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Mar 27, 2015
Story:Not judge from first see.This story not have fan service anime that have moe characters.This is story about hardship of Musashino animation and main characters that base from life of staff of cast anime how about to each episode. but this story presents these hardships out to be comedy and slice of life.That make me not serious to follow each episode.and every episodes have good lessons that can use in real life.
Art:Not bad, it have 3D scene that suit drawn scene b animator.Have bright color tone that make my eyes strain
Sound:Soundtrack likes when you saw documentary.It so calm and have read more
Mar 27, 2015
Story:It hard to understand by watch one time and have many relax scenes but it makes this drama serie have good lesson for kids about wars and reasons to fight of them.
Art:Good , this is the one of all anime in previously season that have outstanding art.Especially,Mobile suit action scenes that born form animator drawn it and have red or blue shade when climax scene of that battle.And eyecatch dance scenes of main characters.Totally,it makes this serie easy to memorize.
Sound:Have a good soundtrack that suit this story even relax scene,battle scene,G-Self's Theme and Ending G no Senkou that have good meaning for read more