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May 30, 2014 3:36 AM
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A7medAbugabal May 24, 2017 12:49 PM
"السلام عليكم "نادي قراءة المانجا
الفكرة اننا نختار قصة"ترشيح ثم تصويت" / نقراها / ونتناقش فيها
ياريت تشرفونا :) بدايه جديده, ولو تعرف حد ممكن يكون مهتم قولولوا
ABHISHEKV Dec 25, 2015 7:31 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D
-winnie- Oct 6, 2015 1:16 PM
Hiya :D Yes I loved Lady Oscar <3 I do remember you telling me to watch it so I'm glad you recommended it. I also watched Romeo Blue Skies another favourite of mine, I see it's your favourite too. It was such a lovely anime about friendship. How are you? Do you still have time to watch much anime?
LoveSong Jun 16, 2015 6:53 PM
GoodKid15 Dec 25, 2014 1:37 AM
Happy Birthday !
ABHISHEKV Dec 24, 2014 10:50 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D
Van-De-Mas Nov 24, 2014 2:09 PM
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
أختي عملت أستعراض للأنمي
على اليوتيوب أتمنى
دعم القناة بالأشتراك وعمل لايك [ أذا أعجبك الأستعراض ] وأكون شاكر جدا

Hikari-07 Nov 20, 2014 5:26 PM
موني النسبه صارت عاليه للانمي والمانجا *^*
Very High
Very High
nerodevil Nov 7, 2014 1:19 PM
كونباوا مون-سان
كيفك وكيف الدراسة معك ؟

آسف تأخرت بالرد "^^
بالمناسبة باركيلي نجحت والآن أدرس في الجامعة
تعرفين الجامعة -_- تأخذ كل الوقت
مللت منها وكرهتها في أول أسبوع :

دايما يحدث نفس الشيء معي ، لذلك أنسخ الرد قبل ما أضعه
بالنسبة لي ما كرهت جوهان لأني أراه ضحية
شفتي ما حصل معه عندما كان صغير
اعتقد أن أمه تخلت عنه
لذلك ما لمته على كل ما فعله
سايكو باس الجزء الثاني ليس بروعة الأول
معظم الحلقات عنف بلا معنى
والشرير الجديد ما أعجبني
ماكيشيما شوقو أفضل منه بكثير

هههههههه xD وتستمر مهزلة الوزيرة حتى الآن
ما يضحك حتى الوزير الأول نفس الشيء
ما يعرف يتكلم عربي وصاير مسخرة في الشبكات الإجتماعية

البلاد صارت مسخرة وكلها اضرابات
من اضراب المدرسين إلى اضراب الشرطة إلى اضراب عمال الصحة
والرئيس الله أعلم ان كان ما زال على قيد الحياة
ما أظن دولتنا لها مستقبل بتاتا
مسألة وقت وتصير في فوضى مثل باقي الدول العربية
Hikari-07 Oct 16, 2014 6:35 AM
قسسسم بغييت افطسس ضضحك
فكي يعوورني وشفايفي تمطمطت من الضضحك خخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ
ANGELA-LEON Oct 11, 2014 4:03 PM
اوهاااااااااااايو موني تشان
Lolly-Pop Oct 5, 2014 11:00 AM
Ren-Tsuruga Sep 21, 2014 11:50 PM
ヽ(*^ー^)人(^ー^*)ノ ♥
Ichigo321 Sep 8, 2014 1:23 AM
Well I think that any country won't accept our poistion of being under rockets as well, you know before we got those places the british were there, so if we let them be free and do whatever they want they need the whole country T.T
I know they had problems in work and were poor but still why need to throw rpockets, on what we're in fault. At the end the war bring nothing, we didn't make them stop + destoryed their whole city and had to pay tons for it, kinda worthless war...

expel the colonizer? what that means?

Well because other people think it's their country too not means we build on other land, since no one want to share I guess we will never get along palestines and jewishes.
I think any country had to go on war and many people died for the sake of get freedome and country of themself, there is no difference in our case.

Yeah, I wish most of arabic people were like that, because that's what we learn here, not judge people and not think everyone are the same, and they learn to hate all the jewishes and want to kill them no matter who you are.

Nah, they hate jewishes from other country too because they took their country and still, even if not live them for them I guess all jewishes are the same, though I think they hate espcially Israelis, hate jewishes is something around the world, most people hate them from different reasons, some even still admire Hitler, it's not only arabic or palestines that hate us.

