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May 3, 2018
I’m honestly enjoying this anime so much, I look forward to the next episode every week.

‘Love is hard for otaku’ to me, is a simple, funny and cute series with some references here and there, displaying the struggles and benefits of relationships between otaku, whether it’s just a friendly relationship or something more.

The main characters all have their own characteristics and interests and lets be real, Hirotaka is hella cute I am shaking. Anyways! The relationships between the mc’s are developing as they get to know each other more and more and I am truly enjoying that journey, especially the little fights between Hanako and read more
Apr 28, 2018
! I have not read the manga and am judging the anime only !

!! Contains spoilers !!

From what I read before, this anime sounded fairly promising for the vampire genre. "It’s not your typical Twilight story", they said. That’s right. It’s worse than that.

The first 15 minutes were decent, the art isn’t my favourite but it’s not something that ticks me off much. Then we have a few characters, one that we thought would be the main, then gets arrested 5 minutes later. And the best part: your local vampire cop sexually assaulting Tsukasa; the mc who, of course, falls in love with him and read more
Apr 6, 2018
! Contains minor spoilers !

For those who don’t like reading long reviews, here’s a short one!

Violet Evergarden, to me, was a very enjoyable anime. From the detailed, almost ethereal art style to the characters, story line, soundtrack and beyond. I won’t go into full detail, but let me tell you about the main things I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy as much.

One thing that made Violet Evergarden a great anime to me, is the development of Violet as an individual, discovering her own feelings, those of the people around her and trying to understand the meaning behind them. She grows from an “emotionless war tool” to read more
Feb 13, 2018
I started watching this while I was joking around with my brother but there is more to Micchiri Neko than meets the eye.

Each episode is roughly 3 minutes long (the ending theme seems longer than the actual episode lol) and is divided into short, random sketches that are cute, funny and basically enjoyable. Very deep-going and important (and sometimes relatable) character info is displayed in between the sketches which makes Micchiri Neko even better! And the jokes aren't that bad either.

I recommend this to everyone who wants to turn their brain off and just watch some random scenes of random cute cats doing random things.