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Feb 9, 2008
This was one of the few anime series I have picked up sight-unseen, based just on reviews in an industry magazine. Luckily, I was not disappointed.

At first the story would seem to be about the young woman Ai, who we are introduced to first. While she remains an important character, as the show develops we realize the story is really about the young man Hachimaki, the jaded veteran of the “debris section”. As the series progresses, we learn more about both of them, but especially Hachimaki, and see him fight against his personal issues with life and relationships, and grow as read more
Feb 4, 2008
I hate to say, but the Onegai Teacher manga was a huge disappointment. Unlike most cases, the manga was based on the original anime and in my opinion they did not do a very good job on the adaptation. Many elements of the anime are missing (for example the character of Hatusho has practically no part in the manga) and there were significant changes in the storyline, all of which made the whole thing weaker.

My advice is to just stick with the anime, and give the manga a pass.
Jan 6, 2008
I'm a hugh AMG! fan, so I was really looking forward to this special. I have to say, I came away a bit disappointed. It was good but not really as great as I was hoping/expecting.

The animation was nice (except for a when one of the fights degenerated into a series of still-shots), but the story seemed much too rushed. Given more time, this could have been expanded into an epic story arc to rival the "Lord of Terror" arc from the first season of the TV series, but instead we get a pale shadow of that drama. read more
Dec 19, 2007
An amazing looking movie, with spectacular artwork and animation. Unfortunatly, the story and characters were not of the same high quality. An enjoyable enough movie to watch, but it fails to capture the magic of a true classic.