem different enough from the French. (This hill isn't even worth getting scratched on. I know I'm completely in the wrong on this one.)

Yes Melo I meant FURRIES.... as in people dressing up as a $9000 fluorescent wolf and barking at each other, to keep it tame. Face your trauma, overcome it, become it. Maybe not the last one. I mean, your choice..

Nah, take all the time you need. Are you moving to Noumea then or are there other colleges??? (The very thing you said you wouldn't do 3 messages ago.) Well, good luck with all that. You're gonna study arts right??

But well ofcourse ma'am, enjoy your week as well. =3
KeizerKuzco Nov 23, 2023 5:42 AM
To be honest, I'd rather starve to death than give someone else the majority of food out of principle. Even you, especially you. (Emotional maturity win, always go for the personal attack) I'll choose being behind bars in that case. At least that'll get me a boiled potato a day or something. Idk, haven't been sent to prison yet..

Rise up to the Machine..!! They can't stop us all, mutiny, fire, destruction.... or something. It kinda grosses me out to see some of the things it's being used for. I'll just personally ignore it but still, kinda hard to get around it. At least most AI-art still looks kinda off for now. We'll see what it's gotta turn into..

Yeah, I get you.. I have trouble reading more than half an hour without pretty much falling asleep. Especially with LOTR, Tolkien had a small, barely noticable obsession with old language. Makes it so much harder to read. (Affectionate, it's one of the best things about the books imo.) Do you have the books in English?? The first time I tried reading those was when I was like 13/14 and I had to give around chapter 3.

OBJECTION!!!! A false report to the FBI is considered a felony and is subject to prosecution according to 18 U.S. Code § 1001. Seems like you'll have some years to think about your sins. (Noooo, don't tell me you're not American and this entire argument is dumb.. Maybe we're all American deep down inside(I sure hope not.))

I get the reference, after looking it up. I've failed you once again..

I'm gone, I have been for years but you still can't get me out of my mind. I haunt you at every step, I occupy your thought, your emotions. When you think you have found happiness I'll be there. When you think you found solitude I'll be there. My legacy is all that's left of me. But you still can't shake it off. We are not so different after all, in your best moments you catch yourself thinking like me, repeating my puns. And in your worst.. you don't want to know. There is noone, absolutely noone, around to even dare challenge you as you grace the earth with your steps full of style, but devoid of their former passionate flair. In the end there was no escaping, the cycle doesn't release once it's caught on. The legacy, nothing but a curse, will be your downfall, as it once was your rise. (Okay, I'll stop.. Why is it so fun to write tho??)

No, I never noticed. All this time I was about to press the Report button out of fear. Good that we cleared that up. Your Werewolf is no match for me.. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!

I will accept my fate if that means being devoured alive by 14 kitties.. Are they strays/neighborhood cats or do you just have an army of cats?? (Sending a mob of animals to slaughter me is not my definition of okay. =3 But if you say so I'll trust you. I won't be betrayed again, right?)

I'm sorry ma'am but I'm afraid that there is no solution but removing you from civilisation, you're too much of a danger. Imagine the pain families have to go through when their kids are diagnosed with the absolutely devastating silly goober disease. It's too big of a risk, YOU are too big of a risk.

All my homies hate on French, and on the French for that matter. Well, we're in this together. Remind me why I thought it was fun to learn languages I'm probably never gonna speak anyway. (I'm currently in my weekly phase of regret.)

Wooh, didn't know Walt Disney was into pet pla... ,, uhuuhhhmmm, non-normative character dynamics.

Wait,, you have stuff.. and a life??? BETRAYAL!!! Take your time tho, I'm not hurt or anything.. (Been up to anything worth mentioning?)
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