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Jan 14, 2019
Sinking away into her thoughts, while laying around doing little to nothing, she starts pondering her existence more and more. And so, a relatable story takes form.

It centers around the daily life of Izumi Sumi, a self-loathing, bored 25-year-old woman who keeps thinking about why she is alive. She feels like she doesn’t do much, and there is nothing really happening in her life, resulting in an endless spiral of boredom. Aside from that, she’s constantly worrying that she isn’t doing things right. Often she realizes that she is distancing herself from others out of a sense of anxiety, and then blames this read more
Jul 3, 2018

Sweet, now I got your attention.

All right, if you are into High School DxD, you’re gonna like this. If you are not, then why are you still here? If you haven’t seen it, then go watch the other seasons first, otherwise you’re going to be clueless.

In fact, for those who have mostly forgotten, I’ll give a 4-sentence summary of what previously happened(Then I'll immediately get into the review.):

Issei has the Sacred Gear of Red Dragon Emperor DDraig. He has become a demon of the Gremory Household, most of which consists of girls who are attracted to him. Already he’s gone up against numerous read more
May 12, 2018
The beloved shounen series is back again, adapting some of the manga’s finest arcs.

Although it starts with a slightly unnecessary, but well-handled recap episode, it gets right to the story afterwards, starting off with some cool set-up and character moments. Then, things get serious.

Suddenly, villains are everywhere, putting everyone to a test.

What is so loveable about shounen is the theme of not giving up and pushing to the limit, overcoming your obstacles no matter how great they are. Which BNHA exemplifies. On one side with the battles themselves. Especially the fight between Izuku and the physically superior Muscular will have you hyped, read more
Apr 28, 2018
A combination of a great superhero in a great medium, Batman Ninja made for an entertaining romp, giving something for both fans of the character and anime to enjoy.

The story is pretty straightforward, focusing mostly on the Batman vs Joker part. Everything is fast paced and seems to be fuelled by the Rule of Cool (as expected from the writer of Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill), making for some truly awesome stuff going on. Rarely does the story waste time or stretch things out, keeping me entertained from beginning to end.

Speaking of entertained, while some might be sceptical about the CGI, the read more
Jan 12, 2018
A series from Studio Trigger and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi, Space Patrol Luluco is kind of what you would expect: being over-the-top fun.

13-year old Luluco lives in a town where humans and aliens live together. Her father accidentally freezes himself, which brings her in contact with the Space Patrol, who recruits her with little explanation needed. Now she has to deal with all the unfolding crazy hijinks. Although the 13 episodes are only 7 to 8 minutes in length, there is an overarching story tying everything together, with the Space Patrol crew going on an adventure, running into all kinds of things. Usually, these read more
Dec 21, 2017
There is basically no story in the two-minute clip that is 1/100 Train Station. Also, it's devoid of sound. However, it doesn't need any of that, since it's main point of interest is likely the visuals.

The animation in this clip consists of stop-motion, and therefore it doesn't look like a typical anime. This doesn't mean it has no good visuals. A lot of work has been put in, by including as many paper characters as possible and making them all move, so that it resembles an actual, fastforwarded day in a train station. On top of that, it includes a X-ray moment where you can read more