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Sep 27, 2016
Once in a while, there's a movie that can catch you attention right off the bat. This one wasn't one of them. I was, regrettably, playing Fire Emblem Fates (the shipping game be too strong). But what really caught my attention within maybe 10 minutes was the eerie atmosphere. Bear in mind that I had actually forgotten the synopsis and I was being nagged to watch this movie. Maybe I'm imagining things but even with the first few scenes, my impression was that this story can't be a slice of life story. There's an ethereal force that would move it and I was not wrong. read more
Dec 14, 2015
"Studio Ghibli!" At first, you might even think, "Wow, this is a ripoff of Spirited Away" yet its fresh and different. There isn't a single moment in this movie that fails the expectations of the premise. Maybe I'm the only one but I found out about this movie through a Youtube video of Kings by Lauren Aquilina.

Story: 9

Like I said, first thought of this movie might be just that its a ripoff. But at the same time, the overall feeling put into the plot is quite well crafted, where each moment in the story gives to the overall tone, never quite overdone. Our protagonist, Hotaru, read more
Sep 26, 2015
I sat down and this summer and started to watch what looked like possibly the best anime of the summer. I sadly have to say that it ended up being the "most disappointing anime of the summer." For starters, the idea was seriously cool and synopsis was awesome. But, with all of that aside, a trainwreck started.

Plot: 5

The story is the main part that disappointed me. Initially, the first episode was a great opening into this world of powers and whatnot. Then the plot followed the "bad guy of the day" format, which got increasingly stale with each episode. This is the beginning of a read more
Dec 16, 2014
Guns! War! And a crazy protagonist, what else could you ask for? Violence and gore? Check. Freaky dynamic characters? Check. A plot? Half-check. Jormungand is a very interesting anime that caught my eye when I was browsing through my list of anime to watch and here's why:

- Story -
The story itself isn't too memorable. It followed a pseudo-enemy-of-the-week type of format, where the enemy of the week was an arc on its own. The drive was centered around arms dealers and the arms market. That might sound too professional, but whatever the plot was for the arc, it always accumulated to an epic deathmatch read more
Dec 16, 2014
The magical warfare. Where to begin? Its an epic tale of conflict with shounen ideals and stride. Its an enthralling tale that captivates the hearts of casual watchers like myself. And did it? No.

- Story -
When it comes to having a plot, the anime nails it for having a premise. But is there an actual plot? Not particularly. The first half of the anime is devoted to introducing the protagonists and hinting that Takkeshi might just be a super powerful magician by the end. The second half kept me on the edge of my seat because, well, it was so rushed that even read more
Jun 2, 2014
Okay, so this is my first review...


The plot was rather garbed and a bit hard to follow. In the first half the plot follows the "enemy of the week" format before leading to a rushed climax. However that was expected since the the first half of the plot had to introduce things. The 2nd half was better paced and had a more coherent path along the plot. While not exactly original, the story amalgamated enough ideas to make it seem interesting. Overall the pacing felt uneven (at least initially) which made the plot feel less favourable. Honestly, the story itself would've been amazing if the read more