In any war there are murders and deads you can't avoid it. I don't think we are really that bad people, we will never attack them if they don't attack first, and they never stand in their promise to stop send rockets, even when we stop they keep do it.

Yeah I guess so xD it's like here some people really hate arabics, just see one and want to kill him already or fight him, especially palestines, I don't know what they think but they really really hate them come from totally different place than me, they hate all and say they're the same.

Well yeah there are some that think that but few only, most of people not consider all the palestines bad and even think they're pure and innoent and did nothing worng so it's not fair for them to die and get their house destoryed, they even fight on their opinions, there some that super support palestines, so much that they insist we're the worng and the murderers here, there I think 98% of the people hate jewishes for all what the army did to their houses and life, it's so rare see people that not think that all jewishes are bad people and not all are cruel.

Hmm maybe in past it was hate to religion, now hate people for the blood on what he born to be, israeli, arabic, english, spanish, turkishi and whatever, I think in some cases even if you change religion they will still hate you because you born like that and can't change it, the best example is World War II.

Well I'm not a racist also, I won't hate someone for his country or skin but you can say sometimes you prefer in eyes some people over others even without notice, for example if you go hotel, english or french people will get a better treatment than people from israel since they see them as people with manners and rich.

Well I don't mind if Israel was born, I just know that any country need to to live somewhere to not be killed in other countries, I mean you need your own country to live safety, before we lived under british and the country not build yet but because all the money we had to pay to them and more things that made it harder for the people that lived here so we wanted to live by our own, though I know people lived here even before the country build and they lived by themself from the work they did together and share the earning and money between them and live alone in a village or with help from rich jewish from europe.

Yeah same here, we got open mind in those stuff xD

Hahaha yeah we not think the same on most things that related to countries, oh well I can't deny that I feel sorry for palestines in their city because their houses, I wish this war didn't started, we didn't get anything from it and they didn't get too, such a waste of time with tons of dead people for both sides, I wonder why so many here think it was worth it and we must had to start this war, we didn't change anything anyway.

Hahaha I don't think we're fighting xD it kinda make me change my view on things sometimes, and see what other people think I don't see it worng, but yeah on some things we will never agree, but I'm in the middle, you know I don't agree kill all palestines and make them suffer or start war or whatever but I don't think it's good they will send rockets like no tomorrow and take the whole country for themself, same with you you're in middle, not hate jewishes without know them and don't think we're murderers and cruel people, but you still think israel as country is not good and not agree on some things.

Well I know what is argue and I can tell you we didn't argue XD for me this conve was nice we weren't rude to each other :3 I just felt like reply to it, but really if you feel like not reply it's more than fine better not talk about it anymore since the war ended and we said everything anyway ^^

Haha yeah and in anime smile it's ^_^


Haha yup xD if we love Clannad we must have something nice inside us or get some good side, even the most bad people murderers or whatever they still got family and kids and until they're crazy to kill their kids of wife, I know they will get touched by that and cry or remember some moments in their life, if they're human and know the term "family".

Yeah same here, even though I'm so good in English in school stll find it hard when watch anime, I don't mind talk people in english when type, it's so easy much better than speak with voice but damn when I reach to anime most of them need to trasnlate so much that it kinda ruins the fun of watch it ^^;

Hahahahaha it's not cool only playboys say it to catch girls ;P oh well let's deal on ped playboy then? *_*
My dear is old can't help it, since some people really talk like that I just can't tell you to stop, I never said to someone not use word like my dear darling or whatever but me myself never use it on anyone that makes me puke, even on my mom no xD

My dear...

"hey honey the breakfast is readyyyyyy"

"my dear are you feel well now? do you think you're able to go to school?"

*mom voice* hahaha so old :X

"is it wrong ? tell me because i am not expert in this language" what is worng? I didn't find on what we talk that you reply on >.>


What really?:O I wonder how you never saw one T.T forests are very cool I love them, but I think there is a thing that I'm scared of the most and it's a forest at night, always in trips or when on car when I see forests at night it makes me scared or get chill, if I will be abanoned there one day .-.
Forests are cool during the day, you can eat under trees and feel really the nature and there sometimes pretty cool animals ^^ I was in few forests in Israel but they weren't very big, I'm sure in other countries it's much more awesome ^^

Inshalla again xD I remember how my grandmother used to say it all the time and before we used this word even while talk Hebrew, brig memories haha

Nah I don't think Tomoya is someone that suits me, I prefer different kind of guy >.>

Yeah I'm glad we think the same :D I feel sucks sometimes when people are like "you really gave up on HD for hebrew sub >.>" or "lucky english is my native language I can watch everything in hd without put any effort in watching", you know, sometimes I think if english was native language I could watch more than 500 because everything is easier and I can watch the best quality, most of animes are in english and most people around world speak english, though it makes you lazy learn other languages and you stay only with 1 since "for what I need learn more, I will never use it anyway and everyone know speak English".

