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Jul 12, 2011
you know that the manga and anime industries are out of idea when they started showing this anime. this anime has one of the most stupidest premise i have ever seen in my life that it make me laugh every time i think of it. 15 minute in the first episode i was still laugh at how absurd it was. now joking aside i am going to give my first impression on the anime, so my opinion might change by a miracle.

story - 4
one thing i have notice is that anime is trying do too much. does it want to be an action, a comedy, read more
Jan 26, 2011
now that it almost halfway i thought i should review this since i reviewed the first one. i think this winter season was a disappointment for me with some bad anime including this one. this anime could have been a great sequel to the first one which i loved, but instead they half-assed it.

the series started horrible. instead doing the smart thing and start off with a random scene and making us laugh from the start, they begin with an episode about hitoha's favorite TV show Gachi Ranger. seriously the whole f-ing episode was about it. i recommend that if you don't wanna waste time read more
Oct 4, 2010
now as you are reading this and seeing that i gave this anime a 10, you maybe thinking that i really overrate this anime or that i'm really lenient when scoring there things. well maybe you're right, maybe i do give out too many 10s. but that because i think it really deserves it. and here why

story- 9
the story most revolved around the three sisters, Futaba, Hitoha, and Mitsuba. at first i thought it would circle around the teacher yabe, which it didn't and that made me glad since he was kinda of dull and whinny. now every episode of this series has a style, read more
Apr 21, 2010
i just saw the beginning of the review for this anime saying how this is a classic. now i did not continue reading since it might influence my review of this anime. now i found it hard to watch this anime because of the character reason a not the fact that it is old. even though it was old the animation did not suffer since i really like that anime style that they use.

the story of this anime follow Ataru who is the biggest pervert in an anime i have ever seen who marries an alien name Lum because of a misunderstanding of words. read more
Mar 1, 2010
now heres an anime that challenges the controversy of age difference dating or what i call ADD. now i am against the dating of an adult and child unless the age difference is under 3 years but this anime takes it to a whole new level, introducing an age difference of at least 15 years. while i do disagree with the concept i try past it to find a decent anime with one of the best first episode i have seen.

the story is not very complex since it is just a two 10 minute episode in one describing the three little girl's everyday lives with read more
Jan 30, 2010
now this series is the worse romance anime i watched for the year 2010 so far. it had a bad start with the first episode throwing so many ecchi cliches that you will be facepalming yourself every 2 minutes. even though the series get a little better as it goes on i still have a bad taste in my mouth from watching the first episode.

the story about a guy who looks like a bad kid going to a school populated by mostly girl would catch an eye romantic anime fan like me but it fail due to the poor execution.i do say it does get read more
Nov 13, 2009
MÄR (Anime) add (All reviews)
i'm going to do this review since there is no review for thing anime yet. now i feel that this anime is underrated since MAR is a really good shounen anime. MAR is also an anime that would make you laugh in each episode and keep you interest in the story but now i think i will start the review.

story- the story is kind of unoriginal where the main character is transported to a fantasy land to help stop the evil force and save that world. yah we've seen it before, but made me keep watching because of interesting ways the fight. yes they read more
Jun 19, 2009
this episode is one of the many ending that could happen in Detective Conan. it show us what it would be like if Conan did not turn back into Kudo and what will happen to him in 10 year.

now i been watching alot of Detective Conan waiting to see what might happen to him and the black organization, while think of the Case episodes more like fillers but i still enjoy watch most of them of it and waiting for an episode like this.

even though it just a what-if-episode i still love it
and any Detective Conan fan should see it.
Apr 21, 2009
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
this is my first review so i thought i start it with the first anime (besides pokemon) that i have watch Naruto. i used to love naruto when i was young being hook on to every episode, waiting eagerly for the next one to come out. it was a good anime and i think it a great anime to first start watch anime. now that my options is out lets start the review.

story- The story is about a boy named Naruto who has a nine tail fox seal in him has set out to become the Hokage of the leaf village. i kind of like read more