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Jul 6, 2019
Promare (Anime) add (All reviews)
A Review of Promare:

Six thousand people sat and stood in wait for twelve hours for this movie. They got more than what they came for.

When the movie started I remembered just how good Kill La Kill was; not overall, but at the beginning. You know, the first five minutes where the entire setup and exposition of the show just blows the skin off of your face and you fly backwards down a giant obsessively beautiful mountain of detail all to fly forward on the ground into a close up of Ryuko's face...

Ryuko: "So this is Honouji Academy..."
Audience: *gargling noises*

That was pretty good... Promare made read more
Dec 28, 2017
Inexplicably wondrous and enchantingly beautiful.

If you've ever seen an episode of Mushishi, you probably have felt some of what this manga will make you feel.

If you've ever read Omoide Emanon, you probably have felt some of what this manga will make you feel.

I can fathom no way to improve it, other than that I want to feel more of what this series made me feel.

A perfect series can end one of two ways. It can end with all ends tied and all arcs closed, or it can leave you with a longing to erase your memory of the series so that read more
Jul 3, 2016
Review of "Your Name."
Directed, Written, and Created by Makoto Shinkai

"Your Name." is, in a word, a journey. A journey into what will surely be the future of cinematography, as well as a journey on a grand emotional roller coaster.

Technically speaking, labeling this film a "masterpiece" is an insult by omission. Given that Shinkai is a master, anything he makes is obviously going to be a "masterpiece," but among silt there is gold, and among gold there may be diamonds. This movie is a diamond, easily the prettiest feature length film I've ever seen; more so than even fetishistic attempts to be just read more