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Jan 6, 2011
Don't you just love when you think things go ok and then they just sink down so low?........Don't answer that.

Story: I would have given it a 6 but meh I went with 7 cause of the other 2 seasons.Firstly, NOT make a movie if you want to, in the end,skip a timeline of 50 years or so.....The biggest problem in this was the after-credits timeline skip which I believe we all could have done well without.It's practically saying to all of us '' Oh well yah...and now every1 is actually dead or damn old almost ready to die and Setsuna and Tieria are only ones ...
Oct 11, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/13 eps)
Note that this review is based on the first 2 episodes [ don't start screaming if u feel it's incomplete xD ] It also might contain some spoilers so be careful:

Otome Youkai Zakuro ,an anime about youkai and humans trying to fight together and learn to accept each other....the story might not be unheard of,but I,for one,appreciate more the way a story unfolds than if it's totally new as plot,because what makes a story good is the way characters interact and the ''pace'' of all the action.

Story: For what i saw thus far, a not very slow but not very fast paced plot is ...
Jul 30, 2010
Just finished watching it and I liked it.

Story-7,it's not uncommon,still in the Gundam form- a guy that appears incapable of doing something or common suddenly manages to fight a robot different from the others in order to protect his friends.-Despite that,the story is structurated well,though i still believe 50 minutes isn't enough,especially for the first part,in order to introduce us well to the characters.But for now we do have a presentation to the main character,Rygart Arrow,and a small idea about the other characters.

Art-10,because it is Production I.G. and XEBEC we are talking about,and it looks well for me,as a mecha-fighting anime.The surroundings,canyon and desert ...
Feb 17, 2010
The Breaker (Manga) add
Preliminary (45/72 chp)
Although this is ongoing , at 45 chapters read I think it's fair that I write a review at this point in the story .

Story : Although not completely and utterly unheard of [lol ,and what is ,in our days ?! ] it certainly has it's unique points.It takes the story of martial arts to a new level ; one with many epic battles and small details.You will find the story easy to digest ,yet not boring ,mysterious and slowly being formed like a puzzle ,not too fast ,not too slow in development. It also has very good humor sometimes and some romance [my ...
Dec 22, 2009
Kobato. (Anime) add
Preliminary (10/24 eps)
Let me start with saying this :
I doubt a REVIEW is written when the anime doesn't even have 8 episodes released, but that's what i saw here, and it kinda pissed me off.I'm not denying anyone's opinion , but they should at least be kept AFTER the anime ended ,but since we are almost halfway through , i shall make a small review myself [ must note that the review might/might not change after the anime ended]

Story: Everyone is crying on how there is no plot. I actually see it very well , but the climax hasn't been reached cause even the manga is on-going ...
Sep 1, 2009
Ok ' here we go ' [ date copyright ]
SO...Sengoku BASARA review.Note that this review is ANIME only , as it says , no connection to the games , cause personally I hate when people compare 2 things that have SOMETHING in common as if they should be identical twins. Well no..this anime is BASED on the game , so we should compare them separately.

Story: Not something outta the ordinary , like a big BOMB etc but , heck , it doesn't even need to be that way.It's simple and clean , and still manages to be pure enjoyment , but you'll only understand why ...
Jul 16, 2009
Aoi Kiseki (Manga) add
A short yet very entertaining story.
It might seem common : a girl dislikes a guy thinking he's so annoying but eventually falls in love and tries to show it her own way
But it's more to it...the characters and the 'butterfly' effect cover for a 'seemingly' normal story.
Art: waaa...such a nice graphic, you obviously fall for it from the first page

Characters: not many..but that's good,it helps the main evolve as individuals..and they are really fun

Enjoyment: it has humor but also drama and romance...what's not to like?
overall: it's a 10 for me simple-minded...but sometimes that's all a story needs xD
Apr 4, 2009
Viper's Creed (Anime) add
Well..let's see...if not for the plot at least for the awesome art this anime deserves a shot.

Story:...nothing special or outstanding but it was edible ....not very full of cliche-es but like i said nothing special.For 12 episodes i think u can resist cause it's worth a shot.A few turn-of-events but nothing special..although i liked the end..u will understand why...i gave it a 6..for fair

Art:Outstanding and first-class..that's this series strong point..although there were some scenes that were repeated cause the designers were lazy to recreate them....but it is very good and it gets a 10

Sound: pretty decent..nothing special but still pretty good..gets a 7

Character: Well...12 ...
Feb 14, 2009
Bus Gamer (Anime) add
I decided to rate it as this...because if there would have been a little more episodes i'm certain it could have gotten not good...but better..much better..

Plot:..not something spectacular..but enough to attract your attention...IF it would have been better developed..3 episodes is just's like showing us the big candy and then..after they see us drool..they take it away...

Art: It was could have been better...

Character: Stereotypes ...but it was ok...IF..there would have been time for some development..but because of the lack of sucked

Enjoyment:God..i could have enjoyed this 3 or 4 times more if there would have been at least 13 episodes...damn..*sigh

Overall:...AGAIN...a good potential....wasted..totally..disappointed
Jan 22, 2009
I'll start with my conclusion so i can wrap things up in a sentence.

This anime had the potential to be a good or even really good anime,unfortunately everything was destroyed by the author's poor writing of character and action and the small amount of episodes.

Story: It was meant to be good...but somewhere it got lost...that was mostly because of the fast paced changing scenes.For crying out was ridiculous how characters just APPEARED in a place without a good reason whatsoever,ok i understand that the story had to go that way and the authors had to bring them in that place but they could have ...