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Sep 7, 2016
A story about two guys but only one is actually MC who get teleported to a world that has seemingly old culture and things like magic, elves, vampires and mummies...yes...mummies are a normal thing, so generally its nothing new but at the same time its really enjoyable for anybody who likes these kinds of stories.

The MC in this show is called onto a world and he has to save the small town from its problems that are somewhat related to some religious stuff and along the way he meets different girls from different races who of course will end up falling for him.

The story is read more
Sep 4, 2016
I found this one when i was looking for manga with loser boy getting a hot chick a.k.a shounen and Hajimete no Gal would definitely be enough to satisfy you if you have a similar craving, so far the story is not all that "original" just really really enjoyable.

It does not really carry a heavy dramatic tone because of the comedy integrated in the story which for some people may feel a little bit disengaging but if you love that kind of thing then you should try this.

The characters are not the most memorable but not boring either except for the MC's friends, who actually read more
Sep 4, 2016
This short manga was an awesome short experience for me, Am not saying its the most memorable story because its not, its just a story of two rabid lovers who want to jump each others junk whenever possible and the more the dangerous and risky the conditions are the better.

Am not going to write too many words its just one of those bizarre stories that should usually creep you out because of the weird fetishes and stuff but its all well done under the blanket of love so its all acceptable with a comedy twist in the mix too.

Also nice fap fuel.
Apr 2, 2016
The title and the plot of the anime just screams Japan, All that the anime focuses on is "DAGASHI", which would mean "Candy" in English, as childish as that may sound, its a lot more deeper than that, the way candy is shown to give nostalgic feelings to people about their child hoods and take them back to those days just by looking at the packaging is something every one in any place around the world can relate to.

The anime has a very silly side to it, a lot of gags and awkward moments that just make the "comedy" tag worth it.

I don't know a read more
Mar 30, 2016
Well I went with an overall of 7/10 or "Good" for this anime but the scale could have easily fallen to the 6/10 or "fair" side, I 'm the kinda person that depends on first impressions and chooses a book because I love the cover.

This anime has got some awesome art and that's about all that I found to be great about the anime, I'm Not trying to randomly hate, I am just pretty sure that this anime could have been a lot better than what it is.

I'm gonna try and keep this as short as possible making sure you under stand exactly why read more
Mar 12, 2016
In case your also wondering if the romance is between the girl and the cat, then the short answer is YES but am sure its not as twisted as you might imagine. The story is the most awesome thing about this short anime, its not exactly something that is gonna make you tear up but its guaranteed to move you, watching "Kanojo" from the cats POV as she struggles with finding a job and the stresses of having to adjust to living alone as a new adult in the society.

story: 9/10

Like i said before, the story is definitely the best part about this anime, its read more
Feb 26, 2016
Saitama, the hero every body would really want to watch, though he has a seriously serious look on him just about always because he always bored.

seriously, I got bored watching superman beat up lame cliche super villains who want to take over the world, One punch man introduces a new way of enjoying overpowered characters, I mean just Imagine being able to take out any enemy no matter how powerful with just one freaking punch.That may sound like an anime that's not worth 12 episodes but watching One punch man's main character, Saitama, as he comically takes down one over confident and noisily boasting enemy read more