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Feb 2, 2021
You might have heard about the anime/manga as people argue about who is best girl and that was my drive as well. If you came to read the new romance-comedy manga, you will not be disappointed but it does not bring anything entirely new to the table.
The story is pretty interesting in the fact that the harem is all related so you are bound to run into all of them when you find one of them. The story is steady and does not drag on, for how long the manga is, that is. For me personally, I felt myself having a hard time to read read more
Jan 23, 2021
I'll be honest, I picked this up once but did not think much of it, even after watching the anime adaptation. After a while, I decided to pick it up once more, and there is a way I can describe this.
Imagine periodic train crashes at high speeds, because that is what this is. The story is fast paced and intense, leaving little room to sit down and think to yourself, "What did I just read?", because by then, you're wanting to read to see the next events and how they unfold.
The main character has growth throughout the story, and as much as read more
Oct 15, 2020
This is what we call wholesome hentai. The two episodes are unrelated unfortunately.
(Eps 1)
Sure, the first seven minutes are pretty generic but after that, the new character that is introduced, makes the main character and her dynamic genuine and believable. Their scenes together was very wholesome and made me enjoy it more as it actually made me more emotional than the average hentai.
(Eps 2)
So action takes place very quick, not as wholesome, but intriguing. Same as the first episode though where the first half is not wholesome, at all, but the second half has way more dynamic with a better second half.
I recommend this read more
Oct 2, 2020
Let's get this straight, I had read the manga days before this had release, and comparing them, you're better off just reading it. You lose the prologue of how Balgo becomes a dragonclad and that's really it.
What carried me through this "movie" was Noel. Waifu material, buckaroo. If you're trying to watch this to get Bleach nostalgia, then this will do it, the art style can easily be compared to that of Bleach and if you want comparison. Noel is like Rukia, Ninny is a female Renji, and Balgo is most similar to Kon.
I did enjoy Burn the Witch, don't get me wrong, I just read more
Sep 19, 2020
Look, this is a roller coaster, the type that you get on, you're climbing to the top then it's a one foot drop. You'd be disappointed, right? I enjoyed the first part more than this, in my opinion.
This part was just unbearable to watch because of the direction of the adaptation. Characters were overused, Eugeo, while others were not used enough, Bercouli, but that's just my opinion. The story felt like it didn't explain enough so I was left to give assumptions to what was going on, specifically more power based actions. I can't explain why but the art style is not to my read more