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Oct 10, 2011
Something we've all waited for(well I waited for at least), A Bardock chapter i was quite thrilled to see the heros father come back and finally kick some ass! Afterwards I was satisfied, yet I wish they would have done more with it.

Story: 7
Honestly its not that strong.But being based of a CARD GAME, yes thats right its based off of a card game it does quite well for itself. It takes place right after the Bardock special, but at the same time before... It confused me, for we all know Bardock's useless psychic powers, but how does he time travel? That's never really explained read more
Mar 19, 2011
When i found the second season to Arakawa under the bridge, was overjoyed, this series is hillarous and based around comedy, this show is not to be taken seriously, yet you grow alittle more human after watching it. no spoliers here, but in the end of the series i wanted to cry, just because i didnt want it to end.

Plot: 7
The overall plot, well... its lacking to say the least, it has a few major plot holes, such as what happen to a character who tried to murder another one, why isn't that explained? Why is the dad so understand about his son living under read more