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Aug 2, 2019
This is going to be a short review after almost 11 years of the show existing. I don't have time and I feel like I have to share how I feel about this show.

Story - 8/10
the story of Toradora follows a scary looking dude and a short but fierce girl on a quest to win love. nothing special, but it sets itself apart from the tropey school romcom bullcrap that we all know by slowly drifting itself into an intense drama with extraordinary character development. story itself was rather average, but I think it's the characters that make the show what it is.

Art- 9/10
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Apr 7, 2019
DISCLAIMER: this review is intended to be read after you finished the show, so you can see some idiot who dropped the show after 7 episodes ramble about the tropes he does not like.

I feel as if these types of romantic comedies are exactly the same. We've seen all the same tropes countless times. I usually enjoy these tropes, but in this show, they're completely boring, and almost painful to watch. Please excuse me I am not a native English speaker.

The story is rather average, a lot of things are very predictable. I laugh at the show occasionally, it is funny but like I said read more