Yeah I agree, if you translate each 2 secs you feel like not watch it anymore and get upsat fast and then it not become fun anymore and like you force yourself, but after a while you get used to it, but on some animes you will never get used since the trasnlate is in almost each line...

Yeah I thought so too, but it's hard to re-watch anything you watched, I think you need to choose base on how much you trasnlate on the anime, if not a lot then english and if feel like can't handle it anymore then go on arabic :)
Btw I think I remember you said you got problem on your page in loading the gifs so I won't put this time ^^

Ichigo321 Aug 25, 2014 11:33 PM
Well we wanted at first only country for us no matter the place but some people wanted Israel because the bibilical time and the feeling for the country so insist only on that, I don't think there is really reason to fight to get the whole country since they got parts alrady, and well they teach them hate all the jewishes and kill them from young age so it's kinda stupid.

I see, so hamas wasn't created with phalestine, oh well maybe their reasons were pure at first but now no since they betray their people as well...

Before they might wanted protact their people and to show their situation and fight it, today they just wanted Israel in any price, even if that kills their own people, they would like to kill jewishes in the way..

Now they got already country, they are not even under us and still they want whole Israel it's not because the crimes of Israel since even when we don't attack them they attack us, we only protact ourself I don't see what is worng with that.

Well those people became love killing, and I think some of them even forgot the reason of joining there, all they want is kill and win, usually we always see in tv in the world how much Israel is sucks throw rockets and destroy their houses, even kill kids o.o and they make some fake things too, like the people in their group 20+ became kids or school students...I see those videos and they show only the part of Israel that harm them and they're pure and innocent and did nothing the title is usually "what the tv doesn't show you", they don't know we try to avoid kill of people as much as we can, if they die we can't avoid it people here died too that's war you can't expect for 0 deads..
You know, before they didn't reach to some cities and now they got rocket each 5 mins, imagine now soon it will be in my city like that, now we have once in a day or few days, but soon as part of my daily life I will have 24/7 rockets, even not as war, imagine while I type this comment I need to run few times to the shelter, they cover more and more cities with their rockets, and you know sometimes it hard houses and people, it make people injured already, when there so many rockets, the iron dome can't hit all of them and then some reach ground, I think you need to fight against that and make them stop, I wonder which country would accept rockets 24/7 as part of their daily life without even war and without attack from them and still get rockets all the time, they would send too and they would start war to try defeat them to stop that.

Hmm I don't know about that, I don't see myself so sweet haha, I don't have an idea if I will join or not yet, but I know in war 2 sides get harm from it so I will never like wars, but when someone attack you first and you need to protact yourself I don't see it worng, though I'm still not sure if I want to be a part of it.


When I became baby? ^_^;
It's fine I reply pretty slow too, lucky I'm in page 1 finally and I reply a lot now everyday before back to school next week :3

Haha most people like nature, me love trees and purple flowers, I love rivers and big waterfalls and forests ^^
Even if I had internet connection, I don't think it's good, in room I only used my phon for internet since I was really bored it was at night and nothing to do, sometimes go outside and have a walk, I don't remember myself use it too much in the trips, even if it was only hotel I avoided it, even better watch tv then use internet since it makes you less addict ;P

Yeah people said it xD well I still don't think I'm good enough, I see people that make those pics of about me and I wish one day I will can learn how make one too, I still want to improve more, want make better and better cards XD

Yeah and now you make me sad only from think about it >_> "nagisa nagisa nagisa nagisa" *remember all the moments with her while tell to Ushio* *Tomoya's cry* "what heppend papa?" "nothing nothig" *cover tears* "I just remember mom >.>"

The part with the robot was really the best, the first present from daddy, that's why even if they buy new one it won't be the same since it got a special meaning for her :)

I see haha so you're like me in this part xD just curious, if they give you Arabic sub in 360p and English sub in 720p HD what would you prefer? and do you trasnlate too when watch anime in English sub?