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Apr 12, 2008
Ok, so here we are with little Yotsuba.
If you're looking for an easy-going manga, this is perfect for you.
Not many dialogues, easy to read, and really funny.

And the best thing of it is that shows you that even the sounds of the cicadas is enjoyable(tsuku tsukuboushi x]).
The "motto" of this manga is "Enjoy everything", and that's exactly what Yotsuba does and shares with us.

It's like being as Yotsuba, 5 years old again.
And she's one of a kind. I would like to have a daughter like her xD.
She is always laughing, and when she gets scared she is really cute. She also learns things read more
Jan 16, 2008
Oh my, what and incredible work of art we have here.

Diary of Tortov Roddle is really something unique, I enjoyed it very much.
It's like watching a moving panting, like running through a museum while beautiful music is being played all over the place.

It really doesn't has a plot, It's just Tortov Roddle traveling and showing us places. But oh, what kind of places.
They are so magical, with a great amount of surrealism, artistic, unique.
It leaves you wanting more. Always wanting to know what other kind of places he will visit. Places just beyond our imagination.

The art is really simple, original,different. That's what makes it